Thursday, April 9, 2009

A*Star NSS Scholar parades naked in Holland Village

Nude couple charged
By Elena Chong
A COUPLE who caused a stir by strolling down naked along Lorong Mambong earlier this year were charged in court on Thursday.

Jan Philip, 21, a Swedish student on exchange programme, and Eng Kai Er, 24, a university student in Sweden, are accused of appearing nude in public at Holland Village at about 11pm on Jan 24....As Philip is a foreigner, he was offered bail of $5,000 but Eng, a Singaporean, need not post bail. Philip's passport was impounded.

I don't know why she covered her face.

It's not as if she is a private citizen. She is a public figure, living on tax-payer's money!

Eng Kai Er is an A*Star's National Science Scholarship (NSS) recipient of 2007, currently doing her Ph.D. in Infection Biology at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden.

Her face is on A*Star's website! (true as of 9 Apr 09. Let's see if A*Star will remove the photos to cover its backside and to make its scholar and its scholarship selection committee looks good.)

How did A*star end up selecting a girl who is more interested in being a stripper than a scientist, for its half-a-million scholarship, paid for by you and I?

Philip Yeo has the answer:

He wants hungry leaders, not boring drones:
Philip Yeo scoffs at bookworms, saying scholars need to be hungry and tenacious
Tan Hui Leng
HAVE you been to a bar? A red- light district?” — these are some of the questions that top civil servant Philip Yeo once posed to an officer from the Public Service Commission at an interview.

To both questions, the answers from the young man were: “No.”

This guy spends all his time at the library!” commented Mr Yeo at a Pioneers of Singapore Dialogue Sessions organised by EDB Society and The Straits Times.

...“What I’m looking for are future leaders, not workers,” he said. This is because these young people, upon their return, would often have to deal with people with much more experience in life. They thus would also have to be mature and be able to communicate with them — or as Mr Yeo quipped in his trademark, politically-incorrect style, “in an EDB job, you are always bullshitting investors”.

Where to find such scholars with an X-factor?

Well, he has found his XXX-factor scholar in the form of Eng Kai Er. And he made you and I pay her more than $100,000 a year for 5 years!

Oh, he also deprived us of a potential scientist who has never been to a bar, a red-light district and has spent all her time at the library!

You see, good scientists are those who have been to a bar, a red-light district. Alternatively, stripping naked at Holland Village with new-found ang moh boyfriend counts too.

Somehow, all these stripping helps in laboratory work and is an indication of the potential to be a successful scientist. And so, our scholarship committee are always on the look-out for such XXX-factors.

Don't "spend all your time at the library"! Bookworms who are "boring drones" will not make good scientist and will not be selected for any A*star scholarship. They don't have a single X-factor, let alone triple X!

How many of my readers are university students or graduates? Do your professors look more like "boring drone" or strippers?

Do they look like the type who frequent red-light district? Or do you think you are more likely to find them in the library, if not the laboratory?

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young-pap said...

Some people asked, on some forum, why some of us choose to highlight Eng Kai Er's status as an A*Star scholar. Why we can't let her off. Why we can't give her a second chance.

I cannot speak for others. I speak only for this blog. Excuse me, this issue is not about Eng Kai Er!

This is a political blog and this is about politics - Philip Yeo, Lee Hsien Loong's appointment of Philip Yeo, A*Star, A*Star abuse of tax-payer's money by its nonsensical way of selecting scholars, "meritocracy", inferiority of PAP's/ PSC's /A*STAR's (i.e. government) scholars and by inference PAP itself since the PAP-installed elite system is comprised of its scholars everyhwere from Ministries to Stat Boards to, in this case, research institutions.

Eng Kai Er? Huh? Who is she? She is merely the intro to the man whose word I highlighted and the system to which he belongs to. Ha!

Moral of the story: If you want to be associated with a corrupt regime - be it in the form of being its high court Judge, its french-cooking perm sec, or its wannabe newbies (i.e scholars) - be prepared to be highlighted as a rotten apple that typifies the lousiness of the regime and its member and in this case, its system of selecting members! You have a choice - You can choose to earn an honest living with no association to the regime. Or you can choose to be part of the regime, and fall together with it in the not-too-distant future. Ha!