Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We are dealing with a nut case!

Last February, a USSPN Washington Regional Coordinator was present during a report given by an international lawyer from Singapore, Thio Su Mien (Su), who is gifted in prophetic intercession and healing. She shared about some of the things going on in the area of Indonesia before the tsunami.

She explained how the SARS virus hit Singapore a year prior to the earthquake/ tsunami. The Lord alerted the intercessors and told them that if they did not get on their faces and repent on behalf of their nation's involvement in abortion as the contraceptive of choice, that the land would suffer from His hand of judgment.

Because they saw how devastating the SARS virus had been, the intercessors immediately took action to seek His mercy and forgiveness. Singapore was not touched by the earthquake disaster. The Malaysian intercessors joined them in diligent prayer and also opened healing rooms in Kuala Lampur. The area on the Northern Coast of Malaysia was hit hard. There are amazing stories of God's grace and mercy in saving souls and lives there.

It was the prayers of the intercessors that had saved the disaster from affecting an even larger area. She emphasized that the intercessors crying out with repentance and asking for mercy, along with declarations of the Word of God over the land (both written and rhema), released the curse upon the land and the people were spared. It was a plea for intercessors to step up to the plate and continue to press into God for mercy from judgment coming.

In short, Thio Su Mien regards herself as much more than a "Feminist Mentor". She is the Saviour of Singapore - the Singapore Mentor! According to what "she emphasized", if not for her, Singapore would have already been destroyed by earthquakes a few years back!

But luckily for Singapore, there was Thio Su Mien.

For it was she, Thio Su Mien, who was alerted by the Lord to the impeding earthquake.

And again, it was she, Thio Su Mien, who had the power to repent "on behalf of the nation" due to her being "gifted in prophetic intercession".

And finally, it was she, Thio Su Mien, who "released the curse upon" Singapore!

This is the kind of nut case we are dealing with!

Either that, or Christianity itself is a nut religion!

You take the pick:
  • Is she a nut case Christian, not representative of Christianity as a whole, or
  • is she simply a typical follower of a nutty religion that teaches that its Loving God was just about to send an earthquake to kill you and me because someone else in our nation had treated "abortion as the contraceptive of choice", and that it was only due to some "gifted intercessor" that we "were spared"?

It has to be one or the other. Right?

What a wonderful religion Christianity is! With a Loving God who gives us the free will to choose. Choose what? Choose between:

Either you do things my way, or I will order an earthquake to make sure you die a terrible death - the same way I drowned your ancestors years ago

And babies too - they may have been too young to sin by themselves, but they are sinners anyway, for their parents have sinned. So yes, babies too, deserved to have their miserable little bones crushed by falling buildings in an earthquake.

Now, that's what I call the ultimate form of free will that can only come only from a most-loving God.

It may be a bit hard for Lesser Mortals like you and I to comprehend how a "threat" can be called free will, and how drowning people can be viewed as most-loving, but luckily we have Thio Su Mien to "repent on behalf of [our] nation".

Her existence is a God-send to Singapore!

P.S. Oops, did this post thread dangerously on the borderline of being seditious? If yes, ask yourself: who started all these religious insensitivity by imposing their religious views on everyone else, to the extent of taking over a secular organisation and our secular society?

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