Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PAP: I want you to want to die!

Advance Medical Directives, or AMD, allows a person to declare that he does not wish to receive external life-sustaining treatment in the event of terminal illness.

And that's a good law, if the intention is noble - to provide citizens with the ability to make choices concerning their lives.

And if that's indeed your intention, you will enact such a legislation and stop at that.

But, alas, if the intention is actually sinister - to apply pressure on citizens so that they will all "choose" to die than to waste precious resource living, you won't be contented with just a legislation. You will do more; Much much more:

Mr Khaw said his ministry has been unduly squeamish in the promotion of the AMD, resulting in a low uptake of fewer than 10,000 people.

Going forward, the ministry will promote it more actively, and make the process of signing the AMD less complicated by providing a multilingual registration form in easy-to-understand language.

Currently, some doctors shy away from acting as witnesses to patients signing this document because they don't fully understand the implications of the AMD.

Mr Khaw said he might make legislative changes to do away with the need for witnesses to be doctors.

It's up to you, but I want to actively let you know that if you want to die, you can die, and I hope you will want to die!

Luckily, we in Young Pay-And-Pay have special privilege when it comes to hospital treatment. Heng ah!

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