Saturday, May 9, 2009

Double Escape! Double Mistake!

First, you let a dangerous "terrorist" (whom you dare not charge in court, even though you claim to have irrefutable evidence!!!) escape from the prison!

Then, you let him escape from the nation's border! (Did Mas Selamat simply stroll across the causeway, the way Took Leng How did?)

That's double escape. Double mistake!

What the fuck is your problem, you Wong Cunt Sing?

In fact, let's start from the beginning:

First, you were unaware of the existence of terrorism in Singapore, until the Americans highlighted it to you when they found a video in Afghanistan with footage of Yishun MRT station. But you issued a press statement downplaying the Americans' role and insisted that ISD has been aware of it even before 9/11.

Then, you let him escape to Indonesia.

Then, after the Indonesians caught him, you let him escape TWICE from you.

Then now that another country, this time Malaysia, caught him, you again talk cock, sing song about the good work of ISD! The Malaysians had not receive any help or tip from your ISD! And you had even mentioned previously that he had probably escaped to Indonesia!

What the fuck is your problem, you Wong Cunt Sing?

I see only one problem - you, Wong Cunt Sing, did not enter the Singapore Cabinet on meritocracy! You are Lee Kuan Yew's nephew-in-law. And LKY put you in charge of the Home Affairs so that the police force can remain under the direct control of the Lee family.

Nepotism. That's the problem!

If Singapore had meritocracy, this wouldn't have happened!

And now that it happened, what to do? Let's move on!

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