Saturday, November 29, 2008

Singapore is the most influential country in the world

So, I read from the 3in1 Kopitiam that some Singaporeans are not happy with the way the Indian commandos went about their rescue operation in Mumbai, because it resulted in the death of 28-year old Singaporean Lo Hwei-Yen.

Actually, the Indians were very professional. Here's how an American described her rescue:

While she was trapped, Mackoff exchanged text messages with the U.S. Consulate, which coordinated the rescue with the Indian Army. The four were told the exact time they would be rescued.

"They informed us the final assault was beginning and we got a call from the colonel of the [Indian] army, and he said we will give you a password and if we come to the door and give it to you, come quietly with us," Mackoff said. "That's exactly what happened."

I am sure our Singapore PM Lee must have done something similar. After all, he has much greater clout than the US President.

He must have had coordinated a special rescue effort where
India's Defence Minister (instead of just an army colonel) personally contacted the Singapore hostage and gave her a password.

That's why our PM Lee
pays himself a salary SIX times more than his American counterpart does!

Singapore is the number 1, most influential nation in the world!

Even India had to give Singapore SIX times more face than it gave the United States. That's why there was a special rescue effort, coordinated directly by the Indian Defence Minister, and launched solely with the single aim of rescuing Ms. Lo!

And what's more, it was SIX times grander in scale than the rescue effort for Ms Mackoff, who by the way, was rescued only because the commandos were on their way to rescue Ms. Lo.

But somehow, the rescue operation failed.

It has happened. What to do? Let's move on!

Let us continue to pay our most powerful PM Lee SIX times more than the US President. He was not able to save Ms. Lo's life this time . But I am sure the next time, he can save SIX Singaporeans (while his American counterpart can only afford to get one password for one miserable American hostage).

Singapore - SIX times more difficult to govern than the United States.

PM Lee - SIX times more powerful than US President!

Majulah Singapura!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OCBC is NOT on the verge of bankruptcy.


90 years old retired female teacher, already certified mentally sound by two medical professionals - a psychiatrist with 30 years of professional experience, and a clinical psychologist - wanted to withdraw $9,000,000 from her bank account.

The Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) refused to comply!

The poor teacher wrote a lawyer's letter to OCBC.

OCBC still refused to return her, her money!!

She then wrote a letter to MAS chairman Goh Chok Tong.

OCBC still refused!!!

She then wrote to OCBC Chairman.

OCBC still refused!!!!

She commenced law suit.

OCBC froze her account!!!!!

The case is now in high court.

You can read about it here (link valid for next 6 days).

I shall not speculate on OCBC's action.

But one thing I do know for sure - OCBC is NOT on the verge of bankruptcy!

If OCBC would rather go to court than to return 9 millions, it certainly must have had a very good reason that far outweighs the bad publicity and the legal fees that will be incurred...

...and this reason, of course, most certainly and most absolutely has NOTHING whatsoever to do with imminent or not-so-imminent bankruptcy.

I am absolutely confident that OCBC has some other reason for insisting in its court document that the woman be examined - yet again! - by a doctor (after having already insisted on, and obtained 2 medical reports from the psychiatrist (30 years of experience) and the clinical psychologist)

But if I were you, I will not put any money in OCBC any more!

Not because OCBC is going bankrupt (It's not! Trust me! I am a very trust-able member of Young Pay-And-Pay, as are all my fellow members!), but because it is a little bit/ slightly cumbersome to withdraw money from OCBC.

Try DBS instead. DBS, I am sure, will return you your millions any time you want. DBS is owned by our number 1 (as ranked by us in Young Pay-And-Pay) government. And as we all know, our government will never, ever, withhold any of our hard-earned money...