Monday, August 25, 2008

Shameless forum with a shameless host

Several of my blog posts (e.g. "Indian PR makes sarcastic remarks at Singaporeans", "Choice schools for foreigners, leftovers for Singaporeans") have been copied onto a forum (which I shall not name since I do not wish to give it free publicity) and passed off as the work of the shameless forumer who posted it. Not a single acknowledgment of their sources were mentioned.

This is no oversight, because the shameless forumer just created the account 2 days ago (23 Aug) and immediately posted 30 articles - none of them his own, all stolen from blogs, all unacknowledged, and all passed off as his own!

The purpose is clear: to steal many articles and post them, all in 1 shot,onto his own forum using a new account created just for that purpose, thus creating the impression that there are many participants in his forum (when the truth is that there is just he talking to himself!), and let people think they are all making interesting "original" contributions. In short, the goal is to attract traffic to his forum.

I curse your forum!
Go talk to yourself on your own CB forum!
May your CB "sunny" forum be a failure!


young-pap said...

singaporenewsalternative said...
Hi young-pap,

Is this forum in _____ call _____?

young-pap said...

singaproenewsalternative, you are spot on! But, I reposted your comment so as to delete that CB forum's name. (Why give it traffic?) If you go there, and search for the forummer "kopiblog", u can verify what I said.

How is your account? not back in operation yet?

singaporenewsalternative said...

Just as I have guessed! I have a hunch that the same people are also responsible for getting me banned in delphi. The reason given by delphi admin is that there were complaints of copyright violation. I have been posting the same things in the old sammyboy forum since beginning of this year with no problem, and now suddenly just because I became a forum host, they start complaining. I am not appealing to reinstate my account back, and I am still considering whether to register another nick in delphi.


Anonymous said...

but hey, your pitbull-with-PAP-logo avatar was lifted from a photobucket album and no credit was given...

young-pap said...

anonmymous, I got it from delphi leongsam's old forum long ago. Cannot remember who the poster was, and that poster might have gotten it from elsewhere too (and your msg has just shown my hunch to be true). Thus I did not credit this artwork directly, but it was clear to everyone it's not my work - When I first started this blog, I made clear the artworks I used here were from elsewhere and were not of my own creation. And I did that numerous times in various posts. For example, my very 1st post said:"Our most exquisite logo, designed by one of our many admirers.", and the second read: "This artistic piece of work is by yet another of our admirers.". And so on, numerous times.

That's totally different from the issue here: creating a new username, and then stealing 23 blog articles, and then posting them all immediately and *deliberately* passing them off as one's own work. Are you that shameless host from that shameless forum? If not, why are you anyhow accusing me and can't tell the difference between the two?