Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OT tonight!

So, just now, I was trying to perform my duty as a good Young Pay-And-Pay member. I went youtube to search for a video of this year