Friday, May 1, 2009

Christian Thioliban: Our Declaration

You are either with us (anti-gay), or against us (pro-gay). There is no such thing as a neutral position (where one accepts that gays have no greater (pro) and no lesser (anti) rights than heterosexuals).

And if you are against us, we will infiltrate and take over your society, your club, your place of worship be it temple or mosque, your religious school eg. Madrasah (and even your secular school if it is "neutral" towards gay), your Taoist family (we will deliberately knock on your door if you dare hang a taoist prayer urn outside your flat), or your Muslim family (we will mail Christian pamphlet talking about the wrongs of Islam specially to those with Malay names).

Do not expect us to form our own alternative society, club, Church, Christian-based schools or run our own Christian-based family. We will not do that because that will not solve the problem: YOUR existence.

Non-Christian based religious or secular entity cannot be allowed to exist! Co-existence is not part of our dictionary. We must exterminate you!

Neutrality has no place in Singapore.
Diversity has no place in Singapore.
Singapore must be a Christian nation based on Christian ideology with no other religious or secular beliefs allowed to co-exist.

Hallelujah! Long Live Jesus Christ!
Down with Allah. Down with Buddha.
Down with all non-believers with their "neutral"-gay religious or secular beliefs.

They have no place in Singapore. We must infiltrate and take over them one-by-one. And today, we shall start with AWARE. We shall deal with the others later.

We pray to you, Almighty God! May the Lord blind the mind of leaders of all other religious and secular organisation, so that they cannot see the danger, the bigger picture. May they treat AWARE as a women-issue irrelevant to them.

May the Lord bless us with thousands of supporters at this weekend's EOGM.
May the Lord give us the Biblical "sword" so that we may "kill" AWARE. May the Lord show no mercy to diverse non-Christian views, especially those which contradict the Bible. May the Lord not allow non-believers to co-exist with us. Amen!"
Declaration of the Singapore Christian Thioliban

Ask yourself:

Has Islamic extremist given Islam a good name?

I am not anti-Christianity. What if someone else is? Such a person will not put the word "Thioliban" in the above declaration as I had, but will instead attribute it to all Christians, making no distinction between the moderates and the extremists. Will that give Christianity a good name?

If you are a Christian who would like to glorify Christianity, you will dissociate yourself with Thio Su Mien and her group. You will be present this weekend at the EOGM to vote in support of the motion of no-confidence! You will pray very hard that the devious take-over attempt fails.

If you are against Christianity, you should hope that the infiltrators win at the EOGM. Christianity will go down-hill in Singapore from then on.

So, what will you do now, Christian Thioliban? Make your own video about Jesus Christ to rebut the above video? No, you won't do that. That won't solve the problem of the above video's existence. That video need to be exterminated. Oh, I get it! You will tell Temasek to buy over youtube, the way you take over AWARE! That way, you can remove this video from youtube.

Young Pay-And-Pay's prediction: Temasek's next purchase - Youtube!

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