Monday, May 19, 2008


So, I read the following from here:
Yahoo News
by Charles Whelan. Sun May 18
"On Friday, China's state media reported that Zhuo Lin, 92-year-old widow of China's late leader Deng, had emptied her life savings totalling 100,000 yuan to give to earthquake victims. It said she found it hard to sleep and eat after hearing of the tragedy."

And on Monday, it was reported that some yet-to-be widow of some country's leader, having pocketed more than just a few millions of citizen's money each year via monopolised mandatory legal transaction for public housing, found it hard to sleep and eat too, but for totally different reasons altogether!

Zhuo Lin, is indeed a generous and kind old lady. In addition to not having pocketed any citizens' hard-earned money over the years, she is willing to empty her very modest life savings to help the unfortunate.

No wonder she lives to a ripe old age, AND is still healthy and well right now!

I wish her many more years of good health and when she passes along one day - many years later from now - I have no doubt it will be a peaceful, quick and painless process.

People like her - generous AND who did not scheme to devise underhanded ways to milk citizens of their money - such people will have good karma and blessings and everybody, friends and strangers alike, will wish them a good life.

I wish her well.

As for those who dig up age old car discount receipt from yeares ago, in order to justify their politician husbands' huge property-buying discount, I do not need to say anything, because karma is the law of nature:


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