Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3rd-class university couldn't solve PSLE Math

The Straits Times
800 more PhD places at NTU
By Jane Ng

NANYANG Technological University (NTU) will have 800 more places for PhD students in the next five years, as it ramps up its research in areas such as clean energy, healthcare and new media.

Half of these places will be for Singaporeans, a bid to increase the number of local researchers. There are now 2,700 PhD students in NTU, and Singaporeans make up 20 per cent of this number. The new places mean 40 per cent of doctorate students will be Singaporeans.

No. of Singaporean PhD students = 0.2 * 2700 = 540

In future,
Additional Singaporean PhD students = 0.5 * 800 = 400
New % of Singaporean PhD students
= (540 + 400) / (2700 + 800) * 100
= 27.0%

That's way way below 40%!!!

Where did the 40% come from?

Answer: plucked from thin air!

In fact, the only way to get 40% given the constraint is:
(540 + 0.5 * x) / (2700 + x) = 0.4
which, upon solving, gives x = 5400
NTU needs to take in a whooping 5400 more PhD students.
Not 800!!!!

This is clearly a 3rd class university which can't even solve PSLE level mathematics!

Or perhaps, this is the fault of a 140th ranked newspaper which employs a journalist who cannot solve PSLE level mathematics!

Either way, pathetic!

And that's how they have been fooling us for the past 40 years - plucking imaginary figures from thin air to make themselves look good on paper!

Worse, that's how they have been screwing up and creating shit for the people - 'cos they can't solve simple math problems when they do their statistical projection, be it population projection, HDB projection etc!

Just imagine:
Over the next 5 years, NTU takes in an additional 800 PhD students, happily thinking that this will allow them to hit the 40% target, when in reality they must take in 5400 students! 5400 is more than 6 times the 800 that they plucked from thin air!!! 5 years later, they find that they did not hit the 40% target, but is only at 27.0%! Will Su Guaning be around to take responsibility for his mistake? No! He will no longer be the President of NTU by next year! Who is going to clean up his shit?

Does that remind you of how we did not reach the Swiss standard of living?

Now, do you understand why we don't have enough HDB flats to cater to 6.5 million people? Why MRT frequency lags behind population growth? Why they say the country can sustain 6.5 million people but we feel the heat even at 5 million people?

Ans: 'cos they all anyhow "hoot", anyhow plucked figures from thin air, anyhow massage their statistics!! They are like emperors with no clothes and nobody dares to tell them the truth!

Truly a 140th ranked newspaper, a 3rd class university and a chao chee bye government!

Time to vote out PAP!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Li Xiu Qi bullshits abt NaiNai's "frugality" (Frugal your Lao Bu CCB II)

(This article is by 李显涛, reproduced from Temasek Review. )



“奶奶向来十分节俭,连买一个简单的发刷都得经过谨慎的考虑。她们在东京逛一座七层楼的日用品商店Tokyo Hands,李夫人看中一把发刷,价格不高,但是她还是挣扎了一番才决定买下。当时她说:“我已经那么老了,有能力买下它”,然后付了钱,快快乐乐地离开。”


可是你只要记忆犹新,大概会记得她一口气买下两个或者三个单位乌节路Nassim Jade豪宅给自己的子女的大手笔 ****,据说不知道享有折扣的原因,是因为根本没有问价钱,也不必贷款,直接就还清了款项。同样的一个人,买一把梳子都要说:“我已经那么老了,有能力买下它”,然后付了钱,快快乐乐地离开?(Young Pay-And-Pay; She claimed she was unaware of the discount Hotel Properties had given her, because she did not even ask how much the condo costs! She did not have to take a loan and simply paid by cash to buy a million-dollars property whose price had been unknown to her! And this is the same person who, when buying just a comb had to consider: "I am already old, I can afford to buy it", and then pay and leave the shop happily? You believe such bullshit by Li Xiu Qi?)


**** 作者:德仁

1996 年,新加坡出现地产热,物业价格飙升,人们都在排队购置物业。而在这个时候新加坡的“旅店置业`”Hotel Property Ltd.(HPL)分别以5%和11%的优惠价出售 四座总价值数千万元豪宅给李氏父子,经手人是柯玉芝女士。付款方式是一次过现金付 清,完全不需抵押贷款。这次事件缘由‘旅店置业’在公开出售它的Nassim Jade翡翠阁和Scotts 28 两个物业前的三天前,邀请一些有关系的人士举行Soft Launching,李资政的弟弟祥耀是该公司的非执行董事,因利就便,邀请了柯玉芝女士参加了这次预卖会,她们一口气买下了有优惠价的大部分单位。造成许多后来者不得其门而入,因而议论纷纷,并且向新加坡交易所投诉,指责公司在未取得股东们的同意折价售卖公司物业。由于舆论压力,当时的吴作栋总理宣布设立三人小组来牵头调查,国会也准备进行辨论。就在万事具备时,‘旅店置业’却抢先召开记者会,解释他们公司以优惠价出售物业给李氏父子是因为希望有一个名人效应。据后来调查结果,参于这次预卖会的有老李妻,老李妹,老李弟,老李儿,老李女,老李甥,老李友等等。第二天,老李和老李儿在国会里七情八面地解释购买物业的原因不存在投资意图,也无意享受优待。都是妇道人家(婆媳俩)的愿望,为夫者全不知情。。 最后把所有优惠的费用全部捐献慈善作用。在这里,柯玉芝身为资深的产业律师难道不知道这些条条框框吗?为何明知故犯?为何 当时三缄其口,默不作声?为何自己不挺身辨解?这就是柯玉芝给国人留下深切的感动!

Young-PAP: Actually, that old bitch did not "三缄其口,默不作声". She produced a receipt from 10+ years ago showing that LKY had received a discount when he bought a car, to argue that receiving discount is something normal that they have always been doing for years, and thus could not be called a corruption. (But she dared not explain whether other civil servants, apart from her family, could receive such discounts without declaring and handing over the discounts!) She further told Singaporeans, via her husband's mouth in parliament, that she was very angry and that she thought Singaporeans were ungrateful to the Lee family for not allowing her whole extended family (including niece Kwa Kim Li etc) to buy several properties per family (she bought one, her daughter bought one, her son bought one, her brothers bought several etc) at 12-20% discounts before everyone else can buy the leftovers (if any) at regular price. (Ref: Frugal your lau bu CCB I)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vivian Balakrishnan carries balls, communist style.

This is from Temasek Review.
I am archiving it here for my own reference.

