Saturday, April 25, 2009


  1. If I were a Chinese who dislike Indians, do I have the right to take over SINDA and change the locks to chase out the Indians? Isn't it much more appropriate for me to form my own Chinese-exclusive club instead?
  2. If I were an English-speaker who dislike the Malay language, do I have the right to take over MENDAKI and change the locks to chase out the Malay speakers there? Isn't it much more appropriate for me to form my own English-speaking toastmaster club instead?
  3. If I were a Muslim who dislike Christians, do I have the right to take over a church and change the locks to chase out the Christians? Isn't it much more appropriate for me to form my own mosque instead?
  4. If I were a bigot who dislike gay, do I have the right to take over an organisation that is supposedly pro-gay and change the locks to chase out the alleged gay-supporters? Isn't it much more appropriate for me to form my own anti-gay organisation instead?

In each of the above scenario, the second alternative is what decent people do. That is: you can form your own group with like-minded people. So can I. You and I can co-exist peacefully and enrich Singapore with our diversity.

That's what our pledge is about - one united people regardless of RACE (first example), LANGUAGE (second example) or RELIGION (third example)! It's about all races, languages, and religions co-existing together, not one race/ language/ religion trying to exterminate and replace all other races/ languages/ religions!

But alas, you see, the Singapore Christian Taliban are no decent people. They do not want to co-exist with us. They want to exterminate and replace us.

Here's how they go about achieving their agenda:
  1. They go from door to door, specially targeting people who hang other religions' prayer urns outside their door, clearly trying to exterminate and replace those of other faith.
  2. They send out pamphlet, specially targeted at Muslim, thus clearly aiming at exterminating and replacing Muslims (ongoing court case).
  3. They shut down public road and pedestrian path with assistance from public law enforcer, to sing religious songs and to enact religious drama for 1 whole month in December, such that all members of the public are forced to either inevitably listen to their religious songs/drama or to avoid that public area altogether. And such avoidance is precisely being exterminated from and replaced in that public area!
  4. They demolish a temple under the excuse of land acquisition, but carefully "carved out" the boundary in the acquisition map to spare a Church located just right next door, literally a stone throw away, on the same parcel of land! (recent court case: Jin Long Si), thus effectively exterminate and replace one house of worship with another!
  5. They could have started a completely brand-new organisation (and even called it, say, "the new AWARE"), where they can preach their anti-gay religious view to their hearts' content. But no, they won't do that, because that will allow us to co-exist side-by-side with them. Instead, they want to take over the "old" AWARE, so as to exterminate and replace our secular views with their anti-gay religious views!

Do you see a trend here?

This is not just about AWARE. AWARE is just the symptom. The underlying disease is religious intolerance. If you talk only about AWARE, you are not a good "doctor" - you recognise only the symptom, but not the disease!

This disease - Singapore Christian Taliban - wants to exterminate and replace other religion with their own - that's what they were contented to do in the past - but no more; Now, they want to exterminate and replace even diverse public religious and secular views with their own! If they can put it into law, they put it into law (Section 377A of our penal code). If they cannot put it into law, they take over the whole society (AWARE)!

And worse, they get away scot-free. Because under Singapore law, it is ok for people with religion to attack people with no religion! The Sedition Law does not apply to them. It applies only to people with no religion attacking those with religion!

So, for example, what I wrote here are all verifiable facts, yet I can be wrongly accused of being seditious, and be charged in court for that. Yet under Singapore law, the Singapore Christian Taliban can do whatever they want and get away scot-free with the full protection of the law.

Whose law?

The PAP law. Enacted by PAP!

Is this the kind of Singapore you want? One race, one language, one religion, one sexual orientation, one political view only Singapore!

If yes, please join us in Young Pay-And-Pay! That's what YPAP is about. This is the PAP we have today - a party that enacts law to protect certain group while discriminating against other groups.

Or do you prefer diversity? Do you think diversity will help Singapore prosper, the way it has helped America become a super-power?

To summarise, this then, is the issue - Do you want religious intolerance supported formally by legal means (section 377A, closure of public roads by public law-enforcer for preaching purpose via religous songs and drama, selective land acquisition, one-sided Sedition Law etc)?

Or, would you prefer a diverse Singapore with multi-race, multi-language, multi-religion, multi-sexual orientation, and yes, multi-political views?

Take your pick. PAP for the former, Alternative Parties for the latter.

Whatever you choose, just remember, this is not about AWARE (symptom) but a much greater underlying disease (anti-diversity and religious intolerance) propped up by PAP, directly or indirectly, as explained above, and this will have impact on Singapore's future.

Singapore need diversity to survive and to prosper! Religious intorance should not be condoned in Singapore. Especially not when it is supported by the government!

At 2min 15sec point of the video:

Who the fucker you to turn your views into my laws?

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