Sunday, October 5, 2008

Don't tell people he is my Prime Minister. Very pai seh!

What the F is he talking about?
Chillies and Onions?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Please! Help bury my head in the sand.
I cannot bear listening to him anymore!

Think before you open your mouth, you clown!
You are supposed to be the Crown Prince, not Clown Prince!

This is how people are making fun of you online now:

Every time you make such goofs, we in Young Pay-And-Pay have to wipe your backside clean!


Anonymous said...

chilli bawang.

it's what organisers put up to pray for fine weather during an outdoor event.

Anonymous said...

OMFG! This clown is a Prime Minister??!!

1) Fake accent when talking to ang moh.
2) Stammering when caught unprepared
3) Idiotic gestures when nervous

Singaporeans sure know how to pay Division 1 price for a Division 3 joker,

Anonymous said...

Read from Asian Weekly, a chinese magazine from HK, the PRC government sent airplane to the air to disperse rain clouds to make sure that it will not rain during the opening ceremony of the Olumpic Game. Technology has gone so advance but peasants thought that it is god blessed.

Anonymous said...

since when people pray using chillies and onions?

Chee Wai Lee said...

He reminded me of myself when I get caught off-guard by an unexpected question and say (stammer usually) something really stupid.

Can't blame him, but he should really have just tried answering the question directly (e.g. "Well, it does rain pretty frequently in Singapore, so we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed") instead of trying to say something clever (I'm often guilty of that) and goof instead.

young-pap said...

Chee Wai Lee,
You expect us to compare you to our PM and excuse him for his mistake, because you have made the same mistake too. Erm, did you get into politics via back-door? Are you taking $3,000,000 of our money per year? Are you running the country, thus making this chilli and Onion incident not a personal private event, but a public event that forms part of a long string of evidence that you are incompetent to run our country and our life?

Maybe you think you are comparable to our PM and we should hold him to the low standard that we hold you to. But as a senior member of Pay-And-Pay, I would like to give you a friendly advice - such comparison does not go down well with our Crown (clown?) Prince. Please don't compare yourself to him, while trying to "apologise" for him. He doesn't appreciate being put at the same level as peasants like you and I. Next time, use some other Emperors as comparison, not yourself, ok? Eg. you can try mentioning George Bush. Just remember to omit the fact that Bush earns only 1/5 (one-fifth) of Lee.

Your fellow boot licker

young-pap said...

Chee Wai Lee,
So tell us, when you were caught off-guard by an unexpected question and stammer and say something stupid, did you ever feel ashamed that you are a Prime Minister getting the highest PM salary in the world that has entered the Guinness book of world records, AND yet other leaders who receive much less than you made the same (or lesser) amt of goofs, not more?

Did he remind you of yourself getting into your PM post because of your father AND yet making one goofs after another, of which this is only 1 example (Another being walking away from the state flag of Germany instead of saluting it), thus proving, through this incident, that such back-door entrance into politics is bad for the country?

Anyway, I can't blame you for being a better boot licker than I! I blame myself - I should have worked harder in Young Pay-And-Pay. At this rate, I will get retrenched and you will be taking over my job in no time :(

Anonymous said...

omg which Kindergarten he graduated from?