Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's wrong with the Malays?

Answer: Nothing!

I, for one, am very comfortable with the Malays. We are all Singaporeans! We grew up together, played on the playgrounds together, studied together, worked together and despite a difference in religion and language, we are ONE!

As a Chinese Singaporean, I have more in common with the native Malays (and Indians and "Others") than newly imported foreign trash from India and China!

There is nothing wrong with the Malays reproducing at >2.1 while the Chinese reproduces at <1.2!

I do not believe this will pose a security threat to Singapore, or result in lower economic productivity, as that racist old fart has openly said before.

I would rather there be more malays in Singapore, than to keep on importing Indians from India and Chinese from China to artificially maintain the ethnic ratio!

That racist old fart is destroying Singapore with his senseless import. As a result of his nonsense, we Singaporeans are bullied every day by these foreign trash as the post before this indicated.

Ajit Koshy - whole family dead!

Fine youngsters who don't give up their seats for the elderly
I HAVE been in Singapore for only the past two months. I use the public transport frequently and one thing that I have noticed is that youngsters who occupy the priority seats fail to give up their seats for the elderly, even those armed with heavy bags.

Most of the time, the youngsters are glued to their handheld devices or iPods. I believe the only way (which has kept Singapore straight and running) is to 'fine' them.

But let this be for only a limited period. It will be just a matter of time that the habit of offering seats to the elderly becomes second nature to these youngsters.

Ajit Koshy

May you, Ajit Koshy, be struck by lightning.

May your father and mother die an untimely death.

May your slutty wife cuckold you soon

May your daughters grow up to be prostitutes, following in the footstep of their mother and grandmother.

May your son grow up to be the useless gigolo that his father is!

Fuck you, for going to other people's country to meddle in other people's politics - specifically, to join its dictatorial government to bully its poor citizens by advocating, in this case, the criminalisation of what should obviously not be regarded as a crime - after having been in the country for only TWO MONTHS!

I, Young Pay-And-Pay, am a seasoned traveler all over the world. But never once, have I done what you did, Ajit Koshy! For example, when I was in India, I did not write to any Indian newspaper to propose to the Indian Government to bully/ fine/ charge in court/ punish its citizens! In fact, I did not even write to any Indian newspaper. Wait, come to think of it, I did not even read the Indian newspaper! I visited the Taj Mahal, sang praise about it and kept whatever negatives I felt about India to myself! That's how good a visitor I was, compared to you fucker Ajit Koshy!

Now, I am not going to suggest that you go back to your own country, Ajit Koshy, as I am sure some Singaporeans are going to. Nope, I just sincerely wish that you, Amit Koshy, will meet with a car accident and die a gruesome death in my country! Same goes to your wife (after sleeping with another man), but not your children (your orphaned offspring need to grow up to be prostitutes and gigolo, as mentioned earlier)

Some people may think there is something wrong with Indians from India, what with Amit Nagpal, Manish Grover, and now this Ajit Koshy. Nah, you are wrong! That's because you read only the Straits Times. As a Young Pay-And-Pay member whose job is to carry PAP's balls, I read both the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao and I can assure you that the Chinese from China are just equally bad at meddling in our local politics. except that their choice of newspaper is different.

So, this has nothing to do with racism. Fuck all these coward foreigh trash, be they from India or China.

They are cowards. None dare make a single sound the moment they step into any ang moh country. Does the coward, ball-less Ajit Koshy dare to write to the American press to advocate fining American teengers who do not give up priority seats? Of course not! In front of caucasian, Ajit Koshy behaves like a dog with his tails between his ball-less legs. Likewise, in front of the Europeans.

This eunuch, Ajit Koshy, dare only lecture Singaporeans. But who are we to blame? It's the PAP which opens its pussy wide to welcome these foreign trash to come screw us native Singaporeans! PAP is the cancer cell, and these foreign trash are just the outward symptom. We need to settle the scores at the root ultimately, come election time, but in the meantime, let's whack the foreign doggies.

For the record, Amit Nagpal is at least a Singapore Permanent Resident, and further more, he was talking "only" about extending equal rights to non-citizens. This Pua Chee Bye Ajit Koshy is proposing criminalizing Singaporeans' behaviour and punishing Singaporeans and charging Singaporeans in court!!!


P.S. Count yourself lucky that I do not know how to curse in your language. Maybe someone in 3in1kopitiam does know. Visit it for more scolding - many in racists language too - if you dare, Ajit Koshy!

