Monday, August 30, 2010

NS allowance to increase by 300/mth

For those of you who have served 2.5 years of national service, your NSF allowance will be increased retroactively by $300 more per month, calculated as follows:

$9000 / 30 months = $300 per month

But, you will not get to see the cash. This back-payment, called the National Service Retroactive Allowance (NSRA), will be put into your CPF account.

Are you happy now to serve NS to protect the FT?

We, in young Pay-And-Pay, hope you will be appeased by this $300/month bribe.

If not, we will increase it to $500/month next year. No problem. It's just money going from our right pocket (MINDEF budget) to our left pocket (HDB, MOE), via your torn pocket with holes in it (CPF / PSEA).

After this election, we will increase HDB sale price by $9000 (payable using your CPF money). You won't even notice the increase, because we will attribute it to "market condition".

Alternatively, to avoid raising your suspicion, we can even increase HDB flat price by only, say, $7000, and recoup the remaining $2000 through an increase in polytechnics' / universities' tuition fee (payable using your PSEA money) :

$2000 / 3 years = $2000 / 6 semesters
= $333 per semester

We won't even need to justify a "meager" $333 increase in tuition fee per semester! Let's just call it "inflation", shall we? Haha!

These two twin increases in HDB flat price and tuition fee - we will implement only after the election.

Whatever we give out, we must take back. Right? And then? What do you expect wor? 羊毛出在羊身上

Didn't you learn this Chinese proverb in school? No? Good! That's why we need to avoid teaching too many Chinese idioms to our students! Learning all these ancient words of wisdom which have survived the test of time, is bad for my Pay-And-Pay Party. Some of you find such memorisation boring? We concur! Let's abolish it. You all better concentrate on just learning rudimentary Chinese - speaking and listening - enough to do business in China. That would be good enough. Don't venture into the reading or writing aspect. By the way, don't study English literature either. That's also bad for Pay-And-Pay, for the same reason. Anyway, all these education stuff, that's another story for another time...

For now, let's just put it this way:

2 years of market-rate salary and concrete job experience for our new FT pets.

$300 non-cash allowance for NSF
(to be recouped back via HDB/MOE)

This much, we can promise


Long live Young Pay-And-Pay!

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Anonymous said...

No give you money, you complain.
Now, give you money, you also complain!
What do you people want from PAP?
Please be reasonable!

young-pap said...

We want:
- Same salary for NSF as for regulars e.g. pay NSF mechanic the same salary as for regular mechanic, pay NSF doctors the same salary as regular military doctors etc. Or,

- same salary as what the NSF would have gotten in his regular job had he not served NS. Eg. A female polytechnic diploma holder gets an average starting salary of, say, $1800. So, pay the NSF $1800 per month! Or,

- abolish conscription; Use professional soldiers. Our budget allows for it. Or,

- have a Singaporean-first employment law such that employers can employ foreigners only when no qualified Singaporeans can be found. That's one of the two root causes of all these resentment towards foreigners! Or,

- stop giving out PR and citizenship freely like cheap toilet papers! That's the 2nd root cause.

This $300/month is condescending. It is patronizing. It is a mockery. It is a joke! It is a wayang, put up by PAP because it treats us Singaporeans like fools!

Are we stupid? NO!

pr said...

now that there are more FTs and PRs in singapore, the NS period should be increased to 3 years, and reservist duty extended up to 45. after all we PRs don't have to do NS. you have to take on the additional responsibility so that singapore is better prepared to protect its residents.

you guys are also getting extra money. lucky fellows!

Sylvester Lim said...

Good reply young-pap. Slaves aspire for the crumbs that fall from their master's table (they pray & hope). The citizens of this country deserve better from our "leaders".