Thursday, May 29, 2008

Primary School Math

If you have done primary school math, you would know that in order to calculate percentage, you have to multiply by 100.

For example, 1 out of 100 is 1%.

How did you get that? You do this: 1/100*100 = 1%.

Without multiplying by 100, you would get 1/100=0.01% and that would be wrong.

Another example: 8 out of 10 is 80% and we get that by 8/10*100=80%.

You always need to multiply by 100!

There is nothing wrong with a ordinary Singaporean not knowing her math, especially when she was doing calculations while suffering from a swollen face due to dental problem and while being bullied in court. Besides, she has never boasted year after year about having a first class honours in math.

There is however something very wrong when that someone was, for many yearse, the Minister of Finance!

But, the greatest wrong is when sycophants and boot-lickers are ever ready to praise him for his mistake:

Maths sum posed to PM Lee: Divide 5,000 by 4.6m
Straits Times 28 May 2008, by Jeremy Au Yong

HOW much is 5,000 divided by 4.6 million?

That was the maths question Ms Chee Siok Chin challenged Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to work out on the spot as she tried to prove her party's newsletter, The New Democrat, had limited reach.

The 5,000 figure represents the number of copies sold of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) newsletter which contained defamatory statements against the Government.

The other number refers to the population of Singapore.

Ms Chee posed the question and asked PM Lee if he had a calculator.

When he said he did not, she retorted: 'I'm sure your mind is astute enough to do a very simple mathematical calculation... and work it out.'

PM Lee worked out the calculation - around one in 1,000 - and then pointed out that the answer did not accurately reflect the article's reach.

This stretched beyond the number of newsletters sold, he said, when responding later to a question from his counsel Davinder Singh during re-examination.

There was also the 'word of mouth after the article has been read, circulating on the grapevine and in the coffee shops' - 'poisonously distorted, loaded, more and more damaging, impossible to trace, except in court, where the truth will come out', he said.

Of the 5,000 copies sold, 'each copy could have been circulated to many readers', he added.

In addition, 'Dr Chee, Ms Chee and several others (from the SDP) were going around' repeating the defamatory allegations in the newsletter, 'as broadly as possible, as loudly as possible', 'to achieve as much impact as possible', said Mr Lee.

Finally there was the Internet, where there were many more eyeballs reading the allegations.

During the earlier exchange with Ms Chee over the calculation she set for him, those in the public gallery were amused when she got her sums mixed up.

After Mr Lee worked out the one in 1,000 figure, Ms Chee said that was '0.0001' per cent of the population.

PM Lee had to correct her maths: 'I think you have one zero too many.'

And I have to correct your math too, you fool!

It is 1/1000*100 = 0.1%. That's 3 zeros too many, you first class honours in math!

Maybe that's why you thought your wife had lost only a very small percentage of our national reserves in failed Temasek investment!

Go learn percentage and realise the magnitude of your wife's error!

Monday, May 19, 2008


So, I read the following from here:
Yahoo News
by Charles Whelan. Sun May 18
"On Friday, China's state media reported that Zhuo Lin, 92-year-old widow of China's late leader Deng, had emptied her life savings totalling 100,000 yuan to give to earthquake victims. It said she found it hard to sleep and eat after hearing of the tragedy."

And on Monday, it was reported that some yet-to-be widow of some country's leader, having pocketed more than just a few millions of citizen's money each year via monopolised mandatory legal transaction for public housing, found it hard to sleep and eat too, but for totally different reasons altogether!

Zhuo Lin, is indeed a generous and kind old lady. In addition to not having pocketed any citizens' hard-earned money over the years, she is willing to empty her very modest life savings to help the unfortunate.

No wonder she lives to a ripe old age, AND is still healthy and well right now!

I wish her many more years of good health and when she passes along one day - many years later from now - I have no doubt it will be a peaceful, quick and painless process.

People like her - generous AND who did not scheme to devise underhanded ways to milk citizens of their money - such people will have good karma and blessings and everybody, friends and strangers alike, will wish them a good life.

I wish her well.

As for those who dig up age old car discount receipt from yeares ago, in order to justify their politician husbands' huge property-buying discount, I do not need to say anything, because karma is the law of nature:


Sunday, May 18, 2008

steered clear of the issue

Mandatory for new small school buses to be fitted with seat belts
By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia | 17 May 2008

...One other issue is cost.

Industry players have said that retrofitting such vehicles will then mean they can accommodate fewer students.

This means lesser revenue for them and they will then have to pass on the increased costs to parents in terms of higher fees.