I challenge any Indians or Chinese citizens who cannot sense the deep anger and hatred Singaporeans have for foreign trash to write more to the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao to propose to the government how to punish and fine (and imprison, better still lah!) Singaporeans. Bring it on! Just don't whine and threaten police report like a pussy when you find yourself swarmed by patriotic Singaporeans. Haha!

Something is very wrong with your upbringing, you foreign trash! I always try to put myself in your shoes before scolding you people. But not once, can I ever imagine myself doing the things you foreign trash do. I mean, it's not as if I have never visited another country before. I am sure many Singaporeans have too. First test: Have you Singaporeans ever written to their newspaper to meddle in their domestic politics? I know I have never. In fact, as stated earlier, I have hardly even read their newspapers! Second test: foreign trash, while you were back in your country, have you come across foreigners writing to your nation's newspaper proposing to your government to criminalise this or that, and to punish you citizens? Answer me, you foreign trash!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PAP MP: We shall have no democracy

(Image taken from SDP's webpage)

MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, Hri Kumar:
Today, a minister must be appointed from the ranks of elected MPs. But it is not easy getting good people to run for office. Why not give the Prime Minister the option to appoint outstanding individuals from outside the rank of elected MPs to his cabinet? The pool of talent available to the PM will increase substantially and we can draw on the experience of many capable individuals.

Underlying message of PAP MP Hri Kumar:
Let's make Singapore a dictatorship. Singaporeans should be robbed of their rights to vote and to pick leaders. The Prime Minister shall appoint whoever he wants to the cabinet even though such a person is not voted and elected by citizens.

Fuck you, Hri Kumar! You are not fit to be a Singaporean; You don't even know how to recite the pledge: as to build a DEMOCRATIC society....

Now, I do know that we in Young Pay-And-Pay have never, ever, believe in democracy. But, hey, prior to Hri Kumar, every one of us pretends to endorse democracy! This is the first fucker who doesn't even know how to pretend.

Not even our Ah Gong, Lee Kuan Yew, the supposed "founder" of modern Singapore, dare say such undemocratic nonsense to us citizens. Even Lee Kuan Yew has to pretend to embrace democracy and put on a wayang to "appease" us citizens.

So, just who the fuck Hri Kumar think he is? Such audacity!

Has his bloated larger-than-life image made him lost his sense of proportion?

I think this shows that PAP is now devoid of talent. It is full of fools who spew shit whenever they open their big mouth, starting with Wee Siew Kim, to Lee Bee Wah, Charles Chong and now this latest idiot, Hri Kumar.

The end of PAP is near. No talented Singaporeans want to join them. Only idiotic money-hungry leeches do! Hence the amazing series of verbal blunders in recent years. But that's only verbal - tip of the iceberg! Can you imagine the amount of non-verbal tangible havoc these monkeys are creating everyday for Singapore? It's less obvious, but more damaging.

There are lots of skeletons in the closet. These verbal garbages are just the symptoms of the underlying disease. My colleagues in Young Pay-And-Pay are all jumping ship. Think it's time for me to do so too. Take all the money I have leeched from Sinkies all these years, and emigrate to some other countries, for which I have been PR for a long time. Haha!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Por Lumpar

May 26, 2009
Talented leaders impress MM

He singles out Chen Deming, the Commerce Minister, as an example of the many capable people in key jobs in China
By Peh Shing Huei, China Bureau Chief
SUZHOU: - China is a country with lots of talented people, said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew yesterday, singling out Commerce Minister Chen Deming as a shining example. He praised Mr Chen, saying that Singapore would be fortunate to have such a talented man.

'Chen Deming is very capable. Singapore would be lucky to have one Chen Deming. But China has many such talents,' he told Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan as they met here, according to a spokesman for the Singapore delegation.

I have always thought of myself as a capable running dog. But after reading what he said, I feel very ashamed! The old dog is even better at carrying balls and licking asses! Just look at his skill!




Looks like I got a lot to learn from him!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sinkies evicted to make way for FT

Families bid farewell to College Green
Tenants vacate Dunearn Road estate to make way for NUS students
By Debbie Yong

The Yaps will say goodbye to their College Green home today. The family of five, and another six remaining families, have to vacate the estate off Dunearn Road by the end of this month to make way for new tenants. Petitions by residents to stay on, and meetings with the relevant authorities over the past year, have been unsuccessful.

