Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The humble Emperor Yeo

"Opposition" "Politician" Goh Meng Seng to PAP's George Yeo on the latter's Facebook:
Hi George,
Thanks for replying. I guess PAP will be more than a formidable opponent if it has more people like you with great humility.
I believe you will have that kind of humility to handle such [destitute] cases fairly.

The humble Emperor George Yeo showing his humility in Feb 1994:
"Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate... Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party... You must make distinctions - What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion... people should not take on those in authority as 'equals'

While engaging the humble Emperor Yeo on Facebook, may I suggest "Opposition" "Politician" Goh also take the opportunity to question Emperor Yeo why His Majesty announced and then implemented a drastic reduction in the number of doctors that Singapore produce every year in the decade spanning 1990-2000. Is that the reason why now, of every 3 new doctors registered to practise in Singapore, 2 of them got their medical degree overseas? That's right, two-thirds of new doctors are foreigners or Singaporeans forced to study medicine overseas.

But before "Opposition" "Politician" Goh engages the humble Emperor Yeo in political debate, he had better educate himself on "what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below", lest he forgets his place in society and accidentally takes on the humble Emperor as his 'equal'.


Btw, this is the video from which I learnt the phrase "Emperor Yeo":

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1500 PR bus drivers

What academic qualification, salary or job scope do you think is needed to apply to be a Singapore PR?

Answer: Those that a bus driver need to possess!

Lianhe Zaobao 2010-01-19's report by 李静仪:

(Currently, SBS has 3000 buses and employs nearly 5500 drivers, of which 8% are PRCian, 26.5% Malaysians, 27.5% Singapore PR and the remaining 38% Singapore citizens.)

We approve more than 1500 PR applications to bus drivers.

We have more than 1500 PRs working as bus drivers!

They are all ex-foreign talents, current talented PR and future talented new citizens.

We need to import such talented new citizens because Singaporeans are not talented enough! For example, are you talented enough to know how to drive a bus? Nah, I don't think so. You are simply stupid enough to serve NS to defend these talented new citizens!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Organ Robbery... again!

My newsfeed just sent me the news below. This is shocking. It shouldn't be happening!

Why must these HOTA idiots create trouble for us - their PAP masters - just before the general election?

他妈的。 Where are their brains? I have a good mind to replace them with foreign talents!


Damn the Romanian Embassy, damn Dr. Silviu Ionescu. Damn George Yeo too。And damn you Khaw Boon Wan too. You control your HOTA people, can or not?

Why can't all of you just stop giving us trouble at this critical period? Election is coming, you know???

Luckily this Yenny Young did not try to save her darling Tong Kok Wai, the way Sim did the last time, with the police involved Else we at young Pay-And-Pay gotta work overtime again, including those of us who had retired!