Tuesday, June 24, 2008

An orchestra conductor

The old fart stood in the middle.
He released a loud fart,
and took out his famous red hatchet.
He pointed it menacingly at everyone.

The men-in-white started trembling.
They started singing the same tune
- his tune.

They started blowing his trumpet.
They started blowing his horn.
They even beat his drum.

he waved his hatchet threateningly to the left.
They obliged.

he signaled silently to the right with his hatchet.
They complied.

But they were not in sync!

He jumped up and down in desperation,
and they all panicked.
They trumpeted and horned and drummed
even harder and louder.

Finally, he heard enough and
with a quick wave,
he told them to shut up.
And they did.
All at the same time.
and none a moment slower.

Now, the old fart was pleased.
Very pleased.
Turning around,
he let out another loud fart,
hid his legendary hatchet,
and bowed in false modesty.

He fully anticipate to hear your applause next!

Won't you clap for him?

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