Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If I were Lee Hsien Loong,

come next election, I would drop both Wee Siew Kim and Lee Bee Wah from my Ang Mo Kio GRC, and get Lily Neo over. Don't even imagine for a moment that Ang Mo Kio is a very strong GRC, just because the PM is there. It is not, as can been seen from the 2006 election. So every burden (and here we have two!) should be removed and every plus-point added.

Image from The Otak Stall

Only headache is - if Lee Bee Wah complains:
"From 2006-2011, I worked so hard to help you win so many praises from the residents of Ang Mo Kio. Yet now that we have succeeded, you try to burn the bridge immediately after crossing it! You want to replace me with a prettier woman who doesn't look like a big fat pig head? Go find a jamban to pung sai and then eat your own sai lah, you ungrateful son of a bitch!"

how are we in Young Pay-And-Pay going to be able to answer her?


Anonymous said...

yo, your fellow YPAP member nik lasupsus posted rubbish again. Tell him don't try so hard, YPAP is not the avenue to register in special familee's radar lah.

young-pap said...

posting rubbish again on where? on ypap forum? You should be aware that all IPs are logged on that forum! I don't even visit it. haha!

hi said...

you right about getting lily neo
she is a very compassionate , mp

i like to add a few comments
that ppl should be allowed to express themselves abit

whether it is their pent-up emotions
let out their steam ,go at the speaker corner to let out or express issues

and ppl can see some forums whether its consider red / blue like in Taiwan

as long they hv well intentions and not like Dr chee and the sort like that

nobody is perfect

i hv seen some forums in pap forum which are very dull , or boring

seeing forums like sgforums , ,......and the likes should not be seen as subservients or anti-government

young-pap said...

And what not-so-well intention does Dr. Chee and his sort have? As I understand, Dr. Chee and his sort have very well intentions for Singapore.

The information you have of him are from government-controlled media. To find out the truth, go Read from the direct source. Your view will change once you are out of the clutch of the government media.

By the way, what's wrong with being "anti-govt"? Half of the population of any democratic country are against the govt at any one time. But they all love the country. PAP is not Singapore. It is patriotic to be anti-PAP