Monday, July 16, 2007

Dont try to fuck around with us!


That's right. YOU - an ordinary citizen with no political inclination!

Maybe you think that if YOU were not a politician or a member of an opposition party, your movement would not be monitored by ISD.

Well, in a way, you are right! ISD is indeed not involved with small flies like YOU.

Instead WE are the one involved. We, members of Young Pay-And-Pay, many of whom are in the grassroot movements, monitor you day and night.

We monitor where you live, how many kids you have, how old they are, what time you and your kids go out, what time you and your kids come home, whether your kids are always at home, or always out of the home...

How come we have so much time and energy to do that? Well, actually, we live right next to YOU! We are your neighbours living in the same town. Our job is to walk about the neighbourhood to monitor YOUR activities.

In fact, we have a list of names of YOUR kids, and we will check your kids movement against the list - for example, if the list says your kids should be in school, but your kids are always at home, then clearly something is not right. We will get "curious" and we will knock on your door to pay you a visit.

Yes, we will!

You think I, young Pay-And-Pay, am spreading an urban legend, or am threatening you? Fine! No point arguing with you. I will just let the newspaper that we control, do the talking for us.

This was from The New Paper, July 16, 2007, by Karen Wong:

(Marsiling grassroot leader) Mr Lee (kek Meng) often sees Tina playing with Reena when he passes by their flat, and was curious why the older girl was always at home.

Mr Lee was involved in an outreach exercise, which involved tracking pre-school children who are due for school, but had yet to enrol.

So he decided to check Tina's name against a list which (fellow community leader) Madam Goh had of 5- and 6-year-old children in their area.

They are children who were supposed to be in school but are recorded as not.

He was surprised to see that Tina's name was not on the list of children to visit.

Together with Madam Goh, they decided to visit the family.

First, we will monitor your movement by "passing by your flat" every few days. We will peep in and see who is at home and who is not. If there is nothing out of the ordinary, we will keep quiet, and you will get none the wiser. You won't even know you are being monitored!

But then, if we don't like what we see, we become "curious". And that's when we will consult the lists of names and NRIC given to us by higher authorities to help us watch you more effectively.

Finally, if what we see and what our list says do not match, we will knock on your door to demand an explanation.

Oh yes, we will!

We will walk right up to you and ask you point blank:

Why is it that every time I walk pass your flat, I see your children at home? Chor Bor Lan is it? KNN, you peasants no need to work is it? Why they not in school? Why they not playing outside? WHY WHY WHY? You tell me lah! Tell me their names. Show me their birth certificate. I want to check what if they are on my special list of children to watch out for. Nope, not on my list. Lagi worse! Why not on my list? You give me a full account of who they are, what country they are born in, and where their parents are! Be truthful, we are going publish the result of this investigation in the newspaper!

This is Singapore and this is how we do things.

Ok lah, to be fair, my more senior and experienced colleagues can talk to you in a much nicer manner than the conversation above, which is how I, a young member would have put it to you. But while the means may be different, the ends are the same - we monitor you and we must find out why there are discrepancies between what we monitor and what our list says.

So get real, you rebel wannabes and start behaving! Don't force us to pay you a visit. We may not be ISD, we may be more polite, but don't be fooled: we are still monitoring you with a very helpful list.

And remember: iF you don't like such surveillance which are conducted round the clock 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by your fellow neighbours who walk pass your "castle" every few days and who are armed with a list of your family's particulars (name, NRIC, age etc), YOU leave.

That's right. YOU should be the one to leave singapore, not us.

We own Singapore. Not you peasants!

And since we own it, we have the right to ask your neighbours to monitor you, your wife, your husband, your kids, and even your baby! And we have the right to give them a list of all your particulars to help them do their job.

And get it, you rebels, Singaporeans do not mind!!!

For why else, were we able to proudly announce the result of our monitoring in our newspaper, as if the effective surveillance of citizens by state-appointed personnel armed with state-sanctioned lists, is an achievement to be bragged about?

So, don't even try to fuck around with us! No Sinkies will buy your mumbo jumbo high-sounding ideals of The Right to Privacy From the State's Surveillance. You are just going to make a fool of yourself, if you start talking about the need for human rights, or the perils of having a police state.

Singaporeans love a police state! And so they love us!

They do not like people of Chee Soon Juan type, who keep talking about the importance of human rights.

Get that into your nit wit brain, and toe the line or leave!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

(So how? Am I more Wee Shu Min, than Wee Shu Min?)


1984 said...

Can you explain what "polish apples" means?

Enjoy reading your blog.

young-pap said...

Thanks for reading :)

To apple polish is to 拍马屁。We, members of young Pay-and-Pay, are very good at doing that. Haha!