Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Choice schools for foreigners, leftovers for Singaporeans.

19 Aug 2008.

Gan Eng Seng Primary.

26 parents fought for 4 primary one vacancies.

Chinese Filipino Mac Gregore Ponce Tan (31, architect), who became PR last year, balloted successfully for his daughter.

He said:

"Although I am a foreigner, I am not discriminated here. I receive the same privilege and rights as Singaporeans. This is very fair. This is a place I like most!"

Native Singaporean Foo Wang Heng (My own translation of his Chinese name. 40, stockbroking sector. ) was unsuccessful. He said:

"(My daughter,) such a little girl, every day having to spend so much time on transport, it's not a good thing! And as for the school's quality, we have now reach a stage, where we no longer have a choice (because it's now up to MOE to anyhow allocate)"

Other native Singaporeans' reaction?

"Those who balloted unsuccessfully felt neither injustice nor anger. Foo Wang Heng and the other 21 parents who balloted unsuccessfully, filled up the application form (for the next phase) with assistance from Gan Eng Seng primary school's teachers, and left quietly"

I love sinkies. They are so easy to govern!

What about other schools?

Pioneer primary school has the fiercest competition, 54 vacancies up for grab by 114 people who all live within 1 km of the school. But the school refused to allow reporters in. Thus we are not able to find out the reality of the situation"

Haha! Even easier to govern. Thank you very much, principal of Pioneer primary! Good job! Save us in Young Pay-And-Pay lots of troubles with those nosy reporters!

Oh, before I forget, Mr. Mac Gregore Ponce Tan, the PR, had one final bit to tell the reporter:

"I am very happy that my daughter can receive her education in this environment". He still has a 1 year old daughter, who will not be giving him headaches when it's her turn to go to Gan Eng Seng primary school, because she can use her elder sister's current pupil status, to apply in Phase 1 for a vacancy.

Mr. Foo,. the native Singaporean, also want to have his last say:

He said that the primary one application system is very unfair to those like him, whose own primary school has shut down and hence cannot allow him to apply as an alumni, and whose home is not near any school. He hopes the authority will look into this problem.

Lianhe Zaobao (2008-8-20) (link expires in 1 week from posting date)


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Mr. Foo look into this problem himself, by voting out PAP - the party which has committed treason and sold out Singapore to foreigners?

young-pap said...

Eh, anonymous, can don't anyhow suggest such things or not? If every Singaporean thinks like you do, we in Young Pay-And-Pay will have a very hard time earning our money and power!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. So this is MOE and PAP govt's policy when it comes to allocating scarce resources between Singaporeans and foreigners?

Anonymous said...

Educational resources should not be so scarce that animosity builds between Singaporeans and foreigners. A proper society would have adequate resources for all residents.

Anonymous said...

Jobs for foreigners, NS for Singaporeans.

Pardon for foreigners, jail for Singaporeans.

First choice for foreigners, last choice for Singaporeans.

Next, please.

ahkow said...

Actually, what if the Chinese Filipino's wife is Singaporean, and he was representing her? If (notice the if) that is the case, should we still see it as foreigner vs Singaporean?

Second if: What if the Chinese Filipino guy's daughter holds Singaporean citizenship?

Anonymous said...

Suppose can rank by how many people in the family is expected (now or in the future) to give an eye, limb or the only chance to be living in this world, to protect the system (where education is a part of it), and compensated merely by an NS man's pay. Only fair for the system to do the proper "养乒" thing on those people it expects to "用" when the time comes.

young-pap said...

This blog post has been copied onto a forum (which I shall not name since I do not wish to give it free publicity) and passed off as the work of the shameless forumer who posted it. Not a single acknowledgment of its source was mentioned.

This is no oversight, because the shameless forumer is a new user who has just created an account yesterday and immediately posted 23 posts - none of them his own, all stolen from some blogs and all passed off as his own!

The purpose is clear: to steal 23 articles from various blogs, post them onto his own forum using a new account created just for that purpose, thus creating the impression that there are many participants in the forum (when the truth is that it is just he talking to himself), and all making interesting "original" contributions. The goal is to attract traffic to the site.

May your forum be a failure!