Asked whether the government could consider helping out parents, [Transport Minister Raymond] Lim steered clear of the issue, saying such across-the-board help, especially when some parents could well afford any extra charges, was not effective.

In almost all developed countries, providing FREE school buses is the job of the Ministry of Education. It's part of the deal that comes with education - free education, free school bus, 1:10 teacher to student ratio etc - and is provided when you pay tax.

Here, you pay tax too, lots of it, and sometimes, you don't even know it because it's not even known as tax - eg. high HDB price, high maid levy, high parking fines, low CPF interest etc - but you get nothing back.

And when you demand - no, beg - for some, this is what you get from your Minister:

"steered clear of the issue"


Note to self: Tomorrow, must shoot an email to the 154th ranked local media and demand that this news report be edited, and Asha Popatlal be fired!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The government will take care of you.

中国温家宝总理:"你们的痛苦, 就是我的痛苦"
(China's PM Wen: "Your suffering is my suffering")

(Some other countries' PM: "Your money is my money")

Watch this youtube:

(China's PM Wen:
"Don't worry.
The government will take care of you.
The government will take care of your living, your studies.
You will certainly be able to live like in your own home.
If you have any problem in future,
the government will help you.
How about that?")

When I watched this video, I cried.

I cried because in China, a communist country where election is not needed, its Prime Minister made the effort to do and say such things.

But in a supposedly democratic country where the government supposedly has to work hard to win the mandate of its voting citizens, our PM can't even be bothered to say anything nice to his electorate!

For example, Nicoll Highway collapsed. Did you hear our PM tell the orphans: "Don't worry. The government will take care of you. "?

When was the last time you heard your PM talk to poor, the aged, the sick, in such a caring tone?

I tell you: never!

Instead, what we have are:

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong:
"Retrenchment is good for singapore.
If there is no retrenchments, then I worry."

Health Minister Lim Hng Kiang:
"I regret making the decision
[to direct our hospital to save a baby's life] because,
in the end, the baby continued to be in intensive care,
and KKH now runs up a total bill of more than $300,000"

Minister Lim Boon Heng:
"We talk about re-employment.
We'd encourage, make it easier for people to work longer,
and when we've successfully gone through this transition,
then the term 'retirement' will be history"

I cried, because at the very minimum - i.e. not even talking about truly caring for us from the bottom of their heart - our ministers can't even be bothered to put on a show! Instead, they have decided that scolding us is the right way to go.

The latest scolding you received,
for allowing Mas Selamat to escape!


The Chinese are not stupid. You think they will want to settle down in Singapore? In China, senior citizens exercise in the parks, talk cock, sing song, dance cha cha, and practise Tai Ji, and get a pension from the government! Oh, and they also get a PM who will say: "The government will take care of your living, your studies". Even if it's just for show, it still feels nice!

The elite thinking Chinese will NOT give up their Chinese citizenship in exchange for Singapore citizenship and get scolded everyday for being complacent, lazy, inflexible, unadaptable, uneducated....

But yeah,sure, our government can get the unthinking, ordinary Chinese to become Singaporeans. And that's the kind of 2nd grade replacement it will get, after chasing out its own elite!


And finally, I cried, because I know PAP is coming to an end soon, just by contrasting its behaviour with that youtube video. I am crying for the money and power that I will be losing soon, as a member of Young Pay-And-Pay!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008



This party is giving me lots of headaches right now!

Lately, this party has decided to start quoting the words of wise men on their new website. These are words of wisdom passed down for generations!

Take this:
“The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppose.” - Frederick Douglass

You tell me lah: how am I supposed to refute such statement of truth?

Or this:
“I am not interested in picking up crumbs of compassion thrown from the table of someone who considers himself my master. I want the full menu of rights.” - Bishop Desmond Tutu

How do I argue against that?

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” - Dalai Lama

So now, even if I call him a "mosquito", he has the Dalai Lama on his side!

They even quoted Lao tzu:
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

Who are we to argue with this thousand-years old sage?

And for those who prefer Indian wisdom, they quoted Mahatma Gandhi:

You can chain me, you can torture me, you can even destroy this body, but you will never imprison my mind.

And for those who eat more potato than rice, they quoted Theodore Roosevelt:
It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat. - Theodore Roosevelt

From ancient to modern, from Indian to Chinese to Western, across time, across continent, across all boundaries - all wise men agree with SDP's action! And SDP's action are in accordance to the teachings of these wise men!!!

SDP, we in Young Pay and Pay are very afraid of you!

What to do? I could lose my job if I couldn't come up with a way to "fix" SDP!

