Sunday, August 24, 2008

Indian PR makes sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans

Manish Grover, a Singaporean PR from India, decided that the time had now come, for him to lecture Singaporeans.

Manish Grover first wrote to Straits Times, to admonish us for not being as proud of Singapore as he is:
I'm a permanent resident, proud to live here and I have been proudly displaying the national flag for the past two years. In contrast, I know of a few Singaporean friends who have stopped displaying the flags, and tell me, 'why bother'?

Manish Grover next lectured us:

My feeling is that Singaporeans are taking things for granted. People of today's generation have no idea what it takes to survive in other countries as they have grown up with the basic amenities in place.

Manish Grover then scolded us upside-down:

They are becoming materialistic and self-centred. An example can be seen in the ensuing debate of raising a child and the perks required to start a family.

Manish Grover was still not done with us. Manish Grover got sarcastic with us:
The way things are going, it will not be a surprise if young, newly-wed couples ask for Government perks before having sex.

Manish Grover decided that one sarcasm won't be enough. So Manish Grover made another sarcastic remark at us:

at least have children for the sake of the nation? Or perhaps, they want the foreign talent to do it for them.


You are not fit to lecture Singaporeans! Not now. Not in another 100 years!

And wipe that sarcasm off your face. Your mother didn't teach you any manners? Your father didn't teach you how to behave when you are a guest in someone else's home? They teach you to make sarcastic remarks at your host? What kind of moral education did they give you?

Just what's wrong with these people's upbringing? I mean, I visit other countries too. But never once did I write in to the local newspaper to lecture the locals, let alone make one sarcastic remarks after another at the local.

KNNBCCB! I have had enough with all these Indians from India, and Chinese from China! The latter lecture and scold and make sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans just as much. In Lianhe Zaobao!

My message to these people: either shut up and quietly make money here, or balek kampong! Go back to where you came from.

As it is, we don't welcome you here even without you making a fart, to begin with. It's just that we are too polite to tell you in the face. Your public fart is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back!

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(What he wrote can be read here, and his contact is from here)

In case you guys are wondering why a member of Young Pay-And-Pay is standing up for Singaporeans. Doesnt YPAP care only about foreigners? Actually hor, we care only about money and power. Ha! These Ta Ma De PRs are making Singaporeans very angry with them, thus jeopardizing my bosses' plan to "harmonise“ foreigners into our society! My bonus depends on how "harmonised" they are!


young-pap said...

This blog post has been copied onto a forum (which I shall not name since I do not wish to give it free publicity) and passed off as the work of the shameless forumer who posted it. Not a single acknowledgment of its source was mentioned.

This is no oversight, because the shameless forumer is a new user who has just created an account 2 days ago (23 Aug) and immediately posted 23 posts - none of them his own, all stolen from some blogs and all passed off as his own!

The purpose is clear: to steal 23 articles from various blogs, post them onto his own forum using a new account created just for that purpose, thus creating the impression that there are many participants in the forum (when the truth is that it is just he talking to himself), and all making interesting "original" contributions. The goal is to attract traffic to the site.

May your forum be a failure!

Anonymous said...

hi young-pap

i see you are strongly anti-foreigner and the fact that your statements get so much support shows the feeling is pretty much widespread among singaporeans.

let me assure you the feeling is mutual. foreigners have a very low opinion of singaporeans in general, and many don't hesitate to voice it in private. some ang mohs even openly call singapore and singaporeans names, but i've yet to see any local defend his nation or his people, which leads to even more name calling.

indians are either uninterested in local people and society or have sheer disdain; there's no love lost and singlish is always the butt of jokes. but they are mostly madly in love with the PAP gahmen and the city itself, simply because life back in india is a hellride compared to life here. also, most of the FTs from india are apolitical. they are only bothered about creature comforts and would rather not wrestle with political issues.

it's unfortunate that amit and manish wrote what they did. they ought to have remembered that when you are a guest in a man's house, you don't kick his dog.

young-pap said...

You don't like me. I don't like you either.
You call me dog. I call you dog too.
You come here, make your money, keep your opinion of BOTH locals AND govt to your own private gang. And I too, make my money (less), keep my opinion of you to my private conversation with local friends, and fight against pap with my fellow singaporeans.
You happy, I happy!

That had been the case for 40 years! Expatriates have never ever had good opinion of singaporeans. But it's only in the recent 10 years or so, that Chinese, Indians, Ang mohs , every tom, dick and harry from every country started to scold Singaporeans on newspapers. I think it's the fault of that person who labeled them "foreign talent"! It makes them think too highly of themselves! They are no talent!

Oh, you seem to imply locals are more tolerant of ang mohs than indians. Pinkerton syndrome huh? I dont know abt others. But i dont! If you come across any ang moh talking down to singaporeans the way Amit and Manish did, let me know and I will "whack" them the same way. keke.

young-pap said...

But seriously, why should it be "let me assure you the feeling is mutual."?

For Singaporeans to dislike foreigners, now that's perfectly understandable. You people come here to steal our job, cheapen our wage blah blah blah. Now why should foreigners dislike Singaporeans? We have bent over backwards to let you guys fuck us upside down. Still not enough? All that we ask is very simple: please keep your dislike for us (for what reason, I can't imagine!) to yourself and your friends! Dont lecture us publicly on national newspapers! I think it's a very reasonable request.

Anonymous said...

foreigners, especially from those kampung nations like india, china, vietnam, fillipin etc are jealous of Singapore and Singaporeans lah.

Anonymous said...

hi young-pap

"Now why should foreigners dislike Singaporeans?"

A variety of reasons, starting with the most basic one: hostility breeds more hostility.
When I come to your country I expect to feel welcome (especially when your government keeps telling the whole world this is the best place to live and work in). If I am not welcomed, naturally I will resent the people.

Then there is the feeling that the locals are a pampered lot, have no idea of what's happening in the rest of the world, take themselves too short the perception is that Singaporeans are stuck up.

Anonymous said...

"When I come to your country I expect to feel welcome"

Hah? I beg your pardon, Foreigner? Who do you think you are? Your d*ck is bigger and better than Singaporeans' issit? EXPECT to feel welcomed?! Your parents never teach you any manners?

Let me guess, you are from the Philippines? Or an Ang moh?

Let me tell you the facts of life, FOREIGNER. When Singaporean students went to the WEST to study, they were NOT WELCOMED TOO. They were told to fuck off to where they came from.

Let me repeat this: you think your d*ck is damn big deal / or if your a woman, your p*ssy is worth the value of gold that we ought to make you feel welcome?

"in short the perception is that Singaporeans are stuck up."

You might have a CB [cUnt in English] face that's why Singaporeans give you a stuck up look. I suggest you go read up this fine blog of YPAP to read WHY SINGAPOREANS RESENT THE WHOLE LOT OF YOU.

In fact, you've been TRICKED by the Singapore government. Hahahahaha, how STUPID some foreigners can be. Nobody pointed a gun to your head forcing you to come. So please f*ck off to where you come from.

Michael said...

stupid young-pup. proud over a dumb blog like this but can't even be proud of his own name.

young-pap said...

Stupid "Michael", comes wagging his tail on this "dumb blog" twice a day, morning and evening, everyday.
Yet, can't even be proud of his own name - the name his mother gave him.
Had to come up with a fake name. Not surprsing though. His boot-licking and cock-sucking antics are shaming his mother. haha!