Sunday, May 6, 2007

Money and power come first

I saw this photo on some online forum.

This is really too much!
How can they anyhow post my photo
on the internet for all to see?

This is getting scary too.
How did they get hold of my photo?

Anyway, what can I do?
For as long as I want to be paid handsomely,
in cash and in kind,
and wield lots of power,
I have to lick asses and polish apples.
No choice!

Money and power come first.
I am willing to do anything for it.
Yes, even having my photo exposed on the net.
Small price to pay for the benefits lah!

That's my philosophy in life:
No shame, no morality, no principle.
That's why my Asses and Apples
like me very much;
I will do whatever they tell me to do.
Sometimes, even before they tell me to!

I am a good member of young Pay-And-Pay,
and a proud running dog!


Anonymous said...

Awesome blog.

Elaina Chong is titty nuts compared to you, man!

Keep up the good work and you'll be barking "get out of my uncaring elite dog-face" sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

All dogs are equal, but some dogs are more equal than the others. Carry on licking. Ha.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude.

I like ur blog, but i happen to work in this legal body tt's working w gahmen now. they're tracking you down... and i can assure you they have access to your personal data...

so unless u have NO family members here, u better do what u should do... i wudnt want anyone with mind as bright as u ended up as prisoner of politic (POP)careful dude... watch your step and avoid the avoidable...

young-pap said...

Anonymous of 2:23pm,
Wiow, you sure are quick at helping our master intimidate pple. Looks like we complement each other very well - I do the ass-licking and apple polishing, while you do the threats and intimidation. Haha.

On a more serious note, while you may be quick, you sure are not very bright at carrying balls - Firstly, if they had already tracked me down, they would have arrested me by now, instead of sending you to issue empty threats.

Secondly, you, on the other hand, have already been tracked down, and you are just a ____ (shall give you some face and not say it out loud). You are from no "legal body", Joker! Spare a thought for your family members (unless you have NONE here) and stop shaming them (and shaming ____ as well) with your naive crap. While I won't mind anyone as nutty as you ending up as a political prisoner, I just feel embarrassed for ____ and for your family members.

Thirdly, you had better do what you should do, watch your steps and avoid over-carrying balls lest it backfire - you are in effect saying that our masters are petty people who have no qualms abusing their power to arrest internet dissidents whose political views are different from theirs! How can you say that? Our masters are absolutely benevolent people who would not abuse their power in such ways. Please avoid the avoidable of losing favour and kana kicked out of ____ (A complaint to ____ that you are abusing their computer system to issue threats and to damage the good name of our Master would suffice, don't you think?)

Lastly, I sense that you are very unhappy with my depiction of people like us as running dogs. What's wrong with that? I am not ashamed of being one, and I hope you aren't too.

Young Pay-and-Pay

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. ;-)

Edmund Ng
CEO, President