Saturday, May 19, 2007

An honest ball-carrier

Straits Times, May 19, 2007
Lim Bo Seng a major when he led Force 136

I REFER to the letter, 'WWII hero Lim Bo Seng 'demoted'' (ST, May 15), by Mr Nicholas Joshua Law.

The information on the storyboard erected near the Lim Bo Seng Memorial reads: 'The memorial was built in 1954 in memory of Major Lim Bo Seng who led Force 136, an anti-Japanese resistance movement.'

When war hero Lim Bo Seng led Force 136, he was then a major in rank. It was only posthumously that he was accorded the rank of major-general by the nationalist government in China in 1946.

Seen in this context, the statement is factually accurate.

The storyboard is part of the Civic District Trail, which was officially launched in 1999 to allow participants to learn more about the area's historic landmarks. The information was verified by a working committee comprising historians from the former Singapore History Museum (now known as the National Museum of Singapore), archivists from the National Archives of Singapore and other government officials.

We hope we have addressed Mr Law's concern. We thank him for his feedback and hope to see more members of the public embark on our Civic District Trail.

Walter Lim
Corporate Communications & Industry Promotion
National Heritage Board

This Walter Lim is a fuckup!
He can't even por lam par properly!

He should simply just issue a 3-line reply:

"Dear Singaporeans,
1. Please understand that our Prime Minister is a Brigadier General and he is no war hero.
2. Therefore, we cannot, and will not allow Lim Bo Seng or any other war hero to hold the higher rank of Major General.
3. We hope you understand our needs to carry balls. Thank you"

Walter Lim should learn from me.
I am more skilled in the art of carrying balls while being honest!

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The Human Battery said...

> I am more skilled in the art of carrying balls while being honest!

That's because your boss is a confirmed nut-case! That's why you need to carry his 2 nuts for him! Haha!