Subject:Urgent: Passing of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew’s cortege along Thomson Road
From: Pamela TAN to MCYS-All

The cortege of Mrs Lee Kuan Yew will leave Sri Temasek at 4 pm and it will pass by Thomson Road on its way to the Mandai Crematorium.

As a mark of respect, we would like all staff in MCYS / SLF Building to line up along Thomson Road, opposite MCYS Building (cross the overhead bridge to the side of the Polo Club). Please leave the buildings by 3.45pm.

All staff should be in place by 4pm to await the passing of the cortege.

Staff should be solemn and bow your heads as a form of respect as the cortege passes by.

Staff wearing bright coloured clothes and who wish to pay their respects should cover up with a dark jacket / sombre colours.

Thank you and please be punctual.

Pamela Tan (Ms)
Assistant Director / Human Resource Division
Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports
| DID: (65) 6354 8163 | Fax: (65) 6354 8327 | Email: | Website:

They should have told the staff to wail loudly too. Might as well go for the complete act.

Are you the dead woman, Lee Wei Ling?

Are you dead yet, Lee Wei Ling?

If not, why did you write an eulogy like that - as if you were the one who's dead?

Look, every few weeks, the whole of Singapore already have to endure reading your narcissistic column in the Straits Times where you write about nothing but yourself:
  • how you had won many gold medals but do not feel important about such things (but somehow important enough for you to boast to every Singaporean, 40 years after they were won in your childhood in primary school!),
  • how you had refused to give some money to a beggar who gave you directions on the streets in USA (but which you distort to a heroic situation where you stood by your principles in the face of a fierce robber!)
  • and so on and on, weeks after weeks, ad nauseum!

Haven't you boasted enough to us - unwilling readers held ransom by the only major English newspaper in the country?

Now your mother is dead, not you!

You have to write an eulogy for her, not for yourself.

But no, even at such a moment, you can't resist the chance to boast about yourself yet again, can you?

Let me teach you how to edit your self-absorbing narcissistic eulogy:

Mama was the steadying influence on me for most of my life. I have always felt strongly about injustices, or the unnecessary suffering of humans and animals. I used to be very upset when the police came to shoot stray dogs in the Istana grounds. So from young, I was perpetually on "missions", as I saw them, to right wrongs most of which were not my duty to right.

Mama understood how passionately I felt about these missions.
She did not stop me but would calmly put things into perspective for me and gently bring me down to earth.

When I was miserable because I failed in a mission, she was simply there for me, knowing words would be cold comfort.

As I grew older, I was more controlled in the way I took on challenges, and confided less in Mama. But her very presence when I failed in any mission was comforting.

Between Mama and me, there were times when we seemed to read each other’s mind. She intuitively knew when something was bothering me and would often preempt my request for mundane items just before I verbalised my needs.

Once, I emailed to her: "I need a new tooth brush". She replied: "I must be telepathic. I just took one out from my store for you. But one day, the commissariat will no longer be around.If you don't know the word ‘commissariat’, look it up in the dictionary.”

Once I had a accident while on a holiday in New Zealand. The car was totaled and it was a miracle I was not killed. I carried on with my hiking plans after getting another vehicle from the car rental company. I did not inform my parents and thought to myself, "you are real cool." But I suppose the worry that my injury or death would have hurt them was subconsciously present in my mind. So when I landed at Changi Airport, I immediately called home and said, “Ma, I am home safe.”I had forgotten that my usual habit was to greet my parents only when I got home. My mother realized that I must have been in danger. She told my cousin Kim Li, “Something happened to Ling on that trip. I rather not know what it was.”

Mama’s (and Papa’s) most significant influence on me was to teach me to treat people from all walks of life with the same empathy and kindness. Neither parent taught me in words but by action. When the friends of our black and white maids visited our home, Mama treated the visitors with courtesy and as equals. Our maids felt that their mistress, who also happened to be the Prime Minister’s wife, gave them a lot of face in treating their friends so kindly.

She encouraged me to treat the children of the staff who lived in the Istana grounds as friends without any thought of status. To this day I remember Flora, Stella, John and Aloysious, the children of the butler, Peter, a Catholic Indian. I played rounders with them, and we watched the black and white TV in their small sitting room. Over the years since we parted company, I have met Flora or Stella in the hospital on the occasions their children are ill. They usually recognized me before I recognized them and they would call out “Hi Ling, how have you been?” The years fall away –- and we are back in the time when we played together, the children of the Prime Minister and the children of the butler, as equals. Mama wouldn’t have tolerated any other attitude on my part. She taught my brothers and me not to behave as the Prime Minister’s children.

Flora and Stella came to my mother's wake.

On the evening of 9th August 1965, the British high commissioner to Malaysia, Viscount Anthony Head arrived at Sri Temasek to see my father urgently. I was playing under the porch in my tee-shirt and shorts. I asked him: “Do you want to see my father?” I did not think I was rude. I would have greeted any unfamiliar adult who arrived at our doorstep in the same way, regardless of how distinguished he looked.

Mama herself treated people as her equals regardless of their status in society. Even during this last illness, she still treated her Women Security Officers or WSOs with kindness and courtesy. Many of her former WSOs SMS’d me for permission to visit her. In the initial months after her devastating strokes in May 2008, she was able to recognise them and continued to treat them as her young friends. One WSO related to me how Mama even after the third and nearly fatal bleed into her brain, joked with the young woman: “When are you going to have babies? You should not just be studying your books all the time!”

Mama was the one I ran to when I was hurt as a child, when I felt played out, or when I was simply sad because I felt life had been unfair to me or to my pets or to an injured wild animal in the Istana grounds.

As I grew older, I stopped bothering her with these "trivialities". But she continued to be there for me when I needed her most.

Mama taught me how to "xue zuo ren" – be an upright human being. On rare occasions when I was a child, she punished me by caning. But it was always in circumstances when I knew I deserved the punishment.

The final two and a half years of Mama’s life was painful – eased only by Papa’s enduring and limitless love. But we must remember Mama had 87 years of happiness, beginning from her childhood in a close-knit family, through her school years, and then University. She found a perfect partner and spouse in my father. She was happy with and proud of her three children. She enjoyed and was successful in her profession. While I mourn Mama’s passing, I am grateful to have had her for 55 years.

