Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The YPAP Pledge

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Today, 9th of July.

Time to say the Young Pay-And-Pay pledge - exactly a month before we say the national pledge publicly.

the members of Young Pay-And-Pay,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language, or religion,
to build an undemocratic society,
based on injustice and inequality,
so as to achieve
unhappiness, poverty, and stagnation
for peasants
happiness, prosperity and progress
our ka-ki-lang!

So, as you can see clearly from our pledge, the "unhappiness, poverty..." part is the unintended but necessary collateral damage, required to achieve the "happiness, prosperity..." part.

I mean, sorry lah, fact is fact, and the fact is - there can only be that much cakes and pies to go around. It's finite! So if we take very big - i mean, ahem, humongous - portions of the cakes and pies for ourselves, we have no choice but to pass the miserably tiny portions to you peasants, dio boh?

It's not as if we are deliberately against you peasants; It's just that someone has to be the collateral damage! Since it is not me, it has to be you!

Boh Bian.

Hope you peasants can be more understanding!

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