Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dr. Chee's weird thinking

I really don't understand this Dr. Chee Soon Juan.

Why does he want to do this?

What's wrong with our government doing business with Myanmar, or supplying arms to the Generals there to kill their citizens, as he alleged?

Let this Young Pay-And-Pay member tell you why there is nothing wrong!

One simple word: MONEY!

In Singapore, only one thing matters: money!

For example, if you can make money for Singapore, we will behave like whores and open our pussy for you to f**k as you please.

Thus, a German girl could have her drug charges reduced because her parents were making money for Singapore.

Thus, a Finnish man could punch a Singaporean and get off lightly in court, and subsequently be invited to lick our bosses balls in our esteemed newspaper.

Thus, a British woman could knock down and kill a korean mother and her 3 children, and pay just a fine and no jail time. That's a few years ago.

Thus, a drunk Japanese man could drink-drive and kill Mr. Hua Liang - renowed Singaporean in the Chinese cultural scene - and, yes, you guess it right, get off scot free!! That's even more years ago.

Truth is, we have been independent for 40+ years. And in that many years, we have never even once wavered from our sole focus on MONEY and MONEY only, to the exclusion of everything else!

Justice? Morals? Ethics? What are all these shit? We have no time for such things. We only have time for one thing. You got it right: MONEY!

Now, on the other hand, if you cannot make money for Singapore, we propose to ship you to Bintan. And that, my friend, is simply the latest of our long series of MONEY-only policy since our independence.


Yes, even when it affected them directly. So, what's more when it does not affect them directly?

So. let the Government continue to supply arms to Myanmar to kill those monks. There are lots of money to be made in those arm deals, you know?

I have no problem with that.

I do not believe in Karma.

That the Taliban Afghanistan government collapsed and kana attacked, almost immediately after they had defaced some religious relics, is simply a coincidence.

Holy people and objects can be defamed, murdered or destroyed. No consequence at all.

So yes, continue to do business with the Myanmar Generals, I would say. Allow them to torture citizens, kill holy monks (or priests, or Imans, or whatever. WHO CARES?)

No retribution will ever befall Singapore for being an accessory to murder.

That's because, to repeat, there is no such thing as karma, or retribution. And, for that matter, neither are there such things as morals or ethics too! How much money are morals and ethics worth? Kachang Puteh?

Money! More Money! Even more Money! That's what we in Young Pay-And-Pay stands for.

Oh, by the way, if you don't like what I say, you can always offer me $1,000,000. I can always change my tune and start praising Dr. Chee, and proceed to write a 5000 word essay on why we should distance ourselves from Myanmar.

My morality is fluid. Very fluid. How much can you pay me? That's the question, you need to ask. Nothing else matters.

Dr. Chee, on the other hand, sigh!

He obviously believes strongly that apart from money, there are such things as human decency and morality and "doing the right thing". And that all these matter more than blood money.

Wah Piang! He is so out of touch with Singapore and what Singaporeans want!

Singapore does not need people like him.

Singapore needs only money faced people like us in Young Pay-And-Pay!

P.S. If you find my logic beyond comprehension, I do apologise. I too, find this blog completely devoid of logic. Sometimes, even I laugh when I read the illogical things that I have written. But, you must understand that I laugh even more when I look at my bank account. Well, it does pay to be an obedient Ass Licker and a diligent Apple Polisher. At the end of the day, M O N E Y is really the only thing that matters. No Karma, remember? LOL


Anonymous said...

$1,000,000 only?

Do you know how much your masters make? Didn't you ever have the greed to want to make more? Did it ever occur to you that whatever they give you, it's never going to be equal to, let alone exceed, theirs?

Don't you aspire to be a master? After all, being a running dog can only get you so far. Do you have that greed? Do you??

young-pap said...

Dear Anonymous,
We, in Young Pay-and-Pay, have very cheap moral values. Thus, $1,000,000 is already more than enough to buy our loyalty and get us to throw our morals to the wind. Our Masters on the other hand, have slightly higher morals than us. They would require $3,000,000 and up. LOL

But of course, having said that, as you know, greed has no limit. Therefore, if you offer me $3,000,000, I will go beyond mere apple polishing and ass licking to include doing deeds such as sentencing innocent politicians to jail, torturing people under detention etc. Such heinous deed requires us to cover up our conscience with more money.

Regarding aspiration to be a master, no, I do NOT aspire to be one. We in young Pay-And-Pay are natural born boot lickers and instinctive sycophants. We love to suck cocks. It helps fulfill our innate need to suck. So, thank you for your suggestion, but no thanks - Being a master and letting others carry our balls instead of us carrying others' balls, is just not part of our instinctive traits. We are borned running dogs and we love being such.

Woof Woof!

Anonymous said...

You don't need 1,000,000 to buy loyalty. Overheard two aunties worked in the food court talking during the last election:

Aunty A : Hey, vote already or not?

Aunty B : Ya, vote already.

Aunty A : So who you vote?

Aunty B : Of course PAP lah. Take the money(Progess package aka bribe money) already so must vote for them....

See. Cheap right?

Denzuko1 said...

You really need to believe the existence of Karma. It is one theory that is endorsed by Science.

If you do not believe it, just read up the three laws of motion by Issac Newton. The three definitions are the exact meaning of Karma. ;-)

young-pap said...

Looks like some aunty has even cheaper morals than I. LOL

No, Karma is not the same as Newton's law of motion. True, both talk about cause and effect. But Karma's law of cause and effect is a non-physical (dealing with human intentions) law of nature discovered by the Buddha. Newton's laws of cause and effects are physical law of nature discovered by Newton. Yes, they complement each other and are equally scientific (since they are all laws of nature), but the existence of one does not support or contradict the existence of the other.

Anyway, I used to believe in Karma. That's before I became an Apple Polisher and a Ass Licker. Since joining Young Pay-And-Pay, I have thrown such law of nature (along with my morals) to the drain, in order to bully citizens, twist black to white and vice versa and carry balls to earn big big money. Nowadays, everyday, I pray very hard that Karma doesn't exist, otherwise, I, along with my comrades in Young Pay-And-Pay may end up in Avici Hell for aeons with no chance of human existence!! It's said that once the human body is lost, it could be millions of rebirth before one gets the chance to be reborn in a favourable realm again. Like that how?!? Sob!! May Karma not exist for me and my fellow running dogs! May the law of nature be such that Ass lickers and Apple polishers and people who supply arms to generals to kill citizens end up in Heaven, while their victims end up in Hell!!

Anonymous said...

Hi doggy, your blog is great pls keep it up! Hope more of your comrades and masters will visit this blog so they will realise their true worth (and ask for another million dollar pay-rise?) and you may get a bone as bonus..

On the other hand, if they lose their mind and decide to believe in karma after all, there are some silly people in Singapore who would thank you, myself included.

Sit doggy, sit..