I am who I am partly because of my genetic makeup, but also because of the way in which I was brought up. I firmly believe that you should treat others in the same way you wish others to treat you. Mama taught me that social hierarchies exist, but we must not treat people differently according to their position in society

Even in a short piece like that, you manage to usurp your mother's position to "squeeze in" boastful nonsense about yourself:
  • your sense of "justice",
  • your "duty",
  • your "mission",
  • how "cool" you think of yourself,
  • how you "treat others"!
  • And yes, you even manage to repeat the toothbrush story that you have already mentioned in your Straits Times' column. Are you a broken record, like your father?

Go learn from your two brothers and your niece and nephew. They did not write their eulogies the way you did!

I shall leave it to others who have worked with you and who have seen your true colour to expose your nonsense about your sense of "justice" and how you treat others. Meanwhile, I just want to say, neither you nor your mother are the frugal person you keep boasting about in Straits Times and again in this eulogy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your attendance at the wake is duly noted

Channel NewsAsia
By Joanne Chan/Evelyn Choo | 04 October 2010
Workers' Party chairman Sylvia Lim and MP for Hougang Low Thia Khiang were also present at the wake.

Thank you for coming. We, at young Pay-And-Pay, will duly note your attendance down in our little book and take that into consideration when deciding who to field in Hougang in the upcoming election. Your $150,000/year allowance is assured for the next 5 years.

SHOCKING TRUTH abt Kwa's death

Q: She can't speak. How does she convey how she feels to you?
A: She blinks. 'Yes', one blink; 'no', two blinks.
- Lee Kuan Yew, when speaking about his wife in an interview with The Straits Times for an upcoming book.

The inconvenient TRUTH:
- 联合早报 04/10/2010

The Freudian SLIP:
- 新明日报 03/10/2010

The selfish REASON:
One doctor told me, you may think that when she’s gone you’re relieved but you’ll be sad when she’s gone because [at least right now] there’s still the human being here, there’s still somebody you talk to and she knows what you’re saying and you’ll miss that.
- Lee Kuan Yew's interview with Seth Mydans of NY Times and IHT on 01/09/2010

The Minister Mentor had said that Madam Kwa would wait for him at night to come back home, where he would read poems to her and articles from various newspapers.
- Channel News Asia 04/10/2010

The million-dollar QUESTIONS:
  • Why is her "生命维系系统" (life support system) finally switched off now - and only now - even though she has been brain-dead for the past 2 years and 4 months?
  • Who ordered the switch-off?
  • Why did he order it?

The subtle ANSWER:
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) yesterday for treatment of a chest infection.
- The Straits Times 30/09/2010

The not-so-subtle ANSWER:
- 联合晚报 03/10/2010

Meanwhile, each and every day in Singapore's hospitals:
We wished we could have more time [before my husband's life-support system was turned off] but we were given deadline [by the government HOTA team] until 25 Dec only.

As for the organ donation, since he is a PR and did not opt out for HOTA, he had to donate his organ. We were against the idea as we wanted him to pass away naturally, meaning the heart stop by itself.

But the HOTA staff did not allow us to do so, they kept on pressuring us to take off his life support. We begged repeatedly but they refuse to listen to our pleas. In the end, we got the HOTA co-ordinator in charge into trouble too as he took pity on us.
- Yenny Young, wife of Mr. Tong Kok Wai, victim of Romania embassy accident.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


First, she approaches the wise old men and women. But they tell her KNNBCCB

Next, she talks to the middle-aged. But they show her the middle finger.

Then, she reaches out to the post-NS generation. But they tell her to go fly a kite

So, she goes to the teenagers. But they just shrug their shoulders.

The deadline is near.
An answer is needed.
But not just any answer!
It has to be the right answer!!!
The right answer to the difficult question: "Do you love foreigners?"

In desperation, how low will you go?

The Straits Times
S'pore kids love foreigners
By Cassandra Goh

IMMIGRATION and Singapore's burgeoning population have been hot issues of discussion lately, but has anyone asked our kids what they think? After all, they are the future of Singapore.

RazorTV went to Eunos Primary School to find out what our primary school kids thought of Singapore's growing population and more foreigners living here.

Their answers reflected a refreshing youthful innocence as they openly welcome all foreigners in Singapore, and think of them as hardworking and friendly.

When asked how Singapore can house its new citizens, one suggested 'beside the sea, so they can have fresh air and play' and another said 'next to the Merlion so everyday (they) can see the Merlion'.

Check out the light-hearted responses these kids gave to some very adult questions.

Maybe the next time, readers can look forward to hearing the political views of 3-years old pre-schoolers! These 3 years old will surely give PAP a high mark!

And that's what you can expect from a 141st-ranked newspaper!

Uniquely Singapore!

Monday, September 13, 2010

至北京国安 Letter in Chinese to Beijing Guoan


阁下不惜千里迢迢,长途跋涉,舟车劳顿,百忙之中大驾光临,不吝赐教,令敝国上下获益匪浅,感激涕零。比赛期间,敝国犬子们不识大体,不晓球场礼仪,未发挥礼让精神,没大开门户,以便阁下轻而易举地直捣龙门,令阁下大动肝火 - 这是犬子们没家教,不懂得赛场上的待客之道,比赛时应尽的地主之谊。对不起!







Attachment 1:
Tony Tan: Minister Sir, I hope that our govt stop practice double standard. It obvious the above match fall under the category of inciting violence. To make it fair, SPF should investigate both parties including Singaporean players involved.

George Yeo: Double standards? I don't think SPF is at all afraid to "touch foreigners" if they have committed criminal offences.

Attachment 2:
The Straits Times
Sep 12, 2010
'Footbrawl' teams make up
By Fabius Chen
ONE box of Malay pastries, several handshakes and a whole lot of water under the bridge.

That was the scene on Sunday afternoon as players and officials from the Young Lions and Beijing Guoan met for the first time since their S-League game had ended in a mass brawl five days earlier.

Over the course of a 90-minute lunch at the Carousel restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts , representatives from both clubs expressed regret over the incident, with Young Lions captain Hariss Harun presenting Beijing defender Zhang Zhaohui with the box of pastries as a peace offering.

Young Lions offer APOLOGY TEA (敬茶赔罪) to Beijing Guoan

Q: What would you do when someone came to your house, stomp on your two sons (literally!) and punched them repeatedly in the heads, such that they ended up bloodied and have to be sent to the hospital?

Would you:
  • (A) quietly support your sons in hitting them back?
  • (B) kick the assailants out of your house?
  • (C) make a police report?

A: No, no, and no, to all three options. Instead you:
  • (1) force your sons to apologise for defending themselves AND
  • (2) present the assailants with a gift of delicious pastries (thanking them you for bashing up your sons?) AND
  • (3) invite the attackers' parents to a restaurant in a hotel where you treat them to lunch and offer them tea to drink, to apologise chinese-style i.e. 敬茶赔罪!