The 35,000 sq m estate contains 63 pre-war terrace homes which are owned by the Singapore Land Authority and managed by United Premas. Come July, they will be leased to the National University of Singapore.

The units will be converted into hostels for about 240 overseas graduate students
of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

'It's a great place for children to grow up in. They can roam about freely in nature, as children should,' said market researcher Yap Miew Leng, 32, who has lived there for two years.

About 60 per cent of the estate's residents are Singaporeans, while the rest come from countries such as Australia, the United States and Japan.

...Each unit will house about four students, according to a spokesman for the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy.

The units, sports facilities and multi-purpose hall will be refurbished at an estimated cost of more than $3.5 million.

It is no longer just about building a hostel for foreign workers in the middle of a housing estate; That's Serangoon Gardens and that's in the past.

Now, it is simply evicting Singaporeans from their home to make way for foreigners!

No, I correct myself. It's not that simple. After evicting the Singaporeans, we still have to spend a few millions to refurbush the place, so that it is fit for our esteemed FT to live!

Heh Heh Heh! I wonder when you peasants are going to wake up.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

华文二语教学法 新加坡是最大实验场
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芬兰语二语教学法 芬兰是最大实验场



Har? What were they talking about making love in a car? That's what 停车做爱 means mah! I also know lah! 华文,谁怕谁!


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Double Escape! Double Mistake!

First, you let a dangerous "terrorist" (whom you dare not charge in court, even though you claim to have irrefutable evidence!!!) escape from the prison!

Then, you let him escape from the nation's border! (Did Mas Selamat simply stroll across the causeway, the way Took Leng How did?)

That's double escape. Double mistake!

What the fuck is your problem, you Wong Cunt Sing?

In fact, let's start from the beginning:

First, you were unaware of the existence of terrorism in Singapore, until the Americans highlighted it to you when they found a video in Afghanistan with footage of Yishun MRT station. But you issued a press statement downplaying the Americans' role and insisted that ISD has been aware of it even before 9/11.

Then, you let him escape to Indonesia.

Then, after the Indonesians caught him, you let him escape TWICE from you.

Then now that another country, this time Malaysia, caught him, you again talk cock, sing song about the good work of ISD! The Malaysians had not receive any help or tip from your ISD! And you had even mentioned previously that he had probably escaped to Indonesia!

What the fuck is your problem, you Wong Cunt Sing?

I see only one problem - you, Wong Cunt Sing, did not enter the Singapore Cabinet on meritocracy! You are Lee Kuan Yew's nephew-in-law. And LKY put you in charge of the Home Affairs so that the police force can remain under the direct control of the Lee family.

Nepotism. That's the problem!

If Singapore had meritocracy, this wouldn't have happened!

And now that it happened, what to do? Let's move on!

We are aware! We will not shut up and sit down!

What do you call this? A "spoof"?


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are dealing with a nut case!

Last February, a USSPN Washington Regional Coordinator was present during a report given by an international lawyer from Singapore, Thio Su Mien (Su), who is gifted in prophetic intercession and healing. She shared about some of the things going on in the area of Indonesia before the tsunami.

She explained how the SARS virus hit Singapore a year prior to the earthquake/ tsunami. The Lord alerted the intercessors and told them that if they did not get on their faces and repent on behalf of their nation's involvement in abortion as the contraceptive of choice, that the land would suffer from His hand of judgment.

Because they saw how devastating the SARS virus had been, the intercessors immediately took action to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Singapore was not touched by the earthquake disaster. The Malaysian intercessors joined them in diligent prayer and also opened healing rooms in Kuala Lampur. The area on the Northern Coast of Malaysia was hit hard. There are amazing stories of God's grace and mercy in saving souls and lives there.

It was the prayers of the intercessors that had saved the disaster from affecting an even larger area. She emphasized that the intercessors crying out with repentance and asking for mercy, along with declarations of the Word of God over the land (both written and rhema), released the curse upon the land and the people were spared. It was a plea for intercessors to step up to the plate and continue to press into God for mercy from judgment coming.

In short, Thio Su Mien regards herself as much more than a "Feminist Mentor". She is the Saviour of Singapore - the Singapore Mentor! According to what "she emphasized", if not for her, Singapore would have already been destroyed by earthquakes a few years back!

But luckily for Singapore, there was Thio Su Mien.

For it was she, Thio Su Mien, who was alerted by the Lord to the impeding earthquake.

And again, it was she, Thio Su Mien, who had the power to repent "on behalf of the nation" due to her being "gifted in prophetic intercession".

