Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's wrong with the Malays?

Answer: Nothing!

I, for one, am very comfortable with the Malays. We are all Singaporeans! We grew up together, played on the playgrounds together, studied together, worked together and despite a difference in religion and language, we are ONE!

As a Chinese Singaporean, I have more in common with the native Malays (and Indians and "Others") than newly imported foreign trash from India and China!

There is nothing wrong with the Malays reproducing at >2.1 while the Chinese reproduces at <1.2!

I do not believe this will pose a security threat to Singapore, or result in lower economic productivity, as that racist old fart has openly said before.

I would rather there be more malays in Singapore, than to keep on importing Indians from India and Chinese from China to artificially maintain the ethnic ratio!

That racist old fart is destroying Singapore with his senseless import. As a result of his nonsense, we Singaporeans are bullied every day by these foreign trash as the post before this indicated.


young-pap said...

By sheer coincidence, Jufre Mahmood wrote a related article on this theme.

Seelan Palay said...
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Seelan Palay said...

Thank you for this post. To quote LKY:

"Three women were brought to the Singapore General Hospital, each in the same condition and needing a blood transfusion. The first, a Southeast Asian was given the transfusion but died a few hours later. The second, a South Asian was also given a transfusion but died a few days later. The third, an East Asian, was given a transfusion and survived. That is the X factor in development."