Saturday, May 26, 2007

My honour

Someone created this amusing poster of my beloved Apple. And I happen to chance upon it. Wow, I am so filled with pride!

As you all know, I, young Pay-And-Pay (YPAP), am a dog. (See my profile).

And since people think my Apple is a Bitch, that makes me, YPAP, the Son of a Bitch!

What an honour to be so closely related to the Elites!

Hello, Mummy, I, 狗娘养的 YPAP, am your loyal apple-polisher and ass-licker and stand ready here to serve you, today and everyday, for ever more (so long as you let me part-take in some of your "Lee-Ching")

You tell me your agenda and leave the rest to me.

I will be sure to cook up some twisted logic to support you and will make sure it get published in the Straits Times' forum page.

Woof! Woof!

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