Sunday, August 31, 2008

Supremacy of The Constitution

Article 49 of The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore

Filling of vacancies
49. —(1) Whenever the seat of a Member, not being a non-constituency Member, has become vacant for any reason other than a dissolution of Parliament, the vacancy shall be filled by election in the manner provided by or under any law relating to Parliamentary elections for the time being in force.

Article 4 of The Constitution of the Republic of Singapore

Supremacy of Constitution
4. This Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic of Singapore and any law enacted by the Legislature after the commencement of this Constitution which is inconsistent with this Constitution shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

This is a mobilisation call for all members of Young Pay-And-Pay. Please report to your respective stations to come up with ways to neutralise the above. This Young Pay-And-Pay member is at his wits end!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If I were Lee Hsien Loong,

come next election, I would drop both Wee Siew Kim and Lee Bee Wah from my Ang Mo Kio GRC, and get Lily Neo over. Don't even imagine for a moment that Ang Mo Kio is a very strong GRC, just because the PM is there. It is not, as can been seen from the 2006 election. So every burden (and here we have two!) should be removed and every plus-point added.

Image from The Otak Stall

Only headache is - if Lee Bee Wah complains:
"From 2006-2011, I worked so hard to help you win so many praises from the residents of Ang Mo Kio. Yet now that we have succeeded, you try to burn the bridge immediately after crossing it! You want to replace me with a prettier woman who doesn't look like a big fat pig head? Go find a jamban to pung sai and then eat your own sai lah, you ungrateful son of a bitch!"

how are we in Young Pay-And-Pay going to be able to answer her?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Meritorious Service Medal is so cheap!

Years ago, I received a Meritorious Service Medal.

I was very pleased with myself.

Because Meritorious Service Medals were awarded only to people who have given distinguished and outstanding service to the country.

Then, years later, I became somewhat less pleased, when my boss started giving out these medals to political supporters aka grassroots people who have served them well. But still, I consoled myself that these people are native Singaporeans who have contributed to Singapore in many other ways.

But, this must be the last straw - giving out Meritorious Service Medals to newly bought foreign athletics, who were given last-minute citizenship just a year ago!

Fuck! My Meritorious Service Medal is very cheap indeed!

Not even worth 2 cents!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I am featured in a youtube video!

Yours truly, has appeared in a youtube video!

I didn't volunteer. Someone "volunteered" me.

But nevermind, I am proud of my video appearance. So, thanks for featuring me. haha!

Shameless forum with a shameless host

Several of my blog posts (e.g. "Indian PR makes sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans", "Choice schools for foreigners, leftovers for Singaporeans") have been copied onto a forum (which I shall not name since I do not wish to give it free publicity) and passed off as the work of the shameless forumer who posted it. Not a single acknowledgment of their sources were mentioned.

This is no oversight, because the shameless forumer just created the account 2 days ago (23 Aug) and immediately posted 30 articles - none of them his own, all stolen from blogs, all unacknowledged, and all passed off as his own!

The purpose is clear: to steal many articles and post them, all in 1 shot,onto his own forum using a new account created just for that purpose, thus creating the impression that there are many participants in his forum (when the truth is that there is just he talking to himself!), and let people think they are all making interesting "original" contributions. In short, the goal is to attract traffic to his forum.

I curse your forum!
Go talk to yourself on your own CB forum!
May your CB "sunny" forum be a failure!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A great tribute to the Singapore Women Table Tennis Team

Indian PR makes sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans

Manish Grover, a Singaporean PR from India, decided that the time had now come, for him to lecture Singaporeans.

Manish Grover first wrote to Straits Times, to admonish us for not being as proud of Singapore as he is:
I'm a permanent resident, proud to live here and I have been proudly displaying the national flag for the past two years. In contrast, I know of a few Singaporean friends who have stopped displaying the flags, and tell me, 'why bother'?

Manish Grover next lectured us:

My feeling is that Singaporeans are taking things for granted. People of today's generation have no idea what it takes to survive in other countries as they have grown up with the basic amenities in place.

Manish Grover then scolded us upside-down:

They are becoming materialistic and self-centred. An example can be seen in the ensuing debate of raising a child and the perks required to start a family.

Manish Grover was still not done with us. Manish Grover got sarcastic with us:
The way things are going, it will not be a surprise if young, newly-wed couples ask for Government perks before having sex.

Manish Grover decided that one sarcasm won't be enough. So Manish Grover made another sarcastic remark at us:

at least have children for the sake of the nation? Or perhaps, they want the foreign talent to do it for them.


You are not fit to lecture Singaporeans! Not now. Not in another 100 years!

And wipe that sarcasm off your face. Your mother didn't teach you any manners? Your father didn't teach you how to behave when you are a guest in someone else's home? They teach you to make sarcastic remarks at your host? What kind of moral education did they give you?

Just what's wrong with these people's upbringing? I mean, I visit other countries too. But never once did I write in to the local newspaper to lecture the locals, let alone make one sarcastic remarks after another at the local.