And finally, it was she, Thio Su Mien, who "released the curse upon" Singapore!

This is the kind of nut case we are dealing with!

Either that, or Christianity itself is a nut religion!

You take the pick:
  • Is she a nut case Christian, not representative of Christianity as a whole, or
  • is she simply a typical follower of a nutty religion that teaches that its Loving God was just about to send an earthquake to kill you and me because someone else in our nation had treated "abortion as the contraceptive of choice", and that it was only due to some "gifted intercessor" that we "were spared"?

It has to be one or the other. Right?

What a wonderful religion Christianity is! With a Loving God who gives us the free will to choose. Choose what? Choose between:

Either you do things my way, or I will order an earthquake to make sure you die a terrible death - the same way I drowned your ancestors years ago

And babies too - they may have been too young to sin by themselves, but they are sinners anyway, for their parents have sinned. So yes, babies too, deserved to have their miserable little bones crushed by falling buildings in an earthquake.

Now, that's what I call the ultimate form of free will that can only come only from a most-loving God.

It may be a bit hard for Lesser Mortals like you and I to comprehend how a "threat" can be called free will, and how drowning people can be viewed as most-loving, but luckily we have Thio Su Mien to "repent on behalf of [our] nation".

Her existence is a God-send to Singapore!

P.S. Oops, did this post thread dangerously on the borderline of being seditious? If yes, ask yourself: who started all these religious insensitivity by imposing their religious views on everyone else, to the extent of taking over a secular organisation and our secular society?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Christian Thioliban: Our Declaration

You are either with us (anti-gay), or against us (pro-gay). There is no such thing as a neutral position (where one accepts that gays have no greater (pro) and no lesser (anti) rights than heterosexuals).

And if you are against us, we will infiltrate and take over your society, your club, your place of worship be it temple or mosque, your religious school eg. Madrasah (and even your secular school if it is "neutral" towards gay), your Taoist family (we will deliberately knock on your door if you dare hang a taoist prayer urn outside your flat), or your Muslim family (we will mail Christian pamphlet talking about the wrongs of Islam specially to those with Malay names).

Do not expect us to form our own alternative society, club, Church, Christian-based schools or run our own Christian-based family. We will not do that because that will not solve the problem: YOUR existence.

Non-Christian based religious or secular entity cannot be allowed to exist! Co-existence is not part of our dictionary. We must exterminate you!

Neutrality has no place in Singapore.
Diversity has no place in Singapore.
Singapore must be a Christian nation based on Christian ideology with no other religious or secular beliefs allowed to co-exist.

Hallelujah! Long Live Jesus Christ!
Down with Allah. Down with Buddha.
Down with all non-believers with their "neutral"-gay religious or secular beliefs.

They have no place in Singapore. We must infiltrate and take over them one-by-one. And today, we shall start with AWARE. We shall deal with the others later.

We pray to you, Almighty God! May the Lord blind the mind of leaders of all other religious and secular organisation, so that they cannot see the danger, the bigger picture. May they treat AWARE as a women-issue irrelevant to them.

May the Lord bless us with thousands of supporters at this weekend's EOGM.
May the Lord give us the Biblical "sword" so that we may "kill" AWARE. May the Lord show no mercy to diverse non-Christian views, especially those which contradict the Bible. May the Lord not allow non-believers to co-exist with us. Amen!"
Declaration of the Singapore Christian Thioliban

Ask yourself:

Has Islamic extremist given Islam a good name?

I am not anti-Christianity. What if someone else is? Such a person will not put the word "Thioliban" in the above declaration as I had, but will instead attribute it to all Christians, making no distinction between the moderates and the extremists. Will that give Christianity a good name?

If you are a Christian who would like to glorify Christianity, you will dissociate yourself with Thio Su Mien and her group. You will be present this weekend at the EOGM to vote in support of the motion of no-confidence! You will pray very hard that the devious take-over attempt fails.

If you are against Christianity, you should hope that the infiltrators win at the EOGM. Christianity will go down-hill in Singapore from then on.

So, what will you do now, Christian Thioliban? Make your own video about Jesus Christ to rebut the above video? No, you won't do that. That won't solve the problem of the above video's existence. That video need to be exterminated. Oh, I get it! You will tell Temasek to buy over youtube, the way you take over AWARE! That way, you can remove this video from youtube.

Young Pay-And-Pay's prediction: Temasek's next purchase - Youtube!