Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Law 101: Justice, Singapore-style

If you were a peasant...

...and you were killed by the dangerous driving of a government-controlled newspaper's executive editor (read: an elite), your assailant will get jailed for 1 day. No, you did not read wrongly - ONE day:

Lim Hong Eng, the 56-year-old executive editor of Shin Min Daily News, was there to hear the outcome of the appeal against her sentence for knocking down and injuring a motorcyclist and killing the woman riding pillion with him. The appeal against her conviction was rejected, but the 11/2-year jail term dealt by a lower court was cut to a day's jail

If you were an elite....

...and someone informed you that someone else felt like punching you, you can get that "someone else" (read: a peasant) jailed for 6 months merely for uttering (not acting out) his disgust for you to a 3rd party!

RAG-AND-BONE man Ng Kim Ngweng was sentenced to six months' jail on Monday after he was convicted of threatening to cause hurt to a Member of Parliament.

By the way, being a peasant is not the worst crime in Singapore. The worst crime is if you were a peasant who owed the government money! That's the most heinous crime - much much worse than killing someone:

A BUSINESSMAN who fraudulently evaded duty as well as goods and services tax (GST) on car imports totalling $145,181 has been fined $1.4 million. As Toh Chee Wee, 36, could not pay the fines, he will serve a default sentence of 100 weeks in jail.

Don't ever, ever, owe the government any money. On the other hand, if you are able to bring in money for the government, be it officially or unofficially (eg. in the form of a "charitable" organisation having $600 million reserves), you will be spared even if the public is outraged by your golden tap and first-class air travel!

Moral of the story: Pay your protection money now, peasants! For example, if you were a "religious" leader getting paid too much money, you can try building a multi million-dollar building in partnership with some government-owned building company. That will offer you some protection. The stupidest thing you can do as a "religious" leader is the opposite: pay your assistant lots of money and give him supplementary credit cards AND then not paying any protection money to the government! That's penny-wise, pound foolish. You will end up being made an example for all peasants to see! We are witnessing that in court right now. Mark my words: the sentence will be severe, more severe than T.T. Durai's - we gotta teach the peasants a lesson they will never ever forget: to repeat, PAY YOUR PROTECTION MONEY!

That's "justice" for you, Singapore-style!

P.S. And for putting quotation marks around the word "justice" above, I can be jailed for 3 months, just as Gopalan Nair was, for contempt of court!

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Daniel Ling said...

If you able to get a example of normal Peasant in similar road accident, that would be great.

Remember, the situation should be similar

- Beating Red light
- NOT Drunk
- No Special status in society
- Death of Pillon Rider ONLY (Optional)

Additionally, as a Rider myself, I hope the rider of the incident have recovered and do not blame himself entirely.

Beating Red Light and Causing a Death is totally wrong but only 1 day jail.

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