Sunday, December 7, 2008


"You think it through"?

"You go and take a look"?

"The moon can vouch for me"??!!


This type of video is the nightmare of all of us in Young Pay-And-Pay!

Time for us to work harder to upgrade our own videos!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Singapore is the most influential country in the world

So, I read from the 3in1 Kopitiam that some Singaporeans are not happy with the way the Indian commandos went about their rescue operation in Mumbai, because it resulted in the death of 28-year old Singaporean Lo Hwei-Yen.

Actually, the Indians were very professional. Here's how an American described her rescue:

While she was trapped, Mackoff exchanged text messages with the U.S. Consulate, which coordinated the rescue with the Indian Army. The four were told the exact time they would be rescued.

"They informed us the final assault was beginning and we got a call from the colonel of the [Indian] army, and he said we will give you a password and if we come to the door and give it to you, come quietly with us," Mackoff said. "That's exactly what happened."

I am sure our Singapore PM Lee must have done something similar. After all, he has much greater clout than the US President.

He must have had coordinated a special rescue effort where
India's Defence Minister (instead of just an army colonel) personally contacted the Singapore hostage and gave her a password.

That's why our PM Lee
pays himself a salary SIX times more than his American counterpart does!

Singapore is the number 1, most influential nation in the world!

Even India had to give Singapore SIX times more face than it gave the United States. That's why there was a special rescue effort, coordinated directly by the Indian Defence Minister, and launched solely with the single aim of rescuing Ms. Lo!

And what's more, it was SIX times grander in scale than the rescue effort for Ms Mackoff, who by the way, was rescued only because the commandos were on their way to rescue Ms. Lo.

But somehow, the rescue operation failed.

It has happened. What to do? Let's move on!

Let us continue to pay our most powerful PM Lee SIX times more than the US President. He was not able to save Ms. Lo's life this time . But I am sure the next time, he can save SIX Singaporeans (while his American counterpart can only afford to get one password for one miserable American hostage).

Singapore - SIX times more difficult to govern than the United States.

PM Lee - SIX times more powerful than US President!

Majulah Singapura!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OCBC is NOT on the verge of bankruptcy.


90 years old retired female teacher, already certified mentally sound by two medical professionals - a psychiatrist with 30 years of professional experience, and a clinical psychologist - wanted to withdraw $9,000,000 from her bank account.

The Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) refused to comply!

The poor teacher wrote a lawyer's letter to OCBC.

OCBC still refused to return her, her money!!

She then wrote a letter to MAS chairman Goh Chok Tong.

OCBC still refused!!!

She then wrote to OCBC Chairman.

OCBC still refused!!!!

She commenced law suit.

OCBC froze her account!!!!!

The case is now in high court.

You can read about it here (link valid for next 6 days).

I shall not speculate on OCBC's action.

But one thing I do know for sure - OCBC is NOT on the verge of bankruptcy!

If OCBC would rather go to court than to return 9 millions, it certainly must have had a very good reason that far outweighs the bad publicity and the legal fees that will be incurred...

...and this reason, of course, most certainly and most absolutely has NOTHING whatsoever to do with imminent or not-so-imminent bankruptcy.

I am absolutely confident that OCBC has some other reason for insisting in its court document that the woman be examined - yet again! - by a doctor (after having already insisted on, and obtained 2 medical reports from the psychiatrist (30 years of experience) and the clinical psychologist)

But if I were you, I will not put any money in OCBC any more!

Not because OCBC is going bankrupt (It's not! Trust me! I am a very trust-able member of Young Pay-And-Pay, as are all my fellow members!), but because it is a little bit/ slightly cumbersome to withdraw money from OCBC.

Try DBS instead. DBS, I am sure, will return you your millions any time you want. DBS is owned by our number 1 (as ranked by us in Young Pay-And-Pay) government. And as we all know, our government will never, ever, withhold any of our hard-earned money...

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The government is able to do this only because...

The Singapore National Anthem

From the last part of the above video:
The Government is able to do this only because the people have had their voices taken away. The only remedy to this, and other problems that citizens face, is for the people to regain their political rights to free speech and peaceful assembly. Only when citizens are able to physically congregate en masse and speak freely will the Government sit-up and pay attention.

According to Lee Kuan Yew, those are the words of a near-psychopath.

What do you think?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Singapore is a Fine City

In Singapore, taking a nap in a park is considered an offence, punishable under Singapore's Parks and Tree Act 2005.

On October 15, 2008, an elderly man - 62 years old private bus driver Mr. Kassim - was woke up from his 15-minutes nap on a park bench by 2 park rangers and fined $200.

That's because he "had misused the park facility by sleeping on the bench", explained the National Parks Board. The board further boasted that it has fined more than 10 people for misusing the facilities in the parks since June 2008 (i.e. in the 3 months period preceding this incident)

FUCK YOU, National Park Board!

Fuck you for upholding the "Singapore is a fine city" image, when we, in Young Pay-And-Pay, are trying very hard to con foreigners to believe otherwise, so that they will visit Singapore, sink their roots here, and replace the locals who are leaving in droves!

Next time, come talk to us first!

PAP: I want you to want to die!

Advance Medical Directives, or AMD, allows a person to declare that he does not wish to receive external life-sustaining treatment in the event of terminal illness.

And that's a good law, if the intention is noble - to provide citizens with the ability to make choices concerning their lives.

And if that's indeed your intention, you will enact such a legislation and stop at that.

But, alas, if the intention is actually sinister - to apply pressure on citizens so that they will all "choose" to die than to waste precious resource living, you won't be contented with just a legislation. You will do more; Much much more:

Mr Khaw said his ministry has been unduly squeamish in the promotion of the AMD, resulting in a low uptake of fewer than 10,000 people.

Going forward, the ministry will promote it more actively, and make the process of signing the AMD less complicated by providing a multilingual registration form in easy-to-understand language.

Currently, some doctors shy away from acting as witnesses to patients signing this document because they don't fully understand the implications of the AMD.

Mr Khaw said he might make legislative changes to do away with the need for witnesses to be doctors.

It's up to you, but I want to actively let you know that if you want to die, you can die, and I hope you will want to die!

Luckily, we in Young Pay-And-Pay have special privilege when it comes to hospital treatment. Heng ah!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't tell people he is my Prime Minister. Very pai seh!

What the F is he talking about?
Chillies and Onions?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Please! Help bury my head in the sand.
I cannot bear listening to him anymore!

Think before you open your mouth, you clown!
You are supposed to be the Crown Prince, not Clown Prince!

This is how people are making fun of you online now:

Every time you make such goofs, we in Young Pay-And-Pay have to wipe your backside clean!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Nation in Mourning

If you would like to show your support for all that Mr. Jeyaretnam stood for, how about putting this flag and this video on your blog too, just as both the picture maker and video producer have suggested? You can also include this paragraph, so that your readers, upon reading, can do their part too, on their blogs. Many of us, for one reason or another, have not shown direct support for JBJ in real life when he was alive, com'on, let us be brave enough to at least take a stand, and show our virtual support, OK?

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Singapore lost a great son today

Note: If you want to make a stand, you can do this on your blog!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Allowed Level of Melamine
American dog food: 0 ppm
Chinese pig fodder: 2 ppm
Taiwanese human food: 2.5 ppm

Taiwanese opposition MP said Taiwan's health authority had treated the Taiwanese people worse than how American dogs and Chinese pigs were treated - 台湾人猪狗不如。

Tell me, what do you think Singapore's allowed level of Melamine is?
Singapore human food: 5 ppm!!!

Yeah, Singaporeans are worse than the Taiwanese people who are worse than dogs and pigs.


(Updated 8/10/08:
EU human food: 2.5 ppm
American human food: 2.5 ppm)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak!

1 bronze medal!
Piak, 1 tight slap across my big boss's face.

1 more bronze medal!
Piak, 1 more tight slap across his LJ face.

