Saturday, April 19, 2008

You are treated worse than a foreign maid

Murder charge against Indonesian maid reduced to manslaughter
By Lee Khai Yan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 18 April 2008
An Indonesian maid charged with the murder of her employer had the charge reduced to one of manslaughter instead.

The charge against Tri Lestari, 24, was amended by the prosecution in a preliminary inquiry on Thursday.

Lestari was arrested in August last year after her 70-year-old employer Choy Ah Moy was found dead in bed at her Jalan Membina flat.

Lestari allegedly suffocated Madam Choy to death with a pillow.

The case will be brought to court again on April 29 for a pre-trial conference.

What do you think the charge and the verdict would have been, if the accused had been a Singaporean whose hanging would not incur the wrath of any foreign embassy and would not lead to any diplomatic spat?

Anyone here doubt the charge would have been murder, and the verdict would have been death by hanging?

I spit on you, my fellow Sinkies. And here's why:

I treat you worse than a foreigner in your own country!

To be precise, I treat you worse than a maid, a foreign maid!

What are you going to do about it?

Nothing, obviously.

You are going to continue to vote for my Masters.

And that's why you deserved to be spit on.


(It is good to have a blog where I can spit on my fellow sinkies anonymously. Increasingly I find myself suffering from split personality after having to pretend to treat my fellow sinkies with care, concern and respect, at those grassroots events and meet-the-sinkies sessions! Please lah, we people in Young Pay-And-Pay - how can we care about you? We care only about money and power, you fools! This blog, thus, is a therapeutic outlet for me to vent my disgust at my fellow sinkies. Sinkies deserve no respect - they enjoy being treated worse than a foreign maid in their own country! Do such people deserve any respect?)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Substantial pay raise

'While he has raised a variety of issues in Parliament, Mr Shanmugam has been vocal on the need to pay top dollar for ministers, since the White Paper was tabled in Parliament in 1994 to benchmark ministerial salaries to the private sector.

Last year, Mr Shanmugam spoke up for the policy for the third time in Parliament. “It’s not as if I was speaking for myself … I’ve been willing to take a very substantial pay cut. I’m not sure others will do so,” said Mr Shanmugam.' --- Channel NewsAsia. Reported by Loh Chee Kong, 16 April 2008.

What substantial pay cut?

Pension is a few millions per year for as long as he lives!

So assuming he lives till 85, then after reaching 55 years old, over the next 30 years, he will be paid a total of $x,000,000 *30 = $yz,000,000 in total.

That means he is made a multi-millionaire even after his retirement.

You call that a pay cut? Fine! Find me another job that continues to pay you a few million per year after you have left the job for more than 20 years?

Not only is it not a substantial pay cut, it isn't even a pay cut to begin with. It is a pay raise!

A subtantial pay raise!

And best of all, it is all legal and continuous. It's not like in some other countries, where in some years, they get to keep more corrupt money, and in other years, they get much less. And when they retire and fall out of power, they get nothing. And all these while, they have to worry about being discovered and end up in prison.

Nope. Such illegal, unsteady ministerial income does not exist in Singapore. In Singapore, it's a continuous steady source of income for 30 years after leaving office, and best of all, it's all legal! That's because in Singapore, corruption has been legalised for those in high offices!

Did I also tell you that if he choose not to retire at 55, but to continue working, he will receive both a pension and a salary? i.e. $x,000,000 + $y,000,000! That's what our dear SM and MM and DPM are receiving nowadays - double income!

By the way, why kind of logic is it that if we don't pay top dollar, we cannot attract the best people? Those who are willing to serve without having to be paid top dollar are already, by definition, much better politicians than those who tell you that they will quit their ministerial appointment immediately if their pay are not raised by a million by the end of last year and then again by another million latest by the end of this year and then yet again a milion the next year!

Oh, and by the way again, medical benefits which include 100% free treatment and 100% free stay in first class ward - till death - is a very substantial benefit too, given that as one gets older, one gets to fall sick more. Would Shanmugam receive such substantial benefits, if he were to remain a lawyer instead?

free luxurious car,
free driver,
free body guards,
free first class air travel,
"respect" and bootlicking from everyone in the country,
red carpet treatment everywhere all around the world.
free VIP tour of other countries' tourist spots (next time, when there is a report of MM or SM overseas, go read carefully about the tourist spots they visited eg. camel ride in the desert, tour of yellow mountain in China. Haha!).

The list goes on and on...

Pay cut?

Go cut off your lan ciao lah, Shanmugam!

Yours faithfully,
An unhappy Young Pay-and-Pay member, who is paid only peanuts despite having to lick ass everyday! You had better start paying me more, lest I expose more of your dirty tricks! I can por your larm pa, I can also cut off your balls! So pay us more. Top boot-lickers deserve top salary!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I got this pic from here.

And I am not ashamed (as usual, I am shameless) to admit that I, along with all my comrades in Young Pay-and-Pay, are the eunuchs!

For the sake of money and power, we report only the good news to our Emperor. The bad news, we either censor or play down their significance.

We in Young Pay-and-Pay are ball-less eunuchs. This, I admit.

But, the castration is well worth the money and power we get in return!

So what to do?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Please stop eating rice

Ever since the price of rice soared, we, in Young Pay-And-Pay, have been cracking our heads trying to find a way to help needy Singaporeans. But I was not worried. I told my fellow members that we could just sit back and relax, because our $3,000,000 multi-million dollar Ministers are elites and would definitely be able to come up with a better solution than we ever could. Even my fellow members could not stand me and called me a "super boot licker"!

But, today, I have the last laugh. Today, Channel News Asia has this screaming headline: "Ministers say needy will receive help to cope with soaring rice prices" (By Chew Wui Lynn, 05 April 2008 2055 hrs). I hurriedly read the details. Our elite minister has indeed provided the best solution to rising rice price:

Trade and Industry Minister Lim Hng Kiang said: "...Singaporeans now eat a wide variety of foodstuff – rice, noodle, bread, so there are always other substitutes."

What a brilliant solution! In a few days time, Young Pay-And-Pay will mobilise itself to promote the consumption of noodles and bread (non-branded).

We will be urging the kopitiams to come up with new combination: 3 meat/vegetable on your selection of noodles or bread.

So in future, when you visit your favourite hawker, he will be asking you whether you want pork, fish or brocolli spread on top of your bread. You may even get to choose white bread or wheat bread. But sorry, we have to keep it non-branded!

For sure, it will take some time getting used to eating meat/vegetables with bread. But that's no big deal; Sinkies are good at getting used to things. We have gotten Sinkies to get used to GRC, $3,000,000 salary, no retirement etc etc. i don't foresee any problem loading one more thing onto these lowly peasants.

So, my lowly peasants, dear fellow comrades, let's all support the "eat bread instead of rice" campaign!