Tuesday, October 5, 2010

SHOCKING TRUTH abt Kwa's death

Q: She can't speak. How does she convey how she feels to you?
A: She blinks. 'Yes', one blink; 'no', two blinks.
- Lee Kuan Yew, when speaking about his wife in an interview with The Straits Times for an upcoming book.

The inconvenient TRUTH:
- 联合早报 04/10/2010

The Freudian SLIP:
- 新明日报 03/10/2010

The selfish REASON:
One doctor told me, you may think that when she’s gone you’re relieved but you’ll be sad when she’s gone because [at least right now] there’s still the human being here, there’s still somebody you talk to and she knows what you’re saying and you’ll miss that.
- Lee Kuan Yew's interview with Seth Mydans of NY Times and IHT on 01/09/2010

The Minister Mentor had said that Madam Kwa would wait for him at night to come back home, where he would read poems to her and articles from various newspapers.
- Channel News Asia 04/10/2010

The million-dollar QUESTIONS:
  • Why is her "生命维系系统" (life support system) finally switched off now - and only now - even though she has been brain-dead for the past 2 years and 4 months?
  • Who ordered the switch-off?
  • Why did he order it?

The subtle ANSWER:
Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew was admitted to the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) yesterday for treatment of a chest infection.
- The Straits Times 30/09/2010

The not-so-subtle ANSWER:
- 联合晚报 03/10/2010

Meanwhile, each and every day in Singapore's hospitals:
We wished we could have more time [before my husband's life-support system was turned off] but we were given deadline [by the government HOTA team] until 25 Dec only.

As for the organ donation, since he is a PR and did not opt out for HOTA, he had to donate his organ. We were against the idea as we wanted him to pass away naturally, meaning the heart stop by itself.

But the HOTA staff did not allow us to do so, they kept on pressuring us to take off his life support. We begged repeatedly but they refuse to listen to our pleas. In the end, we got the HOTA co-ordinator in charge into trouble too as he took pity on us.
- Yenny Young, wife of Mr. Tong Kok Wai, victim of Romania embassy accident.