What kind of sick parent are you, if you do the above 3 things?

Well, that's exactly what our Young Lions football team was forced to perform!

What happened to George Yeo's claim on his Facebook page that our police "dare to touch" the Beijing players?

What happened to Temasek Review's claim that the Beijing Guoan team will merely be sent home, without any police investigation? Sent home? No, Temasek Review! They were "sent", sure, but not home. They were "sent" (chauffeured actually, since they wouldn't have known our bus routes) to a restaurant in a hotel to wine and dine at our expense, and then offered apologies over pastries and tea! Did you imagine that? Could you have imagined that?

Heh Heh Heh!

Get this: Even Temasek Review, with its non-stop one-sided extreme attack on PAP, could not, in its wildest imagination, imagine the above 3 humiliating acts that our Young Lions are forced to undertake!!!! That's why Temasek Review's "wildest" accusation fell far short of what PAP actually forced upon our poor Young Lions!

I don't even know whether to cry or to laugh!

To cry, for the humiliation and insults that my fellow Singaporeans had to go through?

Or to laugh at the irony that even anti-PAP "extremists" could not imagine what PAP was capable of subjecting Sinkies to?

This is not our country any more.

At first, the new-comers were kings, we were 2nd-class citizens.

But now, it's worse! It's not even about new-comers! Even temporary guests can punch us, and all we can do is send them back to their country we must apologise verbally and then apologise again with gifts and then apologise for the 3rd time (this time formally i.e. 敬茶赔罪) with offerings of tea at a restaurant in a hotel!

Is this the kind of country you want your children to play football for?

Seriously, is this where you want to form a family and raise your children?

To have your darling sons and daughters punched and stomp (literally!) by foreigners and then made to apologise (for not keeping still while being punched?)?

If not, then it's time to VOTE PAP OUT!



(Then again, what do you expect? One worked as a translator for the Japanese during World War II. The other worked for the Japanese Military Police. A leopard cannot change its spots. Neither can two dogs!)

The Chinese has an idiom: 唾面自干 (Allowing people to spit on you and then let the spit dries itself out instead of even wiping it away)

This is way beyond that, because allowing the spit to dry itself out is a passive act. Here, there are 3 active humiliating action being performed:
  • 道歉 - apologise (for not keeping still, while being punched?)
  • 再道歉:赔礼(物) - compensate with gifts (for not allowing whole team to be punched?)
  • 再三道歉:敬茶赔罪 - offer tea (in a restaurant in a hotel!), where the team captain and team manager apologise personally!

Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, KNNBCCB!
(Note to police: please do not arrest me for wanting to screw his mother. I meant it as a metaphor! Really! His aged mother, alive or dead, cannot arouse my kuku bird!)


Unbelievable? Read the official Straits Times news report yourself:
Sep 12, 2010
'Footbrawl' teams make up
By Fabius Chen
ONE box of Malay pastries, several handshakes and a whole lot of water under the bridge.

That was the scene on Sunday afternoon as players and officials from the Young Lions and Beijing Guoan met for the first time since their S-League game had ended in a mass brawl five days earlier.

Over the course of a 90-minute lunch at the Carousel restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts (Young-PAP: Needless to say, paid for by tax payers! Got eat, sure got drink. Dio boh? So, were the guests offered Chinese tea 敬茶赔罪 or Ang Moh Teh? Or maybe, they do it with a modern twist: coffee? 敬“咖啡”赔罪? 何罪之有!!!), representatives from both clubs expressed regret over the incident, with Young Lions captain Hariss Harun presenting Beijing defender Zhang Zhaohui with the box of pastries as a peace offering. (Young-PAP: Oh I see, so it's 敬饼赔罪

Away from the media glare, there was friendly banter about Singapore's preparation for November's Asian Games in Guangzhou, as well as Young Lions coach V. Sundramoorthy's experiences as a player, said a witness.

Wei Kexing, deputy general manager of Beijing's parent club, local chairman Aloysius Wee, coach Zheng Xiaotian and team manager Yang Hongmin were the other members of the Beijing contingent present.

The Young Lions were also represented by team manager Eugene Loo and assistant coach Terry Pathmanathan. Wei, who was dispatched to Singapore to investigate the incident, went on to extend an invitation to the Republic's Under-23 team - the bulk of whom comprise the Young Lions - to a training stint in Beijing.

Monday, August 30, 2010

NS allowance to increase by 300/mth

For those of you who have served 2.5 years of national service, your NSF allowance will be increased retroactively by $300 more per month, calculated as follows:

$9000 / 30 months = $300 per month

But, you will not get to see the cash. This back-payment, called the National Service Retroactive Allowance (NSRA), will be put into your CPF account.

Are you happy now to serve NS to protect the FT?

We, in young Pay-And-Pay, hope you will be appeased by this $300/month bribe.

If not, we will increase it to $500/month next year. No problem. It's just money going from our right pocket (MINDEF budget) to our left pocket (HDB, MOE), via your torn pocket with holes in it (CPF / PSEA).

After this election, we will increase HDB sale price by $9000 (payable using your CPF money). You won't even notice the increase, because we will attribute it to "market condition".

Alternatively, to avoid raising your suspicion, we can even increase HDB flat price by only, say, $7000, and recoup the remaining $2000 through an increase in polytechnics' / universities' tuition fee (payable using your PSEA money) :

$2000 / 3 years = $2000 / 6 semesters
= $333 per semester

We won't even need to justify a "meager" $333 increase in tuition fee per semester! Let's just call it "inflation", shall we? Haha!

These two twin increases in HDB flat price and tuition fee - we will implement only after the election.

Whatever we give out, we must take back. Right? And then? What do you expect wor? 羊毛出在羊身上

Didn't you learn this Chinese proverb in school? No? Good! That's why we need to avoid teaching too many Chinese idioms to our students! Learning all these ancient words of wisdom which have survived the test of time, is bad for my Pay-And-Pay Party. Some of you find such memorisation boring? We concur! Let's abolish it. You all better concentrate on just learning rudimentary Chinese - speaking and listening - enough to do business in China. That would be good enough. Don't venture into the reading or writing aspect. By the way, don't study English literature either. That's also bad for Pay-And-Pay, for the same reason. Anyway, all these education stuff, that's another story for another time...

For now, let's just put it this way:

2 years of market-rate salary and concrete job experience for our new FT pets.

