Thursday, August 14, 2008

LKY spoke abt money politics in SINGAPORE!

The great one spoke:
In many Asian countries, money politics is simply the “code word” for buying votes to gain power, and after that is done, “to recover your expenses plus some profit for the next round of vote-buying”

Isn't that exactly what PAP did?

Didn't PAP give us money just before election? Didn't PAP use that to "buy votes to gain power"? Didn't PAP try, after the election "is done", to recover its expenses via GST increase, plus "make some profit for the next round of vote-buying" in 2011?

The great one revealed further:
“One of the big problems they now face, in other countries, is the people in power want to reserve the money, keep it for themselves. So, they exclude young able people who want to join their team ...

Isn't that exactly what PAP did?

Isn't that why we have SM, MM, PM - the 3-in-1 package - who refuse to go away so that they can continue to receive money?

Oh yeah, there's one diff though - we include "young able people" at the same time, by simply forcing peasants to pay for both the old who want to continue receiving their multi million-dollar salary, and the young who want to join the club.

Nowadays, the great one is making us in Young Pay-And-Pay work very hard Every year, I dread listening to his speech at his Tanjong Pagar National Day Celebration Dinner. Because after that, we in YPAP have lots of shit to clean up!

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