Saturday, April 19, 2008

You are treated worse than a foreign maid

Murder charge against Indonesian maid reduced to manslaughter
By Lee Khai Yan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 18 April 2008
An Indonesian maid charged with the murder of her employer had the charge reduced to one of manslaughter instead.

The charge against Tri Lestari, 24, was amended by the prosecution in a preliminary inquiry on Thursday.

Lestari was arrested in August last year after her 70-year-old employer Choy Ah Moy was found dead in bed at her Jalan Membina flat.

Lestari allegedly suffocated Madam Choy to death with a pillow.

The case will be brought to court again on April 29 for a pre-trial conference.

What do you think the charge and the verdict would have been, if the accused had been a Singaporean whose hanging would not incur the wrath of any foreign embassy and would not lead to any diplomatic spat?

Anyone here doubt the charge would have been murder, and the verdict would have been death by hanging?

I spit on you, my fellow Sinkies. And here's why:

I treat you worse than a foreigner in your own country!

To be precise, I treat you worse than a maid, a foreign maid!

What are you going to do about it?

Nothing, obviously.

You are going to continue to vote for my Masters.

And that's why you deserved to be spit on.


(It is good to have a blog where I can spit on my fellow sinkies anonymously. Increasingly I find myself suffering from split personality after having to pretend to treat my fellow sinkies with care, concern and respect, at those grassroots events and meet-the-sinkies sessions! Please lah, we people in Young Pay-And-Pay - how can we care about you? We care only about money and power, you fools! This blog, thus, is a therapeutic outlet for me to vent my disgust at my fellow sinkies. Sinkies deserve no respect - they enjoy being treated worse than a foreign maid in their own country! Do such people deserve any respect?)

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