$300 non-cash allowance for NSF
(to be recouped back via HDB/MOE)

This much, we can promise


Long live Young Pay-And-Pay!

Note to Temasek Review:

Thank you for using my previous article "LHL National Day HIDDEN Message 2010" which you reproduced here. You are welcomed. BUT, please give proper acknowledgment! Don't say "contributed by Young-PAP" when the truth is: I did not "contribute" (submit) any article to you!

You got the article yourself directly from my blog (after you stumbled upon the article while downloading the 4 YOG letters, which, by the way, you also did not acknowledge as having gotten from my blog!) So including a hyperlink to my blog would be the decent and proper thing to do, than to falsely claim that it is a "contribution" from me.

You include such hyperlinks for all articles that you copied from the news agencies, but have never done the same for any article that you get from individuals' blogs. Respect for copyright - with hyperlink to the source - should be accorded to individuals' blogs too. Don't worry: acknowledging that you get articles from other people's blog, rather than the bloggers contributing the articles to you, will not diminish the standing of Temasek Review or introduce unwelcome competition to your popular website. Thank you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

YOG: More Schools Exposed!

Over the weekend, I called up my 3 still-schooling cousins and told them to call up all their friends/ tuition students etc who are attending different schools from them, and their friends' friends/siblings , and their friends' friends' friends/siblings....

This is the result:

Kuo Chuan:
Pupils are required to pay $5 refundable deposit. The deposit will be returned if they turned up for the event on the actual day.

In view of the YOG, we need to make some adjustments to the schedule of the P6 Preliminary examination and the CA for P3 - 5... Due to the tight schedule, we will need some time to process the result slips. As such, the report book will only be issued through your child when school re-opens... the examination will end on 3 September (the last day of the term)

St. Patrick:
YOG Torch Relay cum Carnival on Sunday 8 August 2010 from 9 am to 4pm. All students are to be in school by 7.40am. Attendance is compulsory.

Zheng Hua:
the relay will carry on in the advent of light to moderate rain... Therefore, P3 to P6 pupils are to bring along their ponchos, caps and water bottles... we seek your understanding if your child/ward is dismissed later than 12.55pm on this day as there might be a delay in the relay due to weather

Do you blame the schools?

No, I don't.

I blame Your Overbearing Government - which is what YOG stands for, according to the first two videos:

Meanwhile, none of the international schools in Singapore bothers about YOG.

And, MOE dare not order any of these international schools to order their students to attend YOG.

So, the following hilarious situation occurs:

American / Australian / Canadian students from the Singapore American / Australian / Canadian Schools can't be bothered to attend any YOG events to support athletics from their respective countries.

Meanwhile, three schools in Singapore make their Singapore students "adopt" these three countries under so-called "YOG twinning programme", such that these poor students are "volunteered" to attend the YOG events which these three "adopted" countries' athletics participate in, and are instructed to cheer and applaud loudly whenever athletics from these three "adopted" countries score a goal, a point, or win a medal!

While these Singaporeans students have their school examinations postponed, wear their raincoats to line the streets, have heavy breakfast to last a long morning, and attend compulsory YOG events on Sundays, the American / Australian / Canadian students say: "Thank you very much for being our proxy at the YOG to support our athletics, so that we can relax and spend time with our families and friends!".

While Singapore school teachers scramble to supervise their young students at these YOG events, burning their family weekends, and Singapore school principals ponder long and hard to reschedule examinations and to come up with long-winded carefully-crafted letters to entice enough parents to let enough students attend YOG, so as to meet the numerical quota that their "higher-ups" at MOE demand, their American / Australian / Canadian counterparts relax at home free-and-easy. (I believe it's now "Summer holiday" for these international schools.)

Why are our principals and teachers and students desperately galvanising support and applause for foreign athletics when even these foreign athletics' own country-men, who are right here studying in International schools in Singapore, can't be bothered!

Can you think of anything more comical?

Vivian Balakrishnan, Ng Eng Heng,
We will skewer both of you at the upcoming election!

(Is your blood boiling? Listen to the last 10 seconds of the 2nd video that I embedded above. May help cool you down.)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

LHL National Day HIDDEN Message 2010

My fellow Singaporeans,

Our economy has rebounded strongly from last year’s recession, but you will not benefit from it. GDP grew 17.9% Y-on-Y in the first half of this year, so I am looking forward to an increase to my already-world's-highest salary, which is pegged to the GDP. Many jobs have been created for my foreign pets, and unemployment is low for these pets. Our workers can look forward to better wages, but only through doing more overtime and higher bonuses in their dreams this year.

Growth is likely to moderate in the second half but not my salary, which will still remain the word's highest. Still, MTI forecasts growth for the year to be between 13 and 15%, which is good for my pegged-to-GDP salary. Have I boasted about that already? Forgive me for the repetition. Too excited. Ha! This exceptional performance is the fruit of Singaporeans’ united response during the crisis, a fruit which I will eat alone and not share with you. This enabled us to take full advantage of improved global conditions, whatever that means lah.

But let us not get carried away - you must continue to work cheaper, better, and faster. Risks remain in the world economy, especially in Europe and the US, but there shall be no risk to my salary, which, by the way, is much higher than what leaders of Europe and US get. The global financial system is not fully mended. Singapore is small and open, so open that there is no meaningful immigration control to speak of . If the world economy turns bad, we - oops, i mean you - will be buffeted. We need to stay vigilant and watch the developments worldwide, so that we can make timely investment in near-bankrupt banks and financial institution "for the long term".

We cannot expect to repeat this year’s sterling performance year after year, but we can continue to grow our economy with sustained effort by importing 100,000 foreign pets to boost the GDP figures. We must invest in our people, a good example of which is my recent $10,000,000 investment in our foreign pets in the form of a Community Integration Fund - upgrade our infrastructure via chasing locals out of their HDB homes under the guise of SERS and then renting out these very same flats to our foreign pets and improve our productivity by urging you to work cheaper, better, and faster for lesser salary. Then we can take full advantage of opportunities in a booming Asia and prosper, but none of the prosperity will filter down to you.

