Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bishan-Toa Payoh grassroot leaders celebrate The SinkApoor Spirit

I don't know what else to say.

You have to see it to believe.

Since I have nothing to say, let me just quote what Lianhe Zaobao's subsidiary OMY's Chief Editor Chua Chim Kang 蔡深江 said on 10/8/08:

MPs' super big photos, paired with residents' ridiculously tiny photos - seeing these one-too-many times, will citizens conjure up images of respectability for these MPs, or will they find these billboards very artificial, very boring, the more seen, the more distasteful? Maybe such methods is the intention and display tactics of the grassroots organisation, but with such super magnified photos of leaders, it is worrying that sooner or later, these leaders will get "big head syndrome" (i.e. think too highly of themselves.)

There you go! Even a government-controlled newspaper's pro-government editor couldn't stand it anymore and have to bring it up in his precious editorial space. What more "reminders" do you grassroot "leaders" need before realising that your ball-carrying ass-licking tactics have gone distastefully overboard?

Fellow colleagues from Young Pay-And-Pay, can use your head or not?

Stop embarrassing yourself /us /me!

Soon, I will be too embarrassed to let others know I am from YPAP!

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