KNNBCCB! I have had enough with all these Indians from India, and Chinese from China! The latter lecture and scold and make sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans just as much. In Lianhe Zaobao!

My message to these people: either shut up and quietly make money here, or balek kampong! Go back to where you came from.

As it is, we don't welcome you here even without you making a fart, to begin with. It's just that we are too polite to tell you in the face. Your public fart is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back!

OBC International Trading Pte Ltd
5 Shenton Way No. 21-06
UIC Building
Singapore 068808

+65 6223 0084
+65 6223 0086
(What he wrote can be read here, and his contact is from here)

In case you guys are wondering why a member of Young Pay-And-Pay is standing up for Singaporeans. Doesnt YPAP care only about foreigners? Actually hor, we care only about money and power. Ha! These Ta Ma De PRs are making Singaporeans very angry with them, thus jeopardizing my bosses' plan to "harmonise“ foreigners into our society! My bonus depends on how "harmonised" they are!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choice schools for foreigners, leftovers for Singaporeans.

19 Aug 2008.

Gan Eng Seng Primary.

26 parents fought for 4 primary one vacancies.

Chinese Filipino Mac Gregore Ponce Tan (31, architect), who became PR last year, balloted successfully for his daughter.

He said:

"Although I am a foreigner, I am not discriminated here. I receive the same privilege and rights as Singaporeans. This is very fair. This is a place I like most!"

Native Singaporean Foo Wang Heng (My own translation of his Chinese name. 40, stockbroking sector. ) was unsuccessful. He said:

"(My daughter,) such a little girl, every day having to spend so much time on transport, it's not a good thing! And as for the school's quality, we have now reach a stage, where we no longer have a choice (because it's now up to MOE to anyhow allocate)"

Other native Singaporeans' reaction?

"Those who balloted unsuccessfully felt neither injustice nor anger. Foo Wang Heng and the other 21 parents who balloted unsuccessfully, filled up the application form (for the next phase) with assistance from Gan Eng Seng primary school's teachers, and left quietly"

I love sinkies. They are so easy to govern!

What about other schools?

Pioneer primary school has the fiercest competition, 54 vacancies up for grab by 114 people who all live within 1 km of the school. But the school refused to allow reporters in. Thus we are not able to find out the reality of the situation"

Haha! Even easier to govern. Thank you very much, principal of Pioneer primary! Good job! Save us in Young Pay-And-Pay lots of troubles with those nosy reporters!

Oh, before I forget, Mr. Mac Gregore Ponce Tan, the PR, had one final bit to tell the reporter:

"I am very happy that my daughter can receive her education in this environment". He still has a 1 year old daughter, who will not be giving him headaches when it's her turn to go to Gan Eng Seng primary school, because she can use her elder sister's current pupil status, to apply in Phase 1 for a vacancy.

Mr. Foo,. the native Singaporean, also want to have his last say:

He said that the primary one application system is very unfair to those like him, whose own primary school has shut down and hence cannot allow him to apply as an alumni, and whose home is not near any school. He hopes the authority will look into this problem.

Lianhe Zaobao (2008-8-20) (link expires in 1 week from posting date)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crumbs of compassion

So, Lee Hsien Loong decided that his peasants can protest, but only at a certain park. And that they can make political films, but with some restriction.

Just when we in Young Pay-And-Pay are rejoicing at finally being able to boast to those peasants with how open our PM is, I stumbled upon this quote:

"I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights."
- Bishop Desmond Tutu

Damn. Of the 3 million sinkies on this Island, I hope I am the only one who have heard of this quote!

And I most certainly hope none has heard what J.B. Jeyaratnam said:

" The Prime Minister is hoping that Singaporeans will go on their bended knees to thank him for these concessions. He seems to forget that the right to make political films or the right to hold demonstrations are part and parcel of human rights. It's not a question of favours being asked from the Government. It's a question of our rights"

Sunday, August 17, 2008

How many Olympic medal did Singapore ever win?

As far as I am concerned, we have won only 1.

In 1960.

By Tan Howe Liang - a real Singaporean.

One, is good enough.

Even zero also never mind.

It's about sportsmanship; Singapore is for Singaporean!

Someone has made a video about this. Here in Youtube.

Friday, August 15, 2008

This is not sports

So, Singapore will get at least a silver in the Olympics.

Are you proud that we have spent millions (in poaching coaches and players from China) to buy this medal?

I am NOT!

The money should have been spent on bettering the lives of Singaporeans. We should instead have trained our own native born Singaporeans - which require much lesser cost, since no poaching is needed - and if we don't get a medal, then so be it! That's what sportsmanship is about.

This is not sports - this is buying a medal from China!

It is a national embarrassment and a shame.

On the other hand, I am very happy that we, in Young Pay-And-Pay, can now use this issue as an excuse to justify our big boss's policy of importing foreigners.

Yes, we import non-sporting foreigners to lower wage across all jobs level and sector.

But no, we will not be telling you peasants that.