Our goal is for all Singaporeans to enjoy the fruits of growth, and we have been telling you this goal for years. Funny you people still buy this idea of mine. Haha! When Singapore prospers, you will seemingly benefit from many government programmes: better designed HDB estates with much smaller-sized flats, higher quality schools with 40 students to 1 teacher and hospitals with 10 hours waiting time in the Emergency Rooms, more MRT lines which do not alleviate the crowded situation on the trains and new places for recreation in the form of 2 big gambling dens. But each one of us, erm, i mean, each of of YOU, has to make the effort to work cheaper, better, faster, for less salary - a point I find worth repeating. Every student must be keen to learn and go as far as you can, within my streaming scheme which always allocate 35% of each cohort to the Normal Stream and X% to go ITE, and Y% to go poly etc, no matter how keen you are to learn and how far you can go. Every worker must master the knowhow and skills to be productive and competitive - cheaper, faster, better! Did I say that already? Every manager must train and motivate his staff to maximise their contribution and potential, which means you work until you drop dead lah, because that's when your "potential" ends mah! Retirement is history. Haha! Only then can Singaporeans do the better and cheaper jobs that our labour intensive, non-knowledge-based economy will create, and enjoy higher incomes, brighter opportunities, and more fulfilling lives in your dreams, as I said in our NDP slogan: Live Your Dreams.

The Government will support Singaporeans in this, by developing a first class education system for our young which requires them to have private tuition to compensate for the 40:1 student to teacher ratio, and a comprehensive Continuing Education and Training (CET) programme to upgrade our workers who, years ago, had been deprived of education beyond PSLE/O-level due to Goh Keng Swee's short-sighted education policies.

Our education system has been successful, particularly in the social studies department where most pupils know by heart that without PAP, there will be no Singapore. A large majority of our students are progressing beyond school to post-secondary and tertiary institutions because we decided to let them progress: we decide how many can go to such institutions, based NOT on educational principles, but on our usually-wrong economic forecast of how many graduates the economy requires. Graduates from ITE, polytechnics and universities readily secure good jobs which pay about what toilet cleaners in Europe and USA earns.

Our education system caters to all students, and not just the most outstanding ones - we cater to the academically weaker students by assigning them less experienced teachers and allocating less resources to their school; we cater to the most outstanding ones by halving their class size in the gifted programme, and assigning them the department heads of each subject, and allocating more resources, such as an olympic size swimming pool in each school; In this way, the best resource goes to the best student, as explained by my father many years ago. Our schools go beyond book learning to teach students how to solve problems, problems such as mathematical equations of the form: PAP = Singapore, Singapore = PAP, and imbue them with sound moral values such as discriminating against gays and abandoning their roots and adopting foreign tongues as mother tongue; Throw away mother = sound moral values. We create multiple pathways for students of different abilities and interests to progress and then slot them into these multiple pathways NOT based on their abilities and interest, but mostly on their English language ability, even though no UK university requires A-level students to even take GP, let alone pass it!!! We help every neighbourhood school to be a good school, with its own strengths and specialities but strangely none of my ministers' sons or daughters attend such wonderful neighbourhood school. We identify and develop each student’s talents, and give him every opportunity to excel, for example, by demanding that every school must have 30% of its pupils in uniform groups, never mind "each student's talents" are in sports or other CCA.

We will continue to improve our education system by continuing with 40 students to 1 teacher, and continuing to have you compensate for that ratio through hiring your own private tutor. We are recruiting and training more teachers to make up for the even greater number of teachers who quit, to enable us to deliver a more holistic and rounded education which means teaching history, geography and literature to every student only for 2 years in Secondary 1 and 2 compared to 12 years (from P1 to JC2) in other developed countries. That's how "rounded" we are. Haha! We will help every school to offer something extra and different, and thus give students more good choices, e.g. the sports school, which cater to students interested in sports, but we will skip over such students anyway when it comes to Olympic Games, where we prefer to import directly from China. We will create new peaks of excellence in ITEs, polytechnics and universities, to stretch our students but my ministers' sons and daughters will forgo these "new peaks of excellence" and proceed to overseas universities instead. I ask parents and students to work with us, to give our youth the best start in life, starting with the life-determining PSLE exam.

Beyond schools, we must build up Continuing Education and Training to rectify the mistake my father made earlier when he shut down one university under the pretext that it was substandard, when it was clearly not. The Government is investing $5.5 billion over 5 years to do this. We are building two CET campuses in the East and West of Singapore, and introducing many schemes and incentives to help companies and workers improve their productivity, none of which would have been necessary had my father not shut down one university and had Goh keng Swee not restricted higher education opportunities due to their English chauvinistic attitude and mistaken economic forecast respectively years ago. The chickens have now come home to roost! I am glad employers and unions strongly support CET, because their support is crucial in rectifying those earlier mistakes by my PAP government.

We will develop and invest in our people by spending a much smaller percentage of the GDP in education compared to other developed countries and passing the buck to you to pay for your own private tutor to compensate for the large class size and to pay for private school buses, but we also need to reinforce the Singapore team with talent and numbers from abroad, because our own talent are leaving by the thousands each year! This is critical to us. Other countries are not only much larger than us, but have far deeper pools of talent than we have. We must make up for the shortage of Singaporean workers in our economy and the shortfall of babies in our population by importing ADULTS who will be old, by the time the much-needed BABIES grow up in 20 years time. Yeah, that's my logic - import ADULTS to compensate for lack of BABIES! Without an inflow, over time our economy and society will lose vibrancy because our own citizens are emigrating to get away from my father and me, our citizens will enjoy fewer opportunities of competing with foreigners for cheaper jobs, and our shining red dot will grow dimmer with less CPF contributions to Temasek and GRC, from a shrinking workforce.

I understand Singaporeans’ concerns about taking in so many foreign workers and immigrants. MANY of YOU wonder, no, corrections, I meant to say, SOME of US wonder": Will it change the ethos of our society? Will it mean more competition for us at work, or for our children in schools? Will the new arrivals strike roots here? Can they adjust to us, and we to them?

These are valid concerns which we must address by pretending to share your concerns, even though it does not concern us, as we Ministers live in >20,000 sqaure feet Good Class Bungalow in District 10. We will control the inflow, to ensure that it is not too fast, and not too large. 100,000 workers is just about right. We will only bring in people who can contribute to Singapore's GDP growth, which means basically every foreigner since every foreigner need to eat and to rent a place to sleep and these will add to the GDP, and work harder to integrate them into our society by wasting precious water to celebrate their New Year to show them respect. And we will make clear that citizens come first in doing NS, in contributing to CPF and in retrenchment. After all, we are doing this for the sake of Singaporeans - new Singaporeans.