Yet another 1 more medal - silver!
Piak, 3 slaps already, one after the other.

A gold medal!
Piak, it's the 4th slap. Luckily, he has quite a thick skin.

1 world record broken!
Piak, it's the 5th slap in a week. Even a thick face cannot hide the redness anymore

1 more world record broken!
Piak, that's the 6th slap. Never have I seen his face redder.

Let's recap:
4 medals and 2 world record!
Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak! Piak!

Poor Boss, is your face painful?
This little doggy from Young Pay-And-Pay sayang you!
Let's watch a video together, while I lick your swollen face:

Monday, September 8, 2008

Money No Enough 钱不够用!

Money No Enough 2 钱不够用2

Money No Enough 3 钱不够用3

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chan Mei Kuen refuses to be a citizen, but "reminds" us to give her the same privilege as citizens

From the government's mouthpiece (Straits Times), comes a "reminder" from a shameless, thick-faced Permanent Resident Chan Mei Kuen:

The purpose of this letter is to remind Singaporeans that middle-class 'foreign workers' exist in this country. We are your nurses, bank executives, IT professionals and so on.

We don't need your "reminder", you bitch! Yes, we know our short-sighted PAP government did not train enough nurses, and we also know they brought in IT foreign workers to cheapen our wages!

We pay taxes, contribute to CPF and send our children to childcare.

And, how many years did you pay and did your parents pay and did your grandparents pay, compared to native Singaporeans? You have the cheek to compare! You thick-face, shameless Chan Mei Kuen! Let's see:

I HAVE lived in Singapore for four years, working in a restructured hospital. I got my permanent residence (PR) only after living here for eight months.

My Ah Gong ,Ah Ma have lived in Singapore for 80 years, you fucker! Combined, they have paid more than one and a half century of tax and CPF! And likewise my parents! You eight-month tax payer want to "remind" us to give you equal privilege as citizen? FUCK YOU, CHAN MEI KUEN!

But wait, this bitch didn't even pay 8 months of tax! Instead, she received tax money from citizens to study for free in Australia:

I am bonded to the hospital for six years because it sponsored my education to be a radiographer in Australia, and for this I am grateful to my employer.

Why aren't you grateful to Singaporeans instead? Having gotten my grandparents to pay for your education (while they cannot get back their CPF money), you now want us to pay for your HDB flat! Just which part of shame do you not know, Chan Mei Kuen?

And when our male children turn 18, they are liable for national service.

Nonsense. You will tell them to give up their PR status before they turn 18. In fact, that's why you don't want to apply citizenship for them now, you hypocrite!

So why are we always left out? We are not allowed to buy HDB flats because Singaporeans think we can afford condos.

Because you are not a citizen, you bitch! If you want the rights of a citizen, go back to your country! We don't welcome you. Good luck finding another country which give PRs same rights as citizens.

Then you cut medical subsidies at polyclinics because citizens think it is not fair that we get the same benefit as them. And from next year, there will be no childcare subsidies for PRs because citizens think we shouldn't enjoy such benefits.

Nonsense! The "cut" is a token sum just to appease citizens. And you bitch knows it. So what is your motive of whining?

So why did I became a PR? I am thinking of staying in Singapore permanently.

Because you want to enjoy the privilege accorded to citizens without having to shoulder the responsibility that citizenship brings, you bitch!

And bull shit! If you had wanted to stay here permanently, you would have gladly become a Singapore citizen, instead of "reminding" Singapore to give you the same privilege as citizens!

Most of us choose not to become citizens because we still have family in our home country and we still want to visit them regularly.

Who are you kidding, you bitch? You can reverse the situation - become a citizen of Singapore and a PR of your "home country". You mean you can't visit your "home country" as a PR or a visitor of that country? You may be a retard, but we are not! You do not regard Singapore as your "home country", but you demand equal rights as Singaporeans. KNNBCCB!

So why are we penalised? Now that the childcare subsidy has been doubled, can't PRs get at least half the amount?

You are not penalised. You have already been given way too much as a PR. Want more? Then become a citizen, you bitch!

In Britain and Australia, PRs enjoy the same benefits as citizens, except the right to vote. If the Government does not want to hand out freebies to so many PRs, tighten the requirements to become a PR.
Chan Mei Kuen (Ms)

That's about the only sensible thing the bitch said in her whole letter. Yes! PAP should have tighten the requirements to become a PR long ago, to the British and Australian standard.

Chan Mei Kuen, if you are reading this and want to receive more scolding, come to the Otak Stall the 3in1 kopitiam! Dare to login there to issue us your "reminder"?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

天下未定, 我已当亨?

天下已定, 我固当亨!


你 SDP 却是狡兔未死,高鸟未尽,敌党未破,却已迫不及待,先与Ravi 先生来个划清界限!


李老贼说你是"political juvenile", 现在看来,或许是对的。姜果然是老的辣!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Supremacy of The Constitution

Article 49 of The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore

Filling of vacancies
49. —(1) Whenever the seat of a Member, not being a non-constituency Member, has become vacant for any reason other than a dissolution of Parliament, the vacancy shall be filled by election in the manner provided by or under any law relating to Parliamentary elections for the time being in force.

Article 4 of The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore

Supremacy of Constitution
4. This Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic of Singapore and any law enacted by the Legislature after the commencement of this Constitution which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

This is a mobilisation call for all members of Young Pay-And-Pay. Please report to your respective stations to come up with ways to neutralise the above. This Young Pay-And-Pay member is at his wits end!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If I were Lee Hsien Loong,

come next election, I would drop both Wee Siew Kim and Lee Bee Wah from my Ang Mo Kio GRC, and get Lily Neo over. Don't even imagine for a moment that Ang Mo Kio is a very strong GRC, just because the PM is there. It is not, as can been seen from the 2006 election. So every burden (and here we have two!) should be removed and every plus-point added.

Image from The Otak Stall

Only headache is - if Lee Bee Wah complains:
"From 2006-2011, I worked so hard to help you win so many praises from the residents of Ang Mo Kio. Yet now that we have succeeded, you try to burn the bridge immediately after crossing it! You want to replace me with a prettier woman who doesn't look like a big fat pig head? Go find a jamban to pung sai and then eat your own sai lah, you ungrateful son of a bitch!"

how are we in Young Pay-And-Pay going to be able to answer her?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Meritorious Service Medal is so cheap!

Years ago, I received a Meritorious Service Medal.

I was very pleased with myself.

Because Meritorious Service Medals were awarded only to people who have given distinguished and outstanding service to the country.

Then, years later, I became somewhat less pleased, when my boss started giving out these medals to political supporters aka grassroots people who have served them well. But still, I consoled myself that these people are native Singaporeans who have contributed to Singapore in many other ways.

But, this must be the last straw - giving out Meritorious Service Medals to newly bought foreign athletics, who were given last-minute citizenship just a year ago!

Fuck! My Meritorious Service Medal is very cheap indeed!

Not even worth 2 cents!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I am featured in a youtube video!

Yours truly, has appeared in a youtube video!

I didn't volunteer. Someone "volunteered" me.

But nevermind, I am proud of my video appearance. So, thanks for featuring me. haha!

Shameless forum with a shameless host

Several of my blog posts (e.g. "Indian PR makes sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans", "Choice schools for foreigners, leftovers for Singaporeans") have been copied onto a forum (which I shall not name since I do not wish to give it free publicity) and passed off as the work of the shameless forumer who posted it. Not a single acknowledgment of their sources were mentioned.

This is no oversight, because the shameless forumer just created the account 2 days ago (23 Aug) and immediately posted 30 articles - none of them his own, all stolen from blogs, all unacknowledged, and all passed off as his own!

The purpose is clear: to steal many articles and post them, all in 1 shot,onto his own forum using a new account created just for that purpose, thus creating the impression that there are many participants in his forum (when the truth is that there is just he talking to himself!), and let people think they are all making interesting "original" contributions. In short, the goal is to attract traffic to his forum.

