Sunday, May 27, 2007

A good puppet

Show time!

Apart from being a good apple-polisher and ass-licker, do you guys know that I, young Pay-And-Pay, is also very good at being a puppet?

The 3rd puppet from the left, is yours truly.

I was raising my hand and voice and pretending to scold the 2nd puppet from the left.

Sometimes, our Asses and Apples want us, puppets, to pretend to scold each other, in order to create a pretense of check and balance.

Sometimes I am the "scolder", sometimes, the "scoldee".

Doesn't really matter and doesn't bother me a single bit; I will do anything for money and power.

You should come see one of our Wayang one day.

Guaranteed eye-opener!

Very entertaining one!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My honour

Someone created this amusing poster of my beloved Apple. And I happen to chance upon it. Wow, I am so filled with pride!

As you all know, I, young Pay-And-Pay (YPAP), am a dog. (See my profile).

And since people think my Apple is a Bitch, that makes me, YPAP, the Son of a Bitch!

What an honour to be so closely related to the Elites!

Hello, Mummy, I, 狗娘养的 YPAP, am your loyal apple-polisher and ass-licker and stand ready here to serve you, today and everyday, for ever more (so long as you let me part-take in some of your "Lee-Ching")

You tell me your agenda and leave the rest to me.

I will be sure to cook up some twisted logic to support you and will make sure it get published in the Straits Times' forum page.

Woof! Woof!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

An honest ball-carrier

Straits Times, May 19, 2007
Lim Bo Seng a major when he led Force 136

I REFER to the letter, 'WWII hero Lim Bo Seng 'demoted'' (ST, May 15), by Mr Nicholas Joshua Law.

The information on the storyboard erected near the Lim Bo Seng Memorial reads: 'The memorial was built in 1954 in memory of Major Lim Bo Seng who led Force 136, an anti-Japanese resistance movement.'

When war hero Lim Bo Seng led Force 136, he was then a major in rank. It was only posthumously that he was accorded the rank of major-general by the nationalist government in China in 1946.

Seen in this context, the statement is factually accurate.

The storyboard is part of the Civic District Trail, which was officially launched in 1999 to allow participants to learn more about the area's historic landmarks. The information was verified by a working committee comprising historians from the former Singapore History Museum (now known as the National Museum of Singapore), archivists from the National Archives of Singapore and other government officials.

We hope we have addressed Mr Law's concern. We thank him for his feedback and hope to see more members of the public embark on our Civic District Trail.

Walter Lim
Corporate Communications & Industry Promotion
National Heritage Board

This Walter Lim is a fuckup!
He can't even por lam par properly!

He should simply just issue a 3-line reply:

"Dear Singaporeans,
1. Please understand that our Prime Minister is a Brigadier General and he is no war hero.
2. Therefore, we cannot, and will not allow Lim Bo Seng or any other war hero to hold the higher rank of Major General.
3. We hope you understand our needs to carry balls. Thank you"

Walter Lim should learn from me.
I am more skilled in the art of carrying balls while being honest!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Money and power come first

I saw this photo on some online forum.

This is really too much!
How can they anyhow post my photo
on the internet for all to see?

This is getting scary too.
How did they get hold of my photo?

Anyway, what can I do?
For as long as I want to be paid handsomely,
in cash and in kind,
and wield lots of power,
I have to lick asses and polish apples.
No choice!

Money and power come first.
I am willing to do anything for it.
Yes, even having my photo exposed on the net.
Small price to pay for the benefits lah!

That's my philosophy in life:
No shame, no morality, no principle.
That's why my Asses and Apples
like me very much;
I will do whatever they tell me to do.
Sometimes, even before they tell me to!

I am a good member of young Pay-And-Pay,
and a proud running dog!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

No danger

Where is the danger?
I don't understand.

The danger is when it is illegal.
Then we run the risk of being charged in court.

But when it is leegalised,
we can all lick asses and polish apples,
and get paid big bucks in return.
All without any risk of running foul of the law!

So it is very safe.
Where got danger?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


I post the above here to motivate myself to
lick asses and polish apples even harder,
so that one day,
I can be "co-opted" into the party.

I am a very contented person.
Just the $216,300 is enough.

The other $800,000,
I will make it up myself,
via company directorships;

I know some of my mentors
hold 10 directorships!
I just checked.
There is no law against doing that.
So I will try to out-do these guys.

But that's for another day.
Right now,
I must concentrate on the task at hand:
lick asses and polish apples.
Only by doing these well,
can I climb up the ladder.

Money and power,
here I come!