Our official line henceforth shall be: we import foreigners to win "medals" for Singapore, similar to how we import someone to win the Olympics medal!

This the best news ever to us in YPAP!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

LKY spoke abt money politics in SINGAPORE!

The great one spoke:
In many Asian countries, money politics is simply the “code word” for buying votes to gain power, and after that is done, “to recover your expenses plus some profit for the next round of vote-buying”

Isn't that exactly what PAP did?

Didn't PAP give us money just before election? Didn't PAP use that to "buy votes to gain power"? Didn't PAP try, after the election "is done", to recover its expenses via GST increase, plus "make some profit for the next round of vote-buying" in 2011?

The great one revealed further:
“One of the big problems they now face, in other countries, is the people in power want to reserve the money, keep it for themselves. So, they exclude young able people who want to join their team ...

Isn't that exactly what PAP did?

Isn't that why we have SM, MM, PM - the 3-in-1 package - who refuse to go away so that they can continue to receive money?

Oh yeah, there's one diff though - we include "young able people" at the same time, by simply forcing peasants to pay for both the old who want to continue receiving their multi million-dollar salary, and the young who want to join the club.

Nowadays, the great one is making us in Young Pay-And-Pay work very hard Every year, I dread listening to his speech at his Tanjong Pagar National Day Celebration Dinner. Because after that, we in YPAP have lots of shit to clean up!

Monday, August 11, 2008

HOTA new video

There is a part 2 too. Talks about contrast with Mrs. Lee's treatment, and the future of organ trading in Singapore. Be sure to watch both parts.

This is the result when we have no free press, no democracy, no human rights. Hooray for us in Young Pay-And-Pay!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Durai received preferential treatment in prison

From 9/8/08's Lianhe Zaobao:

One of [the just released ex-convict] told reporter [waiting for Durai outside Queenstown Remand Prison] that he had seen Durai in prison before, but unlike the other prisoners who were imprisoned together, Durai had a cell all to himself.

By the way, reporters from 6-7 newspapers were waiting for Durai outside Queenstown Remand Prison on the day he was supposed to be released. He was no where to be seen the entire day. Has he been released weeks/months earlier to serve his sentence at home with electronic tags?

So, Wong Kan Seng, again you created shit.

And who is again supposed to wipe it for you?

We, in Young Pay-And-Pay, as usual!

Now we have to help you cook up some reason for Durai's preferential treatment. Maybe something to do with his health? WTF! Give up headaches only. Damn you, Ministers!

But well, what to do? The job in YPAP pays us well in terms of money and power. haha!

Happy Birthday, Singapore

If you cannot tahan the plagiarised-from-jap-ad version by the government, please help publicise this video on your blog and on forums. This is a 100% original - minus the song, haha! - Singaporean production for Singaporeans.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bishan-Toa Payoh grassroot leaders celebrate The SinkApoor Spirit

I don't know what else to say.

You have to see it to believe.

Since I have nothing to say, let me just quote what Lianhe Zaobao's subsidiary OMY's Chief Editor Chua Chim Kang 蔡深江 said on 10/8/08:

MPs' super big photos, paired with residents' ridiculously tiny photos - seeing these one-too-many times, will citizens conjure up images of respectability for these MPs, or will they find these billboards very artificial, very boring, the more seen, the more distasteful? Maybe such methods is the intention and display tactics of the grassroots organisation, but with such super magnified photos of leaders, it is worrying that sooner or later, these leaders will get "big head syndrome" (i.e. think too highly of themselves.)

There you go! Even a government-controlled newspaper's pro-government editor couldn't stand it anymore and have to bring it up in his precious editorial space. What more "reminders" do you grassroot "leaders" need before realising that your ball-carrying ass-licking tactics have gone distastefully overboard?

Fellow colleagues from Young Pay-And-Pay, can use your head or not?

Stop embarrassing yourself /us /me!

Soon, I will be too embarrassed to let others know I am from YPAP!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Video: NS for Singaporeans, Jobs & scholarships for Foreigners

This cannot go on anymore!

Wake up, Singaporeans!


(And members of Young Pay-And-Pay, wake up too, and start doing OT - we must do something to counter all these anti-establishment video!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

This is not the way to treat the Singapore flag!

This is not the way to treat the Singapore flag!

This is the way to treat the Singapore flag.

A tight slap right across the government's face

So, every year, our government spends lots of money staging this propaganda event, otherwise known as the national day parade, to psycho everyone just how absolutely wonderful Singapore is, and how it's time to celebrate our undying love for Singapore, complete with fireworks and songs and dances and 82 MPs wearing their white uniform to remind us that there really shouldn't be any distinction between Singapore and PAP.

So, you got hype up too and want to find out more. You go onto google and type "Singapore national day parade 08". What does google return you?

Google tells you that apart from the official website, the most relevant link to your query of "singapore national day parade 08" is a video that teaches you exactly the opposite of what the government wants for you on 9th of August: how to leave Singapore!

Really a tight slap right across the government's face. Haha!

But it also means we at Young Pay-And-Pay are about to lose our job. *sob*