We cannot do without a proportion of foreign workers, otherwise our local workers will have to be paid the same high wage as other developed countries and we don't want that, because it means higher cost to our Goverment-linked companies; we want our local workers to be cheaper, better, faster, remember? Having a first-world workforce paid a third-world wage is our long term aim, or a continuing flow of PRs and new citizens, otherwise, our CPF board will go bankrupt since Temasek and GIC have already lost a lot of CPF money in failed investment. Let us welcome them with an open heart to take over our skilled jobs, help them to fit in to your girlfriend's pussy while you are serving your 2-years NS, and encourage those who will become citizens to strike roots here to be our new slaves. If we do this well, by the next generation, their children will be native Singaporeans, but if we do this bad, they will emigrate to the West using their Singapore citizenship as a stepping stone, and have no children while in Singapore. And statistics reveal that we have already done this bad! Remember, we ourselves are descendants of immigrants too, at a time when the population density was much lower than now, and when job was plentiful. Nevertheless, I find it appropriate to compare the 2 totally different situation side byb side. With new arrivals living and working harmoniously with those born here, we will keep Singapore dynamic, cosmopolitan, and successful - and that's me day-dreaming, building castle in the air, totally out-of-touch with what's happening on the ground!

That is the face that Singapore must show the world during the Youth Olympic Games, otherwise my PAP government will lose face. Our cityscape will certainly wow the visitors. They will see the signature skyline at Marina Bay and our new downtown; the high quality public housing like The Pinnacle, where I am now; and the beautiful urban spaces and natural greenery all over the island. But all these are not important, because

More importantly, we must impress with the spirit of our people, otherwise an empty stadium will embarrass my pap government. At this first YOG, let us show the world what Singapore can do, which means how we can give free tickets to mobilise our pupils to attend. Our athletes have been training hard. Our volunteers, 20,000 strong, stand ready to welcome our guests, but these numbers are not enough to fill the stadium, which is why I am pleading for you to show more interest! Please! Tolong! Tolong! Thousands of participants and guests will be arriving soon. I hope all Singaporeans will work together to put up a good show, and make the games memorable for all our visitors, and most importantly, to not make pap lose face.

On our 45th National Day, let us celebrate our achievements as one united people, yeah, that highfalutin "one united people" idea in our pledge penned by an over-idealistic minister. We can be proud of what we have attained - our gini coefficient, our population density etc - but we must keep learning from others such as India and China which compete on labour cost and not on knowledge, improve in every area and strive hard to achieve our future goals, chief of which is 6.5 million people on a small Island. Tomorrow’s Singapore must be better than today’s, with smaller hdb flats, more crowded trains and no retirement age.

I wish all Singaporeans a Happy National Day.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

SDP: Ang Moh Tua Kee

The red words in italic are my added interpretation of SDP's "ang moh tua kee" media release of 18 May 2010:

In the debate over the weightage to be given to the score of the Mother Tongue in the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), the Singapore Democrats advocate that parents be given the final say in how they want their children to be schooled in the Mother Tongue but not be given any say whatsoever in how they want their children to be schooled in English, Math or Science.

Parents are best placed to assess their home environment which plays a big, if not major, part in how children pick up a language, a mathematical-based subject, or a science-based subject. A system designed to give parents a choice in the learning of the Mother Tongue, and Math and Science and English would help to bring out the best in their children's learning, but we in SDP will not design such a system of choice of weightage for English or Math or Science. These 3 subjects are sacred and cannot be touched. We will pee and shit only on Mother Tongue.

Parents who want their children to excel in their Mother Tongue must have the choice of a curriculum that would allow the standard of teaching of the Chinese language and the weightage of the test score undiluted.

However, parents who feel that their children's education would be best served by enrolling their children in a class that does not place so much weightage on the Mother Tongue should have the option to do so.

But, parents who feel that their children's education would be best served by enrolling their children in a class that does not place so much weightage on
English should not have any option whatsoever to do so.

But, parents who feel that their children's education would be best served by enrolling their children in a class that does not place so much weightage on Math should not have any option whatsoever to do so.

But, parents who feel that their children's education would be best served by enrolling their children in a class that does not place so much weightage on Science should not have any option whatsoever to do so.

This would give parents a choice and not have children forced into a situation where they find themselves unable to cope with their learning of a language, namely the inferior language and culture (since language and culture are quite inseparable) we in SDP are throwing shit at - their Mother Tongue language and culture.

Concurrently, this would give parents no choice and would have children forced into a situation where they find themselves unable to cope with their learning of a language, namely the far superior English language (and English culture) - a subject far more worthy of studying than this shit called "Mother"(?!?) Tongue. (What mother? In SDP, our mother tongue is English. In SDP, our culture is English. We eat in English, sleep in English, make love in English. Ang Moh Tua Kee! Chinese language go eat shit. Malay language go eat shit. Tamil language go eat shit! "Mother" indeed! Shit your "mother" lah! Chinese Singaporeans who speak Chinese, Malay Singaporeans who speak Malay, Indian Singaporeans who speak Indians and who want same weightage as English: listen carefully, you language chauvinists who hope for equality (oxymoron?!?), you tan gu gu, go wait long long, who the f**k you Chinese-, Malay-, Tamil-speaking peasants think you are. You f**king kow tow to us SDP (fake) Ang Moh elites! Repeat after me: Ang Moh Tua Kee! Ang Moh Siang Tua Kee! Ang Moh Lumber One! Chinese jia sai! Malay jia sai! Tamil jia sai! long Zhong ker pung sai! We in SDP will smear shit on your languages if the weight of shit is what it takes to bring down the weightage of your beloved mother tongue against our holy Ang Moh.

Concurrently, this would give parents no choice and would have children forced into a situation where they find themselves unable to cope with their learning of Science - a subject that deserve same high weightage for everyone.

Concurrently, this would give parents no choice and would have children forced into a situation where they find themselves unable to cope with their learning of Math - a subject far more worthy of studying than the inferior language and culture of most Singaporeans who do not regard English as their mother tongue.

It is unnecessary to say that each child possesses different qualities and differing sets of neuropsychological skills. Some pick up language more efficiently than others. Some pick up Math more efficiently than others. Some pick up Science more efficiently than others. Some may develop these learning abilities later than others. Each child's learning experience is also influenced by his/her home environment.

Given this complex interaction of physiological, psychological and social factors it is unwise that we insist on the same learning-curve for all children as far as PSLE weightage of English, Math and Science is concerned, and yet we will still insist on the same learning-curve no matter what. It's English wor! It's Math wor! It's Science wor! All superior and all worthy subjects! How can lower weightage? The same however cannot be said for your shit language and your shit culture, my "dear" Chinese-speaking, Malay-speaking and Tamil-speaking Singaporeans! It is unwise that we insist on the same learning-curve for all children when it comes to Mother Tongues and that's the only subject we are going to urinate and throw shit on: your mother tongue and hence your culture.

