Thursday, January 7, 2010

Organ Robbery... again!

My newsfeed just sent me the news below. This is shocking. It shouldn't be happening!

Why must these HOTA idiots create trouble for us - their PAP masters - just before the general election?

他妈的。 Where are their brains? I have a good mind to replace them with foreign talents!


Damn the Romanian Embassy, damn Dr. Silviu Ionescu. Damn George Yeo too。And damn you Khaw Boon Wan too. You control your HOTA people, can or not?

Why can't all of you just stop giving us trouble at this critical period? Election is coming, you know???

Luckily this Yenny Young did not try to save her darling Tong Kok Wai, the way Sim did the last time, with the police involved Else we at young Pay-And-Pay gotta work overtime again, including those of us who had retired!

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