Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ajit Koshy - whole family dead!

Fine youngsters who don't give up their seats for the elderly
I HAVE been in Singapore for only the past two months. I use the public transport frequently and one thing that I have noticed is that youngsters who occupy the priority seats fail to give up their seats for the elderly, even those armed with heavy bags.

Most of the time, the youngsters are glued to their handheld devices or iPods. I believe the only way (which has kept Singapore straight and running) is to 'fine' them.

But let this be for only a limited period. It will be just a matter of time that the habit of offering seats to the elderly becomes second nature to these youngsters.

Ajit Koshy

May you, Ajit Koshy, be struck by lightning.

May your father and mother die an untimely death.

May your slutty wife cuckold you soon

May your daughters grow up to be prostitutes, following in the footstep of their mother and grandmother.

May your son grow up to be the useless gigolo that his father is!

Fuck you, for going to other people's country to meddle in other people's politics - specifically, to join its dictatorial government to bully its poor citizens by advocating, in this case, the criminalisation of what should obviously not be regarded as a crime - after having been in the country for only TWO MONTHS!

I, Young Pay-And-Pay, am a seasoned traveler all over the world. But never once, have I done what you did, Ajit Koshy! For example, when I was in India, I did not write to any Indian newspaper to propose to the Indian Government to bully/ fine/ charge in court/ punish its citizens! In fact, I did not even write to any Indian newspaper. Wait, come to think of it, I did not even read the Indian newspaper! I visited the Taj Mahal, sang praise about it and kept whatever negatives I felt about India to myself! That's how good a visitor I was, compared to you fucker Ajit Koshy!

Now, I am not going to suggest that you go back to your own country, Ajit Koshy, as I am sure some Singaporeans are going to. Nope, I just sincerely wish that you, Amit Koshy, will meet with a car accident and die a gruesome death in my country! Same goes to your wife (after sleeping with another man), but not your children (your orphaned offspring need to grow up to be prostitutes and gigolo, as mentioned earlier)

Some people may think there is something wrong with Indians from India, what with Amit Nagpal, Manish Grover, and now this Ajit Koshy. Nah, you are wrong! That's because you read only the Straits Times. As a Young Pay-And-Pay member whose job is to carry PAP's balls, I read both the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao and I can assure you that the Chinese from China are just equally bad at meddling in our local politics. except that their choice of newspaper is different.

So, this has nothing to do with racism. Fuck all these coward foreigh trash, be they from India or China.

They are cowards. None dare make a single sound the moment they step into any ang moh country. Does the coward, ball-less Ajit Koshy dare to write to the American press to advocate fining American teengers who do not give up priority seats? Of course not! In front of caucasian, Ajit Koshy behaves like a dog with his tails between his ball-less legs. Likewise, in front of the Europeans.

This eunuch, Ajit Koshy, dare only lecture Singaporeans. But who are we to blame? It's the PAP which opens its pussy wide to welcome these foreign trash to come screw us native Singaporeans! PAP is the cancer cell, and these foreign trash are just the outward symptom. We need to settle the scores at the root ultimately, come election time, but in the meantime, let's whack the foreign doggies.

For the record, Amit Nagpal is at least a Singapore Permanent Resident, and further more, he was talking "only" about extending equal rights to non-citizens. This Pua Chee Bye Ajit Koshy is proposing criminalizing Singaporeans' behaviour and punishing Singaporeans and charging Singaporeans in court!!!


P.S. Count yourself lucky that I do not know how to curse in your language. Maybe someone in 3in1kopitiam does know. Visit it for more scolding - many in racists language too - if you dare, Ajit Koshy!

I challenge any Indians or Chinese citizens who cannot sense the deep anger and hatred Singaporeans have for foreign trash to write more to the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao to propose to the government how to punish and fine (and imprison, better still lah!) Singaporeans. Bring it on! Just don't whine and threaten police report like a pussy when you find yourself swarmed by patriotic Singaporeans. Haha!

Something is very wrong with your upbringing, you foreign trash! I always try to put myself in your shoes before scolding you people. But not once, can I ever imagine myself doing the things you foreign trash do. I mean, it's not as if I have never visited another country before. I am sure many Singaporeans have too. First test: Have you Singaporeans ever written to their newspaper to meddle in their domestic politics? I know I have never. In fact, as stated earlier, I have hardly even read their newspapers! Second test: foreign trash, while you were back in your country, have you come across foreigners writing to your nation's newspaper proposing to your government to criminalise this or that, and to punish you citizens? Answer me, you foreign trash!

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