Tuesday, October 23, 2007


He is an activist - one who tries to steer the public towards some ideology, be it democracy or free speech. It is his job to advocate his visionary ideas even when most people do not initially support or even understand his vision. His job is to win them over to his vision, not to go along with the crowd. Such is the situation with Ghandhi of India and so on.

She is a politician - one who tries to represent the people's wishes. It is her job to speak in accordance to what the people want, nevermind moral or immoral. Thus if the majority of the people are against homosexuality or if they perceive requesting foreign support as "foreign interference in domestic politics", it is her job to agree with the people! Her job is to win votes, so as to represent the people's view in parliament, not to steer the population towards her own view and risk losing votes in the process!

Each is important in his/her own way, just as India needed both Ghandi and its PM.

Such simple things, the people in SDP and WP do not understand.

They look upon each other as enemies.


They have fallen for our trap!!!

We, in young Pay-And-Pay, have succeeded in driving a wedge between the oppositions!

We did this by masquerading as WP supporters to bash SDP, and then as SDP supporters to bash WP.

We egged their genuine supporters on, and get them to bash each other!

We start the spark and join the fight, bashing both sides like double-headed snakes, without them even knowing that we are moving from side to side!

We did it!

Boss, it's time to give us a raise!


We, young Pay-and-Pay, are very good fishermen. LOL

Monday, October 22, 2007

Dr. Chee commits treason against PAP

(pic grabbed from Lucky Tan's blog)

Just when I thought Dr. Chee's thinking was weird enough, his thought became weirder!

This time, his weird thinking got him to think that he is being a patriotic Singaporean when he speaks up against PAP.

This is his logic step by step:

1. He criticised PAP at the International Bar Association meeting in front of so many foreigners!

2. This would lead to the international community to help Singaporeans to exert pressure on PAP to open up on areas of free speech, free press, freedom to assembly etc.

3. With all these "free"s, Singaporean (not foreigners) will be able to vote in the elections with more information than what they could get from a 146th ranked newspaper

4. Such a better election system is ultimately better for Singapore.

5. Thus, his action is one of patriotism, and he is a patriotic Singaporean


Let me refute his weird logic in 2 simple super-logical steps:

1. PAP = Singapore. Singapore = PAP. Political Part = Country. Country = Political Party.

2. It follows from 1 that: criticise PAP = criticise Singapore = traitor = treason!


Now, contrast my logic with his. Whose logic do you think is more logical?

Mine of course!

“Of course" because people in North Korea and Mao's China subscribed to my logic too.

I have mass support (1 billion people in China during Mao's time leh) and this means I am right... though of course, there was a time when 99.99% of people thought the earth was flat and they were wrong. But that's a little fact that most people do not know. So it's ok to use the "most people think so = I am right" argument on these fools. It's one of my favourite trick argument, in fact. We in Young Pay-And-Pay use it all the time.

And wise men think alike. Andre Yeo (though not a man), thinks like me too! The above picture was what she wrote for The New Paper.

Sooooooooooooo simple! And yet Dr. Chee doesn't know! How did he get his Ph.D.?

He should learn from Andre Yeo and I. Ass Lickers and Apple polishers like us makes lots of money.

Look at Dr. Chee - he is a bankrupt!

Now isn't it better to be Andre Yeo and I -- throw all morals to the wind and suck cocks and make lots of money, and be labeled patriots...

...than to become a bankrupt and be accused of being a traitor?

Some people will say: "wait a minute. What about retribution aka Karma? Hell? Heaven?"

As I said earlier, that's rubbish! At the end of the day, we answer only to our money. There is no hell, no heaven, no karma. Our action has absolutely no consequence.

Take Karma, for example. Today I just bumped my head into the wall. I didn't even feel any pain! Got action, but no reaction. Since physical world is already like that, then it follows, on a matter of probability, that most likely the non-physical world (e.g. your evil thoughts) is also like that: got action, no reaction one lah!

Erm, the previous paragraph sounded somewhat illogical. But never mind, so long as I am not speaking against PAP, I am a patriot and patriots, no matter how illogical, will not get tekan by Andre Yeo in New Paper. Haha! So I do not need to be too careful with my words. Nobody will be suing me. Dr. Chee, on the other hand, need be very careful with his logics.

