Sunday, July 15, 2007

Don't force us to shoot you!

Haha! Hip Hip Hooray!

I applaud the brilliance of my Asses and Apples in staging this mock display of violence at the National Day Parade rehearsal.

We have no choice. Peasants are dismissing our words and treating us as if we are jokers.


It is high time we show those peasants that we really mean business when our big boss said:

"Without the elected president and if there is a freak result, within two or three years, the army would have to come in and stop it"

What better way to impress upon the young minds that this is not an empty threat than at the NDP rehearsal, which, according to the Straits Times, was attended by 18,000 primary 5 pupils, whose "viewing of last night's NDP rehearsal was part of a National Education programme in schools, which aims to develop national cohesion".

What a superb National Education Programme!

And just in case those kids' parents are too dense to get our subtle message and still stubbornly think that we are only joking, we have gotten the Straits Times to highlight our message in no uncertain terms, right in the first paragraph in the Straits Times article that acompanied this picture is.

Go on. Make a guess. What do you think is the first sentence in the Straits Times report?

July 15, 2007
Ok, ok, I'll behave, don't shoot
ELEVEN-YEAR-OLD Yeung Cheak Heng hammed it up for his friends last night, raising his arms in mock surrender as a Special Operations Command officer aimed a weapon at him.

Yeah, you peasants! BEHAVE!

Don't make my Asses and Apples shoot you.

I, young Pay-And-Pay may only know how to "shoot" you with lies and myth and legends in the Straits Times forum page, but my Asses and Apples can shoot you with real guns. OK?

I strongly advise all of you to stop your nonsense on the various online forums. Be like me! Licking somebody's backside may be a dirty job, and carrying balls a great strain on our muscles, but it pays well, and for money, I am willing to do anything. What about you?

I hope you are just like me, a proud member of YPAP - Young Pay-And-Pay welcomes you to join us in licking asses and polishing apples. That's our specialty and we will teach you all that we know. Come join us today!


Anonymous said...

Special Operations Force (SOF) is a top secret unit, whose existence was revealed for the very first time only during the SIA Hijack incident. Even then, when Goh Chok Tong went on stage to congratulate their good work, only his face appeared in Straits Times, and nobody else's. The camera was pointed to the *back* of the SOF men he was addressing!!

No frontal picture of any SOF personnel is allowed. That's standard practice all over the world. They even wear full ski mask during operations so that no one can identify them. But now, they show the identifiable face of an SOF officer, pointing his gun at a boy!!! Wiow, looks like they are really desperate. LOL!

sof said...

seem to me more like someone at ST is fedup with PAP and publishing such a "tasteless" photo with such a "daring" caption, is his/her way of getting back at PAP. I sense that someone at ST is going to get into trouble for publishing a picture of SOF without getting clearance from MINDEF.

Anonymous said...

Eh??? The SOF dog wear glasses one leh. I think is not real SOF lah. Must be one of the big boss's cyber counter insurgency unit's keyboard warriors posing or playing soldier.