Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Joker

(pic from SDP's website)

Despite his age, Lee Kuan Yew is a joker; He can tell very good jokes:
He said a country needed 3 elements to succeed.

First, a govt that people have confidence in and will trust when tough decisions need to be taken.

Second, leaders who are above board, who make decisions based on necessity, not how they will personally benefit. He said Singaporeans know they have such leaders because, over the years, "We have not got richer, Singapore has".

Third and most importantly, a country needs able men in charge...

That's from our 154th ranked Straits Times reporting on what our great joker said at the 1st World Cities Summit and International Water Week forum,

I hope he will live longer, so that we can hear more good jokes from him. Such jokes help reduce our daily stress, arising from living in one of the world's most densely populated cities. governed by a Prime Minister who earns about the same amount as Britain's PM and United States' President and France's President and Germany's Chancellor and Italy's PM COMBINED!

That's right! C O M B I N E D ! ! !

Is our living standard - especially in the way we treat the elderlies and poor - up to the standard of any ONE of these 5 countries, never mind the COMBINATION of all five?

Obviously, that is a constant headache that we in Young Pay-And-Pay have to endure - how to twist and turn logic when comparing with these countries. Usually, we take the easy way out; we compare our living standards with 3rd world countries, not these 5 countries. Haha!

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