In conclusion, Dr. Chee, please stop committing treason against Singapore by criticising PAP. Please praise PAP. That will make you a patriot of PAP and therefore a patriot of Singapore!

Singapore = PAP. We must drill this into Dr. Chee's head! 66.6% of Singaporeans have already accepted that. Why can't he?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dr. Chee's weird thinking

I really don't understand this Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

Why does he want to do this?

What's wrong with our government doing business with Myanmar, or supplying arms to the Generals there to kill their citizens, as he alleged?

Let this Young Pay-And-Pay member tell you why there is nothing wrong!

One simple word: MONEY!

In Singapore, only one thing matters: money!

For example, if you can make money for Singapore, we will behave like whores and open our pussy for you to f**k as you please.

Thus, a German girl could have her drug charges reduced because her parents were making money for Singapore.

Thus, a Finnish man could punch a Singaporean and get off lightly in court, and subsequently be invited to lick our bosses balls in our esteemed newspaper.

Thus, a British woman could knock down and kill a korean mother and her 3 children, and pay just a fine and no jail time. That's a few years ago.

Thus, a drunk Japanese man could drink-drive and kill Mr. Hua Liang - renowed Singaporean in the Chinese cultural scene - and, yes, you guess it right, get off scot free!! That's even more years ago.

Truth is, we have been independent for 40+ years. And in that many years, we have never even once wavered from our sole focus on MONEY and MONEY only, to the exclusion of everything else!

Justice? Morals? Ethics? What are all these shit? We have no time for such things. We only have time for one thing. You got it right: MONEY!

Now, on the other hand, if you cannot make money for Singapore, we propose to ship you to Bintan. And that, my friend, is simply the latest of our long series of MONEY-only policy since our independence.


Yes, even when it affected them directly. So, what's more when it does not affect them directly?

So. let the Government continue to supply arms to Myanmar to kill those monks. There are lots of money to be made in those arm deals, you know?

I have no problem with that.

I do not believe in Karma.

That the Taliban Afghanistan government collapsed and kana attacked, almost immediately after they had defaced some religious relics, is simply a coincidence.

Holy people and objects can be defamed, murdered or destroyed. No consequence at all.

So yes, continue to do business with the Myanmar Generals, I would say. Allow them to torture citizens, kill holy monks (or priests, or Imans, or whatever. WHO CARES?)

No retribution will ever befall Singapore for being an accessory to murder.

That's because, to repeat, there is no such thing as karma, or retribution. And, for that matter, neither are there such things as morals or ethics too! How much money are morals and ethics worth? Kachang Puteh?

Money! More Money! Even more Money! That's what we in Young Pay-And-Pay stands for.

Oh, by the way, if you don't like what I say, you can always offer me $1,000,000. I can always change my tune and start praising Dr. Chee, and proceed to write a 5000 word essay on why we should distance ourselves from Myanmar.

My morality is fluid. Very fluid. How much can you pay me? That's the question, you need to ask. Nothing else matters.

Dr. Chee, on the other hand, sigh!

He obviously believes strongly that apart from money, there are such things as human decency and morality and "doing the right thing". And that all these matter more than blood money.

Wah Piang! He is so out of touch with Singapore and what Singaporeans want!

Singapore does not need people like him.

Singapore needs only money faced people like us in Young Pay-And-Pay!

P.S. If you find my logic beyond comprehension, I do apologise. I too, find this blog completely devoid of logic. Sometimes, even I laugh when I read the illogical things that I have written. But, you must understand that I laugh even more when I look at my bank account. Well, it does pay to be an obedient Ass Licker and a diligent Apple Polisher. At the end of the day, M O N E Y is really the only thing that matters. No Karma, remember? LOL

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Tay Za (left, close associate of General Than Shwe), with Lim Kim Choon, director general and chief executive officer of CAAS. Taken on 7 Sep 07

"We need to keep Myanmar in the family and handle the problems there with a certain degree of understanding and compassion. Of course people who live further away can have their own views, but I believe we have a deeper understanding of the situation there, and the stand we take is the correct stand," said [Foreign Affairs Minister] Mr Yeo.

Of course! Of course!

Today, they shoot their dissidents, we show them "understanding and compassion".

Tomorrow, when it is our turn to shoot our dissidents, they will repay our "understanding and compassion" too.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

We and they - comrades in arms, 难兄难弟!