Sunday, May 27, 2007

A good puppet

Show time!

Apart from being a good apple-polisher and ass-licker, do you guys know that I, young Pay-And-Pay, is also very good at being a puppet?

The 3rd puppet from the left, is yours truly.

I was raising my hand and voice and pretending to scold the 2nd puppet from the left.

Sometimes, our Asses and Apples want us, puppets, to pretend to scold each other, in order to create a pretense of check and balance.

Sometimes I am the "scolder", sometimes, the "scoldee".

Doesn't really matter and doesn't bother me a single bit; I will do anything for money and power.

You should come see one of our Wayang one day.

Guaranteed eye-opener!

Very entertaining one!


The Human Battery said...

I concur; Very entertaining indeed! In fact, I saw one superbly executed wayang recently. I believe the title is Ni Kana Fucked. Were you in that performance? Haha!

young-pap said...

Yes, Human Battery, I was indeed very honoured to have been given a a small role to play in that N.K.F. wayang, where I acted as a ghost writer who wrote to the press to scold the lead actor and to carefully explain that his behaviour bore absolutely NO similarity to those of my Asses and Apples, and that his organisation is NOT a microcosm of Pay-And-Pay.

I am glad you have found my colleagues and I "very entertaining". We do strive very hard to be real jokers in our words and actions, and in the letters we write to the forum page of various newspapers. I am glad our efforts have entertained you. We will keep it up. Woof! Woof!

sg_peasant said...

glock19c? where have u been?

young-pap said...

His creation, I appreciate.
His posts, I read.
His public pictures, I used.
But him, I am not.