Thursday, September 23, 2010


First, she approaches the wise old men and women. But they tell her KNNBCCB

Next, she talks to the middle-aged. But they show her the middle finger.

Then, she reaches out to the post-NS generation. But they tell her to go fly a kite

So, she goes to the teenagers. But they just shrug their shoulders.

The deadline is near.
An answer is needed.
But not just any answer!
It has to be the right answer!!!
The right answer to the difficult question: "Do you love foreigners?"

In desperation, how low will you go?

The Straits Times
S'pore kids love foreigners
By Cassandra Goh

IMMIGRATION and Singapore's burgeoning population have been hot issues of discussion lately, but has anyone asked our kids what they think? After all, they are the future of Singapore.

RazorTV went to Eunos Primary School to find out what our primary school kids thought of Singapore's growing population and more foreigners living here.

Their answers reflected a refreshing youthful innocence as they openly welcome all foreigners in Singapore, and think of them as hardworking and friendly.

When asked how Singapore can house its new citizens, one suggested 'beside the sea, so they can have fresh air and play' and another said 'next to the Merlion so everyday (they) can see the Merlion'.

Check out the light-hearted responses these kids gave to some very adult questions.

Maybe the next time, readers can look forward to hearing the political views of 3-years old pre-schoolers! These 3 years old will surely give PAP a high mark!

And that's what you can expect from a 141st-ranked newspaper!

Uniquely Singapore!

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