OK, I got an idea: we shall bankrupt you and defame you (and then accuse you of defaming us instead!) and the best of the best: we will even promote another opposition party in our indirect attempt to discredit you!

These are the only things we can do, because we cannot refute you and the tons of wise men whose words you follow!

Yes, we in Young Pay-And-Pay are despicable.

But what to do? Money! Power! Remember?

Monday, May 12, 2008

How to give more jobs to Singaporeans

Straits Times. May 9, 2008.
Jobless in Canada - and Singapore
MUCH has been written about foreign workers and how they compete with Singaporeans for jobs. It has been argued that if foreigners leave, jobs for Singaporeans will be affected. I believe this problem is unique to Singapore only.

Let me relate my experience as a foreigner trying to secure a job in Canada. I spent almost six futile months trying to get a suitable job in Calgary and Toronto.

Canadian employers must get approval from the government before any foreigner can gain employment; a task they were either unaware of or unwilling to undertake.

In Calgary, jobs were plentiful but restricted to Canadians only. Whenever I went for an interview, I was told politely that although I was suitable I could not be hired for obvious reasons. I took a bus back from Calgary to Toronto, a journey of 52 hours.

During the trip I was able to marvel at the vastness of Canada with its open spaces and lack of people. Everywhere there were signs 'for hire'. But not for me.

After six months of frustration I left Canada, arriving in Singapore to see foreigners getting jobs and me jobless in my own country.

Revi Anthony Fernandez

This morning, at our weekly Young Pay-And-Pay meeting, yours truly proposed a two solutions to "fix" Mr. Fernandez's problem:

  • One, we shall give out more citizenship - any foreigner who wants it shall get it!
  • Two, we shall give out more permanent residence status, AND then consider PR as resident workers, indistinguishable from citizens in official statistics.

That way, most job will go to locals - defined as citizens and PR - and foreigners will get fewer jobs, which is exactly as Mr. Fernandez has wished for.

Haha! I am so brilliant! They should promote me to become the Minister of Manpower!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

World's number 2

Elderly aches that hide deeper pain?
By Tan Hui Leng, TODAY | 10 May 2008
The elderly suicide rate peaked in 1995, at 52 per 100,000 males and 33 per 100,000 females. This was the world's second highest rate after Hungary. But in recent times, with intervention and support from government and community, the rate has been steadily decreasing over the years to 27 per 100,000 males and 11 per 100,000 females in 2005.
While attempted suicides among the elderly have declined over the years, the proportion of young people attempting suicide seems to be on the rise, from 3.1 per cent in 1991 to 15.6 per cent in 2000. Peaks occur in May and October, which are often the exam months.

The olds should die, because being unproductive, they are an economic burden to Singapore.

The youngs should die too, because being academic losers, they are also an economic burden to Singapore.

In Singapore, only the economy matters. Everything else must support it or be exterminated!

Now, of course we cannot directly encourage them to die. But, we can indirectly encourage them, by making it easier for them to decide. Haha!

For example:
We can make sure there is no welfare for the olds.
We can make sure our school exam system is very unforgiving.
We can make sure there are no glass screens on our elevated MRT stations!

We, in Young Pay-And-Pay, brainstormed very hard to come up with brilliant ways to encourage such things. All in a day's work!

By the way, do you know why when one figure goes down, the other goes up?

Well, up till now, we in Pay-And-Pay are still kind enough to endure the presence of one group of unproductive citizens at any one time.

Either the olds die, or the youngs die.
If the olds die, we can let off the youngs.
If the youngs die, we can let off the olds.
But no matter what, at any one time, one group should die!

But, that's a thing of the past. Now that our "Foreign Import" program are working fine, we are not prepare to endure any unproductive old folks or academic failures any more!

Bet your last dollar that in the next 5 to 10 years, there will be a rise in both set of suicide figures!

We in Young Pay-And-Pay will make sure that happens.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


  • 支持把无罪之人打入天牢,坐冤枉狱:短的一两年,长的甚至达数十年!
  • 为一些小恩小惠,而自甘“卖(民)主求荣”!
  • 眼看老弱病残流落街头,而无动于衷 - 不,说错了,不是无动于衷,而是主动地以选票,明确地表明支持如此惨绝人寰的局面!
你们的行为, 令人不齿,令人发指,人神共愤!









(pic from UncleYap's blog)



注:还好本走狗,多年来合法贪污,已累积了不少不义之财。有够笨的新加坡奴才们,你们的钱,我已榨干了!看来,是时候 abandon ship, 远走高飞,把你们这群傻蛋一脚踢开,逃到国外享清福了!时辰到!本走狗先告辞了!闪人咯! 哈哈!