Having no options for our children and not allowing parents to choose when it comes to superior language and culture (read: English), and worthy subjects (read: Math and Science), but having options for our children and allowing parents to choose when it comes to inferior shits (read: the shit Mother Tongue languages and culture of Singaporeans who do not speak English at home), with consultation with teachers, the best option for the child would enable us to approach the issue in an enlightened manner.

In this way, we will continue to be able to uphold the standards of the Mother Tongue for those who want to uphold it and downgrade the standards of the Mother Tongue for those who want to downgrade it, while allowing families who feel that their children are unable to cope with the pace and level of learning the language an alternative way to excel.

In this way, we will continue to be able to uphold the standards of the far-superior god-like English language (which all of us at SDP worship), for everyone, by not allowing families who feel that their children are unable to cope with the pace and level of learning of the language any alternative way to excel.

In this way, we will also continue to be able to uphold the standards of Math (which all of us at SDP think are far worthy than your shit mother tongue/culture) by not allowing families who feel that their children are unable to cope with the pace and level of learning of Math any alternative way to excel.

In this way, we will also continue to be able to uphold the standards of Science (which all of us at SDP think are far worthy than your shit mother tongue/culture) by not allowing families who feel that their children are unable to cope with the pace and level of learning of Science any alternative way to excel.

Our ultimate aim should be to facilitate our children's learning of English, Math and Science to a high level, with no regard to whether they like the subject or not, or whether they can cope with the subject or not, and bring out the best in them, enabling them to fulfill their potential in English, Math and Science by not lowering the standards of these superior subjects through forcing the pupils to grit their teeth to cross the high hurdle. At the same time, our ultimate aim should be to facilitate our children's "learning" of Mother Tongue to whatever low level they want to lower it to, including zero weightage, and bring out the best in them, enabling them to fulfill their potential whatever they might be - be it the potential of being bananas or fake ang mohs, like we in SDP are.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

FAP, I'll teach you a lesson you won't forget!

I think this is the shortest election video I have seen. Short and straight to the point. About 30 seconds say it all:

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Come arrest me!

Singapore Indians, I despise your race, you Keling Snakes!
Singapore Malay, I despise your race, you Malay Dogs!
Singapore Chinese, I depise your race, you Doggy Chinks!

In fact, I despise every race in Singapore.
(save for the two races called Leegaporean and Papeerean)

So, Singapore Poodle Force,
come arrest me and charge me with the Sedition Act.

And while at it, can you also please arrest the racist bastard who spewed these racist statements publicly in an interview:

“Well, we make them say the national pledge and sing the national anthem but suppose we have a famine, will your Malay neighbour give you the last few grains of rice or will she share it with her family or fellow Malays or vice versa?”

That racist bastard has been making similar racist statments about the Malays for 50 years, casting aspersion on their loyalty and their intellect AND putting all his racist ideas into practice - in contrast to my mere ranting on my blog. The above is merely the latest addition to his long strings of racist shit!

He is a very dangerous racist that can incite racial disharmony in Singapore! Just imagine what will happen if 66.6% of non-Malays believe his racist shit about the Malays They would support all his racist policies that disadvantaged the Malays in, for example, employment and housing! That will cause the Malays to be very unhappy towards these non-Malay racism-supporters. Racial Riot imminent!

So, please arrest him concurrently and put both of us in the same cell in Changi prison, because I would very much like to give that racist old fart a good mouth rinse with my pee!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The humble Emperor Yeo

"Opposition" "Politician" Goh Meng Seng to PAP's George Yeo on the latter's Facebook:
Hi George,
Thanks for replying. I guess PAP will be more than a formidable opponent if it has more people like you with great humility.
I believe you will have that kind of humility to handle such [destitute] cases fairly.

The humble Emperor George Yeo showing his humility in Feb 1994:
"Remember your place in society before you engage in political debate... Debate cannot generate into a free-for-all where no distinction is made between the senior and junior party... You must make distinctions - What is high, what is low, what is above, what is below, and then within this, we can have a debate, we can have a discussion... people should not take on those in authority as 'equals'

While engaging the humble Emperor Yeo on Facebook, may I suggest "Opposition" "Politician" Goh also take the opportunity to question Emperor Yeo why His Majesty announced and then implemented a drastic reduction in the number of doctors that Singapore produce every year in the decade spanning 1990-2000. Is that the reason why now, of every 3 new doctors registered to practise in Singapore, 2 of them got their medical degree overseas? That's right, two-thirds of new doctors are foreigners or Singaporeans forced to study medicine overseas.

But before "Opposition" "Politician" Goh engages the humble Emperor Yeo in political debate, he had better educate himself on "what is high, what is low, what is above, what is below", lest he forgets his place in society and accidentally takes on the humble Emperor as his 'equal'.


Btw, this is the video from which I learnt the phrase "Emperor Yeo":

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1500 PR bus drivers

What academic qualification, salary or job scope do you think is needed to apply to be a Singapore PR?

Answer: Those that a bus driver need to possess!

Lianhe Zaobao 2010-01-19's report by 李静仪:

(Currently, SBS has 3000 buses and employs nearly 5500 drivers, of which 8% are PRCian, 26.5% Malaysians, 27.5% Singapore PR and the remaining 38% Singapore citizens.)

We approve more than 1500 PR applications to bus drivers.

We have more than 1500 PRs working as bus drivers!

They are all ex-foreign talents, current talented PR and future talented new citizens.

We need to import such talented new citizens because Singaporeans are not talented enough! For example, are you talented enough to know how to drive a bus? Nah, I don't think so. You are simply stupid enough to serve NS to defend these talented new citizens!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Organ Robbery... again!

My newsfeed just sent me the news below. This is shocking. It shouldn't be happening!

Why must these HOTA idiots create trouble for us - their PAP masters - just before the general election?

他妈的。 Where are their brains? I have a good mind to replace them with foreign talents!


Damn the Romanian Embassy, damn Dr. Silviu Ionescu. Damn George Yeo too。And damn you Khaw Boon Wan too. You control your HOTA people, can or not?

Why can't all of you just stop giving us trouble at this critical period? Election is coming, you know???

Luckily this Yenny Young did not try to save her darling Tong Kok Wai, the way Sim did the last time, with the police involved Else we at young Pay-And-Pay gotta work overtime again, including those of us who had retired!