Monday, September 13, 2010

Young Lions offer APOLOGY TEA (敬茶赔罪) to Beijing Guoan

Q: What would you do when someone came to your house, stomp on your two sons (literally!) and punched them repeatedly in the heads, such that they ended up bloodied and have to be sent to the hospital?

Would you:
  • (A) quietly support your sons in hitting them back?
  • (B) kick the assailants out of your house?
  • (C) make a police report?

A: No, no, and no, to all three options. Instead you:
  • (1) force your sons to apologise for defending themselves AND
  • (2) present the assailants with a gift of delicious pastries (thanking them you for bashing up your sons?) AND
  • (3) invite the attackers' parents to a restaurant in a hotel where you treat them to lunch and offer them tea to drink, to apologise chinese-style i.e. 敬茶赔罪!

What kind of sick parent are you, if you do the above 3 things?

Well, that's exactly what our Young Lions football team was forced to perform!

What happened to George Yeo's claim on his Facebook page that our police "dare to touch" the Beijing players?

What happened to Temasek Review's claim that the Beijing Guoan team will merely be sent home, without any police investigation? Sent home? No, Temasek Review! They were "sent", sure, but not home. They were "sent" (chauffeured actually, since they wouldn't have known our bus routes) to a restaurant in a hotel to wine and dine at our expense, and then offered apologies over pastries and tea! Did you imagine that? Could you have imagined that?

Heh Heh Heh!

Get this: Even Temasek Review, with its non-stop one-sided extreme attack on PAP, could not, in its wildest imagination, imagine the above 3 humiliating acts that our Young Lions are forced to undertake!!!! That's why Temasek Review's "wildest" accusation fell far short of what PAP actually forced upon our poor Young Lions!

I don't even know whether to cry or to laugh!

To cry, for the humiliation and insults that my fellow Singaporeans had to go through?

Or to laugh at the irony that even anti-PAP "extremists" could not imagine what PAP was capable of subjecting Sinkies to?

This is not our country any more.

At first, the new-comers were kings, we were 2nd-class citizens.

But now, it's worse! It's not even about new-comers! Even temporary guests can punch us, and all we can do is send them back to their country we must apologise verbally and then apologise again with gifts and then apologise for the 3rd time (this time formally i.e. 敬茶赔罪) with offerings of tea at a restaurant in a hotel!

Is this the kind of country you want your children to play football for?

Seriously, is this where you want to form a family and raise your children?

To have your darling sons and daughters punched and stomp (literally!) by foreigners and then made to apologise (for not keeping still while being punched?)?

If not, then it's time to VOTE PAP OUT!



(Then again, what do you expect? One worked as a translator for the Japanese during World War II. The other worked for the Japanese Military Police. A leopard cannot change its spots. Neither can two dogs!)

The Chinese has an idiom: 唾面自干 (Allowing people to spit on you and then let the spit dries itself out instead of even wiping it away)

This is way beyond that, because allowing the spit to dry itself out is a passive act. Here, there are 3 active humiliating action being performed:
  • 道歉 - apologise (for not keeping still, while being punched?)
  • 再道歉:赔礼(物) - compensate with gifts (for not allowing whole team to be punched?)
  • 再三道歉:敬茶赔罪 - offer tea (in a restaurant in a hotel!), where the team captain and team manager apologise personally!

Sports Minister Vivian Balakrishnan, KNNBCCB!
(Note to police: please do not arrest me for wanting to screw his mother. I meant it as a metaphor! Really! His aged mother, alive or dead, cannot arouse my kuku bird!)


Unbelievable? Read the official Straits Times news report yourself:
Sep 12, 2010
'Footbrawl' teams make up
By Fabius Chen
ONE box of Malay pastries, several handshakes and a whole lot of water under the bridge.

That was the scene on Sunday afternoon as players and officials from the Young Lions and Beijing Guoan met for the first time since their S-League game had ended in a mass brawl five days earlier.

Over the course of a 90-minute lunch at the Carousel restaurant at Royal Plaza on Scotts (Young-PAP: Needless to say, paid for by tax payers! Got eat, sure got drink. Dio boh? So, were the guests offered Chinese tea 敬茶赔罪 or Ang Moh Teh? Or maybe, they do it with a modern twist: coffee? 敬“咖啡”赔罪? 何罪之有!!!), representatives from both clubs expressed regret over the incident, with Young Lions captain Hariss Harun presenting Beijing defender Zhang Zhaohui with the box of pastries as a peace offering. (Young-PAP: Oh I see, so it's 敬饼赔罪

Away from the media glare, there was friendly banter about Singapore's preparation for November's Asian Games in Guangzhou, as well as Young Lions coach V. Sundramoorthy's experiences as a player, said a witness.

Wei Kexing, deputy general manager of Beijing's parent club, local chairman Aloysius Wee, coach Zheng Xiaotian and team manager Yang Hongmin were the other members of the Beijing contingent present.

The Young Lions were also represented by team manager Eugene Loo and assistant coach Terry Pathmanathan. Wei, who was dispatched to Singapore to investigate the incident, went on to extend an invitation to the Republic's Under-23 team - the bulk of whom comprise the Young Lions - to a training stint in Beijing.

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