Wednesday, May 27, 2009

PAP MP: We shall have no democracy

(Image taken from SDP's webpage)

MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC, Hri Kumar:
Today, a minister must be appointed from the ranks of elected MPs. But it is not easy getting good people to run for office. Why not give the Prime Minister the option to appoint outstanding individuals from outside the rank of elected MPs to his cabinet? The pool of talent available to the PM will increase substantially and we can draw on the experience of many capable individuals.

Underlying message of PAP MP Hri Kumar:
Let's make Singapore a dictatorship. Singaporeans should be robbed of their rights to vote and to pick leaders. The Prime Minister shall appoint whoever he wants to the cabinet even though such a person is not voted and elected by citizens.

Fuck you, Hri Kumar! You are not fit to be a Singaporean; You don't even know how to recite the pledge: as to build a DEMOCRATIC society....

Now, I do know that we in Young Pay-And-Pay have never, ever, believe in democracy. But, hey, prior to Hri Kumar, every one of us pretends to endorse democracy! This is the first fucker who doesn't even know how to pretend.

Not even our Ah Gong, Lee Kuan Yew, the supposed "founder" of modern Singapore, dare say such undemocratic nonsense to us citizens. Even Lee Kuan Yew has to pretend to embrace democracy and put on a wayang to "appease" us citizens.

So, just who the fuck Hri Kumar think he is? Such audacity!

Has his bloated larger-than-life image made him lost his sense of proportion?

I think this shows that PAP is now devoid of talent. It is full of fools who spew shit whenever they open their big mouth, starting with Wee Siew Kim, to Lee Bee Wah, Charles Chong and now this latest idiot, Hri Kumar.

The end of PAP is near. No talented Singaporeans want to join them. Only idiotic money-hungry leeches do! Hence the amazing series of verbal blunders in recent years. But that's only verbal - tip of the iceberg! Can you imagine the amount of non-verbal tangible havoc these monkeys are creating everyday for Singapore? It's less obvious, but more damaging.

There are lots of skeletons in the closet. These verbal garbages are just the symptoms of the underlying disease. My colleagues in Young Pay-And-Pay are all jumping ship. Think it's time for me to do so too. Take all the money I have leeched from Sinkies all these years, and emigrate to some other countries, for which I have been PR for a long time. Haha!

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