Friday, August 15, 2008

This is not sports

So, Singapore will get at least a silver in the Olympics.

Are you proud that we have spent millions (in poaching coaches and players from China) to buy this medal?

I am NOT!

The money should have been spent on bettering the lives of Singaporeans. We should instead have trained our own native born Singaporeans - which require much lesser cost, since no poaching is needed - and if we don't get a medal, then so be it! That's what sportsmanship is about.

This is not sports - this is buying a medal from China!

It is a national embarrassment and a shame.

On the other hand, I am very happy that we, in Young Pay-And-Pay, can now use this issue as an excuse to justify our big boss's policy of importing foreigners.

Yes, we import non-sporting foreigners to lower wage across all jobs level and sector.

But no, we will not be telling you peasants that.

Our official line henceforth shall be: we import foreigners to win "medals" for Singapore, similar to how we import someone to win the Olympics medal!

This the best news ever to us in YPAP!

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Anonymous said...

I was on a bus yesterday and two lower secondary school girls sat behind me when TV mobile started showing olympic highlights of table tennis men's singles match between Yang Z (China aka Spore) vs a Portuguese player.

But "China" was not doing well as Yang was down in the rubber deciding set. The girls were discussing and wondering how come the "China" player is so weak and appears losing to the unknown Portuguese player. This went on for a few minutes until they suddenly realise the China player is actually a Singapore player. They then started laughing and putting down the imports from China. I almost wanted to turn back and gave noth of them a kiss! No one on the bus seemed interested in the match except an obvious looking PRC sitting in front of me. I guess he cannot understand English as he took no notice of the two girl's words.

Pride in a "bought" silver medal? Only the PAP govt and their civil servant lackeys are deluding themselves.