I curse your forum!
Go talk to yourself on your own CB forum!
May your CB "sunny" forum be a failure!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A great tribute to the Singapore Women Table Tennis Team

Indian PR makes sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans

Manish Grover, a Singaporean PR from India, decided that the time had now come, for him to lecture Singaporeans.

Manish Grover first wrote to Straits Times, to admonish us for not being as proud of Singapore as he is:
I'm a permanent resident, proud to live here and I have been proudly displaying the national flag for the past two years. In contrast, I know of a few Singaporean friends who have stopped displaying the flags, and tell me, 'why bother'?

Manish Grover next lectured us:

My feeling is that Singaporeans are taking things for granted. People of today's generation have no idea what it takes to survive in other countries as they have grown up with the basic amenities in place.

Manish Grover then scolded us upside-down:

They are becoming materialistic and self-centred. An example can be seen in the ensuing debate of raising a child and the perks required to start a family.

Manish Grover was still not done with us. Manish Grover got sarcastic with us:
The way things are going, it will not be a surprise if young, newly-wed couples ask for Government perks before having sex.

Manish Grover decided that one sarcasm won't be enough. So Manish Grover made another sarcastic remark at us:

at least have children for the sake of the nation? Or perhaps, they want the foreign talent to do it for them.


You are not fit to lecture Singaporeans! Not now. Not in another 100 years!

And wipe that sarcasm off your face. Your mother didn't teach you any manners? Your father didn't teach you how to behave when you are a guest in someone else's home? They teach you to make sarcastic remarks at your host? What kind of moral education did they give you?

Just what's wrong with these people's upbringing? I mean, I visit other countries too. But never once did I write in to the local newspaper to lecture the locals, let alone make one sarcastic remarks after another at the local.

KNNBCCB! I have had enough with all these Indians from India, and Chinese from China! The latter lecture and scold and make sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans just as much. In Lianhe Zaobao!

My message to these people: either shut up and quietly make money here, or balek kampong! Go back to where you came from.

As it is, we don't welcome you here even without you making a fart, to begin with. It's just that we are too polite to tell you in the face. Your public fart is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back!

OBC International Trading Pte Ltd
5 Shenton Way No. 21-06
UIC Building
Singapore 068808

+65 6223 0084
+65 6223 0086
(What he wrote can be read here, and his contact is from here)

In case you guys are wondering why a member of Young Pay-And-Pay is standing up for Singaporeans. Doesnt YPAP care only about foreigners? Actually hor, we care only about money and power. Ha! These Ta Ma De PRs are making Singaporeans very angry with them, thus jeopardizing my bosses' plan to "harmonise“ foreigners into our society! My bonus depends on how "harmonised" they are!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choice schools for foreigners, leftovers for Singaporeans.

19 Aug 2008.

Gan Eng Seng Primary.

26 parents fought for 4 primary one vacancies.

Chinese Filipino Mac Gregore Ponce Tan (31, architect), who became PR last year, balloted successfully for his daughter.

He said:

"Although I am a foreigner, I am not discriminated here. I receive the same privilege and rights as Singaporeans. This is very fair. This is a place I like most!"

Native Singaporean Foo Wang Heng (My own translation of his Chinese name. 40, stockbroking sector. ) was unsuccessful. He said:

"(My daughter,) such a little girl, every day having to spend so much time on transport, it's not a good thing! And as for the school's quality, we have now reach a stage, where we no longer have a choice (because it's now up to MOE to anyhow allocate)"

Other native Singaporeans' reaction?

"Those who balloted unsuccessfully felt neither injustice nor anger. Foo Wang Heng and the other 21 parents who balloted unsuccessfully, filled up the application form (for the next phase) with assistance from Gan Eng Seng primary school's teachers, and left quietly"

I love sinkies. They are so easy to govern!

What about other schools?

Pioneer primary school has the fiercest competition, 54 vacancies up for grab by 114 people who all live within 1 km of the school. But the school refused to allow reporters in. Thus we are not able to find out the reality of the situation"

Haha! Even easier to govern. Thank you very much, principal of Pioneer primary! Good job! Save us in Young Pay-And-Pay lots of troubles with those nosy reporters!

Oh, before I forget, Mr. Mac Gregore Ponce Tan, the PR, had one final bit to tell the reporter:

"I am very happy that my daughter can receive her education in this environment". He still has a 1 year old daughter, who will not be giving him headaches when it's her turn to go to Gan Eng Seng primary school, because she can use her elder sister's current pupil status, to apply in Phase 1 for a vacancy.

Mr. Foo,. the native Singaporean, also want to have his last say:

He said that the primary one application system is very unfair to those like him, whose own primary school has shut down and hence cannot allow him to apply as an alumni, and whose home is not near any school. He hopes the authority will look into this problem.

Lianhe Zaobao (2008-8-20) (link expires in 1 week from posting date)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crumbs of compassion

So, Lee Hsien Loong decided that his peasants can protest, but only at a certain park. And that they can make political films, but with some restriction.

Just when we in Young Pay-And-Pay are rejoicing at finally being able to boast to those peasants with how open our PM is, I stumbled upon this quote:

"I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights."
- Bishop Desmond Tutu

Damn. Of the 3 million sinkies on this Island, I hope I am the only one who have heard of this quote!

And I most certainly hope none has heard what J.B. Jeyaratnam said:

" The Prime Minister is hoping that Singaporeans will go on their bended knees to thank him for these concessions. He seems to forget that the right to make political films or the right to hold demonstrations are part and parcel of human rights. It's not a question of favours being asked from the Government. It's a question of our rights"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How many Olympic medal did Singapore ever win?

As far as I am concerned, we have won only 1.

In 1960.

By Tan Howe Liang - a real Singaporean.

One, is good enough.

Even zero also never mind.

It's about sportsmanship; Singapore is for Singaporean!

Someone has made a video about this. Here in Youtube.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This is not sports

So, Singapore will get at least a silver in the Olympics.

Are you proud that we have spent millions (in poaching coaches and players from China) to buy this medal?

I am NOT!

The money should have been spent on bettering the lives of Singaporeans. We should instead have trained our own native born Singaporeans - which require much lesser cost, since no poaching is needed - and if we don't get a medal, then so be it! That's what sportsmanship is about.

This is not sports - this is buying a medal from China!

It is a national embarrassment and a shame.

On the other hand, I am very happy that we, in Young Pay-And-Pay, can now use this issue as an excuse to justify our big boss's policy of importing foreigners.

Yes, we import non-sporting foreigners to lower wage across all jobs level and sector.

But no, we will not be telling you peasants that.

Our official line henceforth shall be: we import foreigners to win "medals" for Singapore, similar to how we import someone to win the Olympics medal!

This the best news ever to us in YPAP!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

LKY spoke abt money politics in SINGAPORE!

The great one spoke:
In many Asian countries, money politics is simply the “code word” for buying votes to gain power, and after that is done, “to recover your expenses plus some profit for the next round of vote-buying”

Isn't that exactly what PAP did?

Didn't PAP give us money just before election? Didn't PAP use that to "buy votes to gain power"? Didn't PAP try, after the election "is done", to recover its expenses via GST increase, plus "make some profit for the next round of vote-buying" in 2011?

The great one revealed further:
“One of the big problems they now face, in other countries, is the people in power want to reserve the money, keep it for themselves. So, they exclude young able people who want to join their team ...

Isn't that exactly what PAP did?

Isn't that why we have SM, MM, PM - the 3-in-1 package - who refuse to go away so that they can continue to receive money?

Oh yeah, there's one diff though - we include "young able people" at the same time, by simply forcing peasants to pay for both the old who want to continue receiving their multi million-dollar salary, and the young who want to join the club.

Nowadays, the great one is making us in Young Pay-And-Pay work very hard Every year, I dread listening to his speech at his Tanjong Pagar National Day Celebration Dinner. Because after that, we in YPAP have lots of shit to clean up!

Monday, August 11, 2008

HOTA new video

There is a part 2 too. Talks about contrast with Mrs. Lee's treatment, and the future of organ trading in Singapore. Be sure to watch both parts.

This is the result when we have no free press, no democracy, no human rights. Hooray for us in Young Pay-And-Pay!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Durai received preferential treatment in prison

From 9/8/08's Lianhe Zaobao:

One of [the just released ex-convict] told reporter [waiting for Durai outside Queenstown Remand Prison] that he had seen Durai in prison before, but unlike the other prisoners who were imprisoned together, Durai had a cell all to himself.

By the way, reporters from 6-7 newspapers were waiting for Durai outside Queenstown Remand Prison on the day he was supposed to be released. He was no where to be seen the entire day. Has he been released weeks/months earlier to serve his sentence at home with electronic tags?

So, Wong Kan Seng, again you created shit.

And who is again supposed to wipe it for you?

We, in Young Pay-And-Pay, as usual!

Now we have to help you cook up some reason for Durai's preferential treatment. Maybe something to do with his health? WTF! Give up headaches only. Damn you, Ministers!

But well, what to do? The job in YPAP pays us well in terms of money and power. haha!

Happy Birthday, Singapore

If you cannot tahan the plagiarised-from-jap-ad version by the government, please help publicise this video on your blog and on forums. This is a 100% original - minus the song, haha! - Singaporean production for Singaporeans.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bishan-Toa Payoh grassroot leaders celebrate The SinkApoor Spirit

I don't know what else to say.

You have to see it to believe.

Since I have nothing to say, let me just quote what Lianhe Zaobao's subsidiary OMY's Chief Editor Chua Chim Kang 蔡深江 said on 10/8/08:

MPs' super big photos, paired with residents' ridiculously tiny photos - seeing these one-too-many times, will citizens conjure up images of respectability for these MPs, or will they find these billboards very artificial, very boring, the more seen, the more distasteful? Maybe such methods is the intention and display tactics of the grassroots organisation, but with such super magnified photos of leaders, it is worrying that sooner or later, these leaders will get "big head syndrome" (i.e. think too highly of themselves.)

There you go! Even a government-controlled newspaper's pro-government editor couldn't stand it anymore and have to bring it up in his precious editorial space. What more "reminders" do you grassroot "leaders" need before realising that your ball-carrying ass-licking tactics have gone distastefully overboard?

Fellow colleagues from Young Pay-And-Pay, can use your head or not?

Stop embarrassing yourself /us /me!

Soon, I will be too embarrassed to let others know I am from YPAP!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Video: NS for Singaporeans, Jobs & scholarships for Foreigners

This cannot go on anymore!

Wake up, Singaporeans!


(And members of Young Pay-And-Pay, wake up too, and start doing OT - we must do something to counter all these anti-establishment video!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

This is not the way to treat the Singapore flag!

This is not the way to treat the Singapore flag!

This is the way to treat the Singapore flag.

A tight slap right across the government's face

So, every year, our government spends lots of money staging this propaganda event, otherwise known as the national day parade, to psycho everyone just how absolutely wonderful Singapore is, and how it's time to celebrate our undying love for Singapore, complete with fireworks and songs and dances and 82 MPs wearing their white uniform to remind us that there really shouldn't be any distinction between Singapore and PAP.

So, you got hype up too and want to find out more. You go onto google and type "Singapore national day parade 08". What does google return you?

Google tells you that apart from the official website, the most relevant link to your query of "singapore national day parade 08" is a video that teaches you exactly the opposite of what the government wants for you on 9th of August: how to leave Singapore!

Really a tight slap right across the government's face. Haha!

But it also means we at Young Pay-And-Pay are about to lose our job. *sob*

Thursday, July 31, 2008

PAP internet brigade flags elderly beggars as "unsuitable for minors"' viewing

Why? Because elderly beggars are engaing in "graphic sexual activities", as far as the PAP internet brigade is concerned!

A "suggestive but without nudity" scene deemed
"unsuitable for miniors" by PAP internet brigade.
(note that the flag has since been removed. see footnote below)

Background story:
A week ago, I discovered a youtube video. Since then, that youtuber has done a number of other videos, all of which I enjoy. So, I visit her youtube page quite regularly.

Yesterday, I was on her site when I saw that one of her new videos was flagged as "unsuitable for minors"' viewing. That, of course, got me very curious - I was wondering if she had decided to strip for the camera. Haha!

Apparently, the video is full of images of elderly Singaporean beggars; And nothing else!

I think, it follows from simple logic, that the only kind of persons who would flag such a video as unsuitable for minors under 18 would be sick pap supporters - i.e. my fellow members from Young Pay-And-Pay!

Who else would regard elderly Singaporeans begging in the street as:
(from youtube's flagging terms page:)
1. Graphic sexual activity
"Graphic sexual activity" describes content which contains actual visible or implied sex acts.
2. Nudity
"Nudity" refers to exposed or see-through coverage of areas typically covered by a bathing suit or underwear. Sometimes nudity is allowed on YouTube, depending on the context.
3. Suggestive, but without nudity
"Suggestive" content refers to materials with sexual themes that do not necessarily depict sexual activity or nudity. Sexually suggestive content may not be suitable for all audiences and may include fetish-related content.
4. Shocking or disgusting content
"Shocking or disgusting content" refers to disturbing imagery, such as graphic depictions of violence, accidents or gore, which lack an appropriate context.
5. Promotes hatred or violence against a protected group
Hate speech is content that promotes or encourages hatred or violence toward a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.
6. Harmful dangerous acts
"Harmful dangerous acts" may include content which is depicts behavior likely to cause serious injury or death to a third party.

When you try to flag a video in youtube, you cannot just click a button and be done with. You have to justify your action by selecting one of the categories stated above.

And so, this is the conclusion we can draw:

PAP internet brigade regards 80 years old Singaporeans begging in the streets as a graphic sexual activity, or nudity, or suggestive but without nudity, or a shocking/disgusting content, or promotes hatred/violence against a protected group, or a harmful dangerous act!

My fellow Young Pay-And-Pay colleauges, I gotta hand it over to you! Even though we are all part of YPAP, you guys are much more imaginative and may I add, perverted, than I!

I, for one, have no sexual interest in 80 yeares old granny. And I certainly do not view sights of them begging as a "graphic sexual activity"!

The "unsuitable for minors" flag has since been removed. I assume the youtuber must have contacted youtube to get it removed? How did she do that? Did she provide youtube the juicy background story that Singapore is a dictatorial regime which officially has something called "PAP internet brigade", whose job is to go onto the internet to censor out speeches and videos which are detrimental to PAP - videos such as "suggestive but without nudity" scenes of elderly Singaporean beggars? I wonder if this has become the butt of the joke among the administrators of youtube!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Government-owned forum tells FT to make police report against citizen

This is what Amit Nagpal said:
Hello Cloynx,

Please note that I spoke to the moderators of this thread. They removed the other thread but you put up a cached link of the same.

As per suggestion from the moderator, I would be making a Police Report against you for defamation and sending unwarranted emails to my company.

Amit Nagpal is a permanent resident (PR) of Singapore, which has a rule that only citizens can buy public flats at cheaper price.

Amit Nagpal would have nothing to do with this rule. He wrote to the local newspaper and demanded that he be given the same rights as citizens!

Amit Nagpal then discovered that teenagers at the hardwarezone forum had passed some negative remarks about his unreasonable demands. (And why shouldn't they? His behaviour was indeed outrageous.)

Amit Nagpal responded by demanding that all posts (i.e. the entire thread) be removed.

The government-owned hardwarezone unhesitatingly complied with its foreign talent's demand.

The government-owned harwarezone initiated blanket censorship, removed the entire thread and curtailed the rights to free speech of numerous citizens - all for the sake of its one foreign talent.

Someone then posted a link to the cache copy of the censored thread. Just a link.

Amit Nagpal consulted the government-owned hardwarezone on what he should do.

The government-owned hardwarezone considered the posting of this hyperlink by the citizen a crime that warranted police intervention.

Accordingly, the government-owned hadwarezone advised its foreign talent to make a police report against the teenage citizen who had dared show no respect to its foreign talent.

Amit Nagpal took the advice given by the government-owned forum. His proud annoncement , as quoted above, is here, assuming the link has not been taken down yet

Hardwarezone is populated mostly by teens. In additon, because it is owned by the government, the IP address of participants can be passed to the police and will be passed to the police, as demonstrated by the willingness of the government-owned forum to shut down free speech simply at the demand of its foreign talent.

Amit Nagpal is 33 years old.

No point bullying teenagers half your age, Amit Nagpal.

I, member of Young Pay-And-Pay, hereby challenge you. Amit Nagpal. to come to sammyboyforum for a verbal show-down with adults! Dare you, Amit Nagpal, accept the challenge and take on people closer to your age? Amit Nagpal, come here or here, and let us see if you are going to be just as police-happy with us as you have been with teens!

(Update 28/09/08: The old forum is now closed. Singapore's last bastion of free speech continues at The 3-in-1 Kopitiam.)

Amit Nagpal, be prepared to make 100 unfounded and unjustifiable police report per day for the next 100 days!

About Amit Nagpal:
Amit Nagpal's webpage is here (assuming not taken down yet)
Amit Nagpal is working at KCPL, Singapore.
Amit Nagpal's unofficial personal email address:,

I, being the most obedient dog in Young Pay-And-Pay, of course fully support what the government-owned hardwarezone has done
My YPAP-style sick twisted logic is as follows:
  • Singapore citizens are cheap and Singapore citizenship is of no value.
  • Foreign talents are expensive and of great value to Singapore.
  • Thus, Singapore citizens have rights to free speech, but these rights must be curtailed immediately upon a foreign talent's demand.
  • If Singaporeans refuse to bow down to the demands, any government-owned company must rightly equate such insubordination as a crime and accordingly advise its precious foreign talent to make police reports.
  • In fact, if the foreign talent dare not make a police report, a government-own company should make the police report on behalf of its foreign talent.
  • Only in these way can we be of service to foreign talents and make them feel welcome.
  • Note that since citizens cannot/ will not/ dare not emigrate, citizens' feelings can and should be ignored in the equation.
  • QED.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008













Thursday, July 17, 2008

What happened?

I woke up this morning, saw this video, and cried inconsolably!

How come all black and white frontal photos?


We usually see such photos only when....

Sob! Can someone please confirm the news for me?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OT tonight!

So, just now, I was trying to perform my duty as a good Young Pay-And-Pay member. I went youtube to search for a video of this year's NDP song "Shine for Singapore" and its Chinese version "晴空万里". I thought I should put a copy on my blog - even if not to remind myself how good singapore is, at least can let my big bosses know how much I love singapore.

I typed "Shine for Singapore" into youtube, and WTF it returned me this video:

Mati liao! This is no joke! Now, all of us at YPAP cannot go home tonight liao! Must recall everyone who is IT-savvy immediately. All must do OT, to come up with a "counter video". Otherwise, our previous NDP effort will all go to waste. Damn Suay!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Wed, Jul 09, 2008
my paper
A PATIENT once told me: "You know what, doctor, when I was told that I have cancer, suddenly all my shares, my properties and my brand-new car have no more meaning."

Yet, the attachment that some Singaporeans have to their cars never fails to amaze me.
The patient who spoke to me became depressed after he was diagnosed with cancer, but his condition improved after he took stock of what was truly important in his life.

When he was near his life's end, I asked him if he was afraid. He said no.

He had done no harm to others, he said, and he remembered the good things that he had done. He also relished the happiness he had brought to others.

He died peacefully.

Dr Tan Chek Wee

Why is she not dying peacefully?

Will he die peacefully?

Her misdeed is only a fraction of his; Is he not afraid for himself, when he sees what is happening to her?

Will I, the doggy, die peacefully?

Will you die peacefully?





Wednesday, July 9, 2008


The whole aim of practical politics
is to keep the populace alarmed
[and hence clamorous to be led to safety] by
menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins,
all of them imaginary.
-H. L. Mencken

Luckily, LKY does not practise practical politics!

When he said if we vote for opposition, we will become maids, it's not imaginary.

When he said that a freak election will wipe Singapore out, it's not imaginary.

When he said that Singapore has democracy, free press, human rights, they are all not imaginary!

Finally, when he said the International Bar Association (IBA) has sent him a letter of praise, it's of course, also, you got it, NOT imaginary!

They are all real

So, who's the one imagining things?

It's Chee Soon Juan! Chee is a psychopath!

How do I know?

Because LKY is my pay-master, and Chee is not!

Who is right and who is wrong is very simple to decide, as far as we, members of Young Pay-And-Pay, are concerned.


We, of Young Pay-And-Pay, are 鬼 (devil)! LOL!

The YPAP Pledge

(Acknowledgment: picture by

Today, 9th of July.

Time to say the Young Pay-And-Pay pledge - exactly a month before we say the national pledge publicly.

the members of Young Pay-And-Pay,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language, or religion,
to build an undemocratic society,
based on injustice and inequality,
so as to achieve
unhappiness, poverty, and stagnation
for peasants
happiness, prosperity and progress
our ka-ki-lang!

So, as you can see clearly from our pledge, the "unhappiness, poverty..." part is the unintended but necessary collateral damage, required to achieve the "happiness, prosperity..." part.

I mean, sorry lah, fact is fact, and the fact is - there can only be that much cakes and pies to go around. It's finite! So if we take very big - i mean, ahem, humongous - portions of the cakes and pies for ourselves, we have no choice but to pass the miserably tiny portions to you peasants, dio boh?

It's not as if we are deliberately against you peasants; It's just that someone has to be the collateral damage! Since it is not me, it has to be you!

Boh Bian.

Hope you peasants can be more understanding!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Am I a washing machine?

Saw the following pic from here:

I am offended! How dare sinkies call us names!

Hey, we in Young Pay-And-Pay are doggies, not washing machines!!!

Don't 沒大沒小 with us, ok?!?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thank you for your votes

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” - Bishop Desmond Tutu

We, in Young Pay-And-Pay, love voters who cast invalid votes to "protest" against our bosses.

Their "protest" is an endorsement of our bosses.

Thank you very the much!



Our wretched species is so made that
those who walk on the well-trodden path
always throw stones at
who are showing a new road.
- Voltaire

Actually, to be fair, not all of our species are like that. Only this sub-species called Sinkies, behave like that!

(The above quote was taken from SDP's website. I visit it regularly to spy on what they are writing against my bosses. In Chinese, it's called "know yourself and your enemy, and you will win all battles")

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Joker

(pic from SDP's website)

Despite his age, Lee Kuan Yew is a joker; He can tell very good jokes:
He said a country needed 3 elements to succeed.

First, a govt that people have confidence in and will trust when tough decisions need to be taken.

Second, leaders who are above board, who make decisions based on necessity, not how they will personally benefit. He said Singaporeans know they have such leaders because, over the years, "We have not got richer, Singapore has".

Third and most importantly, a country needs able men in charge...

That's from our 154th ranked Straits Times reporting on what our great joker said at the 1st World Cities Summit and International Water Week forum,

I hope he will live longer, so that we can hear more good jokes from him. Such jokes help reduce our daily stress, arising from living in one of the world's most densely populated cities. governed by a Prime Minister who earns about the same amount as Britain's PM and United States' President and France's President and Germany's Chancellor and Italy's PM COMBINED!

That's right! C O M B I N E D ! ! !

Is our living standard - especially in the way we treat the elderlies and poor - up to the standard of any ONE of these 5 countries, never mind the COMBINATION of all five?

Obviously, that is a constant headache that we in Young Pay-And-Pay have to endure - how to twist and turn logic when comparing with these countries. Usually, we take the easy way out; we compare our living standards with 3rd world countries, not these 5 countries. Haha!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A local trilingual elite who wants to be a Japanese

A local trilingual elite who wants to be a Japanese
Recently, I went to Japan for a tour. On the return trip, I met a young man on the plane. After talking to him, my mind became unsettled, for a long long time.

This young man conversed with the Japan Airlines' stewardess in Japanese. When my daughter and I stood up to let him pass through to the window seat, he thanked us in Mandarin. When he saw me reading the inflight shopping catalog, he politely asked me in a friendly voice if I needed any help, and if so, he could help be my translator. Such a trilingual young "Japanese" is quite a rare sight, so I took the opportunity to chat with him.

He is a patriotic Japanese?
I asked him in Mandarin for the purpose of his journey to Singapore. He said he was going back to study. I couldn't help but prais the local Japanese School, for its ability to train trilingual students. But, surprisingly, he told me he was a second year Junior College student from a famous local institution. From his grandparents to him, he was already a third generation immigrant. Looking at how pleased he was with himself, I felt very glad for our education system, because this number one institution had also trained many of our country's outstanding political leaders.

I asked him: since he was a JC2 student, and the A-levels was coming soon, at the end of the year, why did he still insist on going back to Japan to visit his relatives? He confidently replied: "Based on my results, I would have no problem at all getting into any famous British or American university. But the A-levels is of no meaning to me, because my ideal is to get into Tokyo University, so that I can stay in my 'native country' and contribute to my 'native country'!"

Looking at the patriotic expression on his face, I could not help but quietly admire the patriotism of these Japanese.

He even said that though this was the first time he step foot on the Japan that he had dreamt and thought of every day, but once he step foot on it, he felt an overwhelming sense of familiarity, a sense of having returned home.

He is a Singaporean who love Japan!
I then asked him where his grandparents resided. He replied: "Actually, my grandfather was an immigrant who travelled south from China". "Travelled south from China? Then aren't you a native-born, native-raised Singaporean?" To quote a familiar western idiom, at that time, I "nearly fell off the chair"!

Looking at the self-indulging expression of this young man, I knew that, giving him a noble-sounding "national education" right then was pointless. So I simply asked him, why he so loved Japan. The gifted student kept quiet for some time, and appeared unable to come up with an answer. "Isn't Singapore good?" I asked next.

"Singapore? The Singapore government has no regards for Human Rights. Forces us to serve National Service! Singapore's prosperity was built upon its exploitation of citizens! Even with scholarships, there are strings attached, unlike the Japanese government. So long as I can get into Japan's public university, they will not only pay for my tuition, but also give me a monthly allowance. Therefore, even without any strings attached, I will remain in Japan for the rest of my life, and do my utmost to serve the Japanese Government"

He apologised on behalf of the Japanese!?

I told him I have been to numerous countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, and even Japan, and can feel their discrimination against the Chinese. Just taking this trip as an example, on the way to a temple, a shop-keeper, upon seeing my family speaking in Mandarin and walking into her shop, deliberately put some samples away.

The gifted student listened to my narration and told me: "Very sorry. I apologised, on their behalf, to you". I angrily replied: "You do not need to apologise for them. You are not a Japanese. You are just like me. We are Singaporeans!"

"But, I have already made my decision. After my two years of 'slavery'. i mean after my national service, I will proceed to Japan to study, and thereafter I will stay there, get married and have children. So my next generation and my next-next generation will be Japanese."

"Young man, do not forget that there is Chinese flowing in your blood. This is a fact that cannot be eradicated. Moreover, your surname is also a fact that cannot be changed"

"That doesn't matter. Some people go to Japan to work and for convenience, they changed to Japanese names".

Looking at this trilingual, but culturally-anaemic gifted student, my heart was filled with sadness, worries, and disappointment. However, I still hold a ray of hope. I asked this gifted student: In your Junior College, are there many schoolmates with such "special ambition" as you do?

He replied: "There aren't many schoolmates who love Japan the way I do, That's because most of them have already decided to emigrate to Europe and the United States!"

Who was the one who created our "culturally-anaemic" education system?

Who was the one who said on public record that all mother tongues should be taught in school without any cultural component i.e. all ancient stories and culture associated with the language must be removed from the syllabus which used to have them?

Just teach the vocabulary, the grammar, but the passages should be devoid of any cultural knowledge - who was the one who ordered his staff to revamp the syllabus thus?

(Note: The English language has always been taught without any English cultural component in it, but that's not how the mother tongues used to be taught previously. Hence the word "removed" and "revamp").

And who was the one who came up with a curriculum where top students study triple sciences and double mathematics, and only 1 humanities (i.e. cultural component)?

I believe it was Goh Keng Swee, Singapore's first Minister of Education. His speeches are all archived in the National Library.

And who was the one who voted for such culturally-anaemic education policy?

And who was the one who voted for our "outstanding leaders" (to quote the writer) - "outstanding leaders" who ordered such "outstanding" culturally-anaemic curriculum?

You, Mr. 梁秉亮, the writer of the above article!

Y O U !

Oh, and I haven't even touched on the "human rights" and "exploitation" part that YOU voted for. But I guess, you have already received an earful from that boy, haven't you?

"The Singapore government has no regards for Human Rights."
Singapore's prosperity was built upon its exploitation of citizens!"

Giving up such rights (and culture) was ok for you, in exchange for prosperity.

你,梁秉亮 ,卖(民)主求荣, 卖文化求荣!


You thought there was not going to be any consequence. No karma.


Now, 40 years later, the new generation has grown up under the politics and education system that you voted for.

And they are leaving!

So, Mr. 梁秉亮, be prepared to wash toilet and clean plates for the foreigners imported by our "outstanding leaders". Imported to replace the local talents chased away by YOU.

This Young Pay-And-Pay member is not trilingual. But he is effectively bilingual, as can be seen from this near perfect Chinese-English translation of the LianHe ZaoBao's 26-06-08 article. Ahem.

And so, no, Japan is not my cup of tea. But, Europe and United States sure are.

Not surprising. After all, this Young Pay-And-Pay member is also culturally-anaemic, having too, received his education from that "number one institution" which has "trained many of our country's outstanding political leaders"!

But, not now lah! Now, I am still getting big bucks as a member of Young Pay-And-Pay. But a few years later, if they still don't put me up for election so that I can accumulate even more wealth, then things may become different. LOL

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An orchestra conductor

The old fart stood in the middle.
He released a loud fart,
and took out his famous red hatchet.
He pointed it menacingly at everyone.

The men-in-white started trembling.
They started singing the same tune
- his tune.

They started blowing his trumpet.
They started blowing his horn.
They even beat his drum.

he waved his hatchet threateningly to the left.
They obliged.

he signaled silently to the right with his hatchet.
They complied.

But they were not in sync!

He jumped up and down in desperation,
and they all panicked.
They trumpeted and horned and drummed
even harder and louder.

Finally, he heard enough and
with a quick wave,
he told them to shut up.
And they did.
All at the same time.
and none a moment slower.

Now, the old fart was pleased.
Very pleased.
Turning around,
he let out another loud fart,
hid his legendary hatchet,
and bowed in false modesty.

He fully anticipate to hear your applause next!

Won't you clap for him?

Monday, June 23, 2008

I love NS

(Song from Jack Neo's Army series CD)
(Loose translation and interpretation:
I am going to be an NS slave soon)

(23rd June was a lousy day)

(That's the day I became an NS slave)

(Took a taxi early in the morning)

到尾来到 CMPB。
(To Central Manpower Base I went)

(Aiyo, aiyo, Jobs for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

当我来到 CMPB,
(At Central Manpower Base)

(My red IC was confiscated,
for I was a citizen no more)

叫我进去check body,
(I was ordered to have my body checked,
to ensure I can be a healthy slave to foreigners)

(Then, I was sent to begin
my foreigner-protection training
at Infantry Training Depot)

(Aiyo, aiyo, Jobs for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

(Infantry Training Depot was a 3 storey building)

(That's where I ate wind and trained to protect foreigners)

(There were bare chairs, bare beds, and bare iron chests).

(A slave uniform for me too)

(Aiyo, aiyo, Jobs for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

黑黑两条叫 Corporal,
(Two stripes = corporal)

黑黑三条叫 Sergeant
(Three stripes = sergeant)

(Three stripes and a crab)

那个叫做 CSM。
(That's Company Sergeant Major)

(Aiyo, aiyo, Jobs for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

(If the slave master aka Sergeant was in a foul mood)

(Upstairs, downstairs, you shall run till you drop dead!)

Number 3 和 Number 4,
(No. 3 and No. 4)

(Changed back and forth for fuck?)

(Aiyo, aiyo, Jobs for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

(From dawn to dusk, we trained to protect foreigners)

钻洞插草 SOC,
(Dug trenches and did Standard Obstacle Courses)

(Most taxing were the 5 km run)

(Sometimes, we even have to carry the poor casualties
who had been hurt by the invading Foreign Trash)

(Aiyo, aiyo, country for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

(NS one day, my slave allowance was $3,
while foreigners were earning $3000)

(NS two days, my slave allowance was $6,
while foreigners were enjoying air-con in office)

(NS three days, my slave allowance was $9,
while foreigners had already flirted with and stolen my girfriend)

(I can only resort to calling a chicken,
but that's $1 too much for my miserly slave allowance!)

(Aiyo, aiyo, girlfriends for Foreigners)
(Aiyo aiyo, NS for Singaporeans)

I love NS.
My job for Foreigners;
My girlfriend for Foreigners;
My country for Foreigners;

NS for Singaporeans!

Friday, June 13, 2008

How many people died in SAF since 2001?

I got the following data from here:
2001(from theonlinecitizen)
April 06: MR Loke Ming (1WO navy) (2.4km)
Oct 29: MR Kwok Wei Ming (CPL Commandos) (Training?)

2002(from theonlinecitizen)
Feb 25: MR Tan Kim Keng (Officer cadet OCS) (Navigation training)
May 15: MR Mohd Shalan bin Abdul Rahim (LCP Reservist) (IPPT)
OCT 10: MR Ivan Oh Yong Hua (REC BMTC) (Training?)

2003(from theonlinecitizen, wikipedia)
Jan 3: Miss Goh Hui Ling (CPL Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, death: "lodged in between bunks")
Jan 3: Miss Heng Sock Ling (1SG Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, death: "mutilated bodies washed up in Bintan")
Jan 3: Miss Seah Ai Leng (1SG Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, death: "mutilated bodies washed up in Bintan")
Jan 3: Miss Chua Bee Lin (2SG Navy) (RSS Courageous collision, assumed death: "body never found")
July 21: MR Hu En Huai (2SG Commandos) (Combat Survival Training: Forced water treatment by trainers)
Sept 03: MR Rajagopal Thirukumaran (2SG Commandos) (Ranger Selection Test, 5km Run, assumed irregular heartbeat)
Sept 23: MR Andrew Chew Heng Huat (REC BMTC) (IPPT, assumed irregular heartbeat)

2005(from theonlinecitizen)
June 22: MR Tek Kok Lian (2WO, ?) (Routine run, heart attack)
June 29: MR Ivan Ong Peng Ghee (3SG BMTC) (Routine run)
July 14: MR Shiva s/o Mohan (1SG Commandos) (Rappelling Instructor Course, fell 20m from heli)

Feb 1: MR Mohd Sufian Jamil (REC BMTC) (Organs failure after injection of anti-malaria)
June 21: MR Lionel Lin Shi Guan (LTA Commandos) (Training at pool)
Sept 18: MR Ambrose Yeo Chang Wen (PTE HQ supply and transport) (death:???)
Nov 17: MR Tan Boon Toon (2WO Senior Tech at ???) (death:???)

2007(from sgforum)
May 11: MR Fan Yao Jin (PTE storeman) (Taiwan Plane Crash into Store)
May 11: MR Isz Sazli Bin Sapari (3SG storeman) (Taiwan Plane Crash into Store)
May 28: MR Calvin Chow Han Min (LCP storeman) (Taiwan Plane Crash into Store)
Aug 26: MR Ho Si Qiu (OCS, died at AHM)
Sep 16: MR Cheok Beng Teck (MINDEF CIO)
Nov 15: MR Ricky Liu Jun Hong (CPL RSAF) (2.4km, though we're not close but he was my ex-poly classmate)
June 15: MR Quek Meng Chua (Senior DXO, Treadmill) (death:???)

2008(from theonlinecitizen, channelnewsasia)
Feb 02: MR Tan Yit Guan (MAJ, Logistics) (Routine run, death: sudden collapse)
June 10: MR Andrew Cheah Wei Siong (REC, BMTC Mild-Obese) (2km route march, death: sudden collapse)
June 12: MR Lam Jia Hao (Officer Cadet/pilot trainee, Airforce) (death: sudden collapse)

The Chinese say:

(Great men would not want to become soldiers,
just as great iron would not want to become nails)

I think the ancient Chinese said that, because at that time, they were living in a dynastic political environment where power passed from father to son, Emperor to crown prince. When they had no say in how the country was run, why would they want to become soldiers just to help the Emperor passed on his ill-gotten power and wealth to his crown prince?

However, such words of wisdom do not apply to truly democratic countries like Singapore. In Singapore, power does not pass from father to son. Our leaders do not have any ill-gotten wealth to be protected from war. And so, when we do NS, it is for our own sake, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for Singapore - a democratic country, for which we are the Master, and for which we have lots of say on how it is to be run.

Without NS, we would be overrun by enemies and would end up washing toilets and clearing plates at hawker centres for these enemies even when we are 80 years old. Our CPF money would be robbed by these invaders, and we won't get to see our money even at 80 years old. It is only with NS, that we can defend our way of life - to retire and enjoy our golden years with our CPF, upon reaching 55 years old.

Therefore, in the final analysis, our Singapore, our esteemed leaders, our democracy, our cpf money, our retirement etc etc are all worth defending.

For this reason, I support NS!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Only in Malaysia

Report says Malaysian judges sent to 'boot camp' for indoctrination
Channelnewsasia, 11 June 2008

KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysian judges were sent to an indoctrination "boot camp" and threatened with dismissal to pressure them into making pro-government decisions, a senior judge said according to reports Wednesday.

In explosive allegations made in open court, Justice Ian Chin also said he was threatened by former premier Mahathir Mohamad over high-profile cases, one involving a close associate of the then-leader.

"Now, though he is no longer the prime minister and so no longer able to carry out his threat to remove judges, the coalition party that he led is still around," he said, according to the Borneo Post.

Chin made the allegations, which were picked up by the national press Wednesday, before hearing a dispute over results of March general elections in Sarawak state on Borneo island.

He said he was targeted by Mahathir after refusing to award "astronomical" payouts in two libel cases in 1997, while a judge who agreed with the then-premier's views was promoted to the Federal Court.

Afterwards, Chin reportedly said he was packed off to a five-day boot camp with selected judges and judicial officers.

It was without any doubt "an attempt to indoctrinate those attending the boot camp to hold the view that the government interest as being more important than all else when we are considering our judgement," he said.

Cabinet minister Zaid Ibrahim, who is in charge of legal affairs, indicated he believed the allegations, and that they would harm the reputation of the nation's justice system.

"I can't say I'm surprised by the revelations. There have been many stories in the past," he told reporters.

"It is regrettable that it has happened, it is a bad reflection on our country. We have to make sure it does not happen again," he said. "You should not tell judges what they can or cannot do."

However, he dismissed calls from the Bar Council for an official probe into the allegations.

"An investigation will not reveal anything more than what we know. What we need to do is restore judicial independence and make sure such incidents do not happen," he said.

Bar Council president Ambiga Sreenavasan said the allegations were "both startling and damning."

"Judges, both present and past, must be encouraged to come forward and provide information on any such instances of interference so that further action may be taken," she said according to the New Straits Times.

Mahathir stood down in 2003 and his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has been criticised for failing to carry out his promises to tackle corruption, which is deeply entrenched in politics and business.

Chin's allegations add to the pall cast over the country's judiciary by a recent royal commission into a sensational Mahathir-era video clip that showed a top lawyer brokering judicial appointments with the help of politicians.

The commission found in May that there was evidence of an "insidious" conspiracy to influence the appointment of judges, and the government promised to investigate those implicated.

Mahathir, who has fallen out with his successor and accused him of corruption and nepotism, has previously challenged the authorities to charge him.

His spokesman told AFP the former premier would respond to Chin's comments "in due course." - AFP

Singapore and Malaysia had almost identical political climate during the era of Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir Mohamad; For example, the refusal to abolish the Internal security Act, the continual use of it on political opponents etc. That's not surprising, since the two of them grew up in the same political environment, studied in almost identical education system, and so on.

However, I want to emphasise that while many other things may be similar, the above newspaper report applies to Malaysia and only Malaysia. It obviously and clearly and surely does not apply to Singapore. In Singapore,
Lee Kuan Yew has never ever subjected our most honourable judges to any boot camp, nor has he ever exerted even the slightest pressure on them to side with the government on political cases.

How do I know?

Well, I just know!

I do not have any evidence to refute any speculation that the same may have occurred, and is still occurring in Singapore. And I do not need to provide any evidence! Please understand that I am from a most trust-worthy organisation - Young Pay-And-Pay.

So, trust me!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Your women are my women

NS for Singaporeans.
Jobs for Foreigners.
Free admission for Foreigners.
Your women folks for foreigners,

for free!

my paper, Wed, Jun 04, 2008, Debbie Yong
Club mad

He had planned a night of revelry with friends at St James Power Station last Saturday, but when National University of Singapore student Matthew Rao flashed his identity card (IC) at the door of the popular nightclub, he was requested to pay the $20 cover charge.

His four friends - from England, Germany, France and Finland - filed in for free.

The reason: They were foreign students on exchange in Singapore, while he was local.

"I thought the IC was for age verification, but the bouncers said I had to pay because it was proof I was Singaporean," Mr Rao, 25, recalled. He was upset because the policy seemed unfair and discriminatory.

"Why should foreign students get different treatment? If they live here, why shouldn't they pay as well?" he added.

Ms Cheryl Khong, marketing manager at St James, confirmed its policy of giving foreign guests free entry any day of the week if they produce a valid foreign student pass. The little-publicised policy has existed since St James opened in 2006, but it only applies to Powerhouse, the nightspot's main dance room.

Ms Khong said the policy aimed to "encourage a cosmopolitan party atmosphere for our young partygoers" and added that St James regularly hosts parties thrown by local tertiary institutions and students.

Still, Mr Rao said that the incident has changed his mind about frequenting theclub.

"I like rules that are fair and open. If the club can at least publicise those rules on the door, then I'll respect them."

Why was Mr. Matthew Rao surprised?

Hasn't he, or his parents, or his relatives voted precisely for such things?

Look, if the government had implemented a Singaporean-first law - and then among Singaporeans, an anti-age discrimination law and anti-gender discrimination law - in the civil service, in the statutory boards and in the work place, all private establishments would have also emulated and toed the line even when it has nothing to do with employment.

That's because the culture of Singaporean-first and anti-discrimination would have taken roots across all spectrum of society, even in matters of admission to night spots. No night spot would dare to discriminate - even if there is no anti-discrimination law to govern club admission - lest it incurs the wrath of the whole society, which is already used to the anti-discrimination mentality.

So, this is clearly a case of 上梁不正下梁歪。You allowed (or shall we say, support?) the government to discriminate against Singaporeans and against the old, openly in the matter of employment. This foreigner-is-big, ok-to-discriminate mentality trickles down to all areas of society and now, even in matters of club admission!

Who is to blame? You, the voters!

So, Mr. Matthew Rao, you and/or your family and/or your relatives voted for that. Why complain?

You,and/or your family, and/or your relatives, asked for it!

活该! Serve you right!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Gopalan Nair's supporters

My name is See Zou Gou aka 死走狗。

I am staying at a kennel on the Istana ground.

I am deliberately stating my name and location so that any of Mr. Gopalan Nair's supporters can seek me out, and sue me if they want to take revenge for what my bosses did to Mr. Gopalan Nair.

Now come find me!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Primary School Math

If you have done primary school math, you would know that in order to calculate percentage, you have to multiply by 100.

For example, 1 out of 100 is 1%.

How did you get that? You do this: 1/100*100 = 1%.

Without multiplying by 100, you would get 1/100=0.01% and that would be wrong.

Another example: 8 out of 10 is 80% and we get that by 8/10*100=80%.

You always need to multiply by 100!

There is nothing wrong with a ordinary Singaporean not knowing her math, especially when she was doing calculations while suffering from a swollen face due to dental problem and while being bullied in court. Besides, she has never boasted year after year about having a first class honours in math.

There is however something very wrong when that someone was, for many yearse, the Minister of Finance!

But, the greatest wrong is when sycophants and boot-lickers are ever ready to praise him for his mistake:

Maths sum posed to PM Lee: Divide 5,000 by 4.6m
Straits Times 28 May 2008, by Jeremy Au Yong

HOW much is 5,000 divided by 4.6 million?

That was the maths question Ms Chee Siok Chin challenged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to work out on the spot as she tried to prove her party's newsletter, The New Democrat, had limited reach.

The 5,000 figure represents the number of copies sold of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) newsletter which contained defamatory statements against the Government.

The other number refers to the population of Singapore.

Ms Chee posed the question and asked PM Lee if he had a calculator.

When he said he did not, she retorted: 'I'm sure your mind is astute enough to do a very simple mathematical calculation... and work it out.'

PM Lee worked out the calculation - around one in 1,000 - and then pointed out that the answer did not accurately reflect the article's reach.

This stretched beyond the number of newsletters sold, he said, when responding later to a question from his counsel Davinder Singh during re-examination.

There was also the 'word of mouth after the article has been read, circulating on the grapevine and in the coffee shops' - 'poisonously distorted, loaded, more and more damaging, impossible to trace, except in court, where the truth will come out', he said.

Of the 5,000 copies sold, 'each copy could have been circulated to many readers', he added.

In addition, 'Dr Chee, Ms Chee and several others (from the SDP) were going around' repeating the defamatory allegations in the newsletter, 'as broadly as possible, as loudly as possible', 'to achieve as much impact as possible', said Mr Lee.

Finally there was the Internet, where there were many more eyeballs reading the allegations.

During the earlier exchange with Ms Chee over the calculation she set for him, those in the public gallery were amused when she got her sums mixed up.

After Mr Lee worked out the one in 1,000 figure, Ms Chee said that was '0.0001' per cent of the population.

PM Lee had to correct her maths: 'I think you have one zero too many.'

And I have to correct your math too, you fool!

It is 1/1000*100 = 0.1%. That's 3 zeros too many, you first class honours in math!

Maybe that's why you thought your wife had lost only a very small percentage of our national reserves in failed Temasek investment!

Go learn percentage and realise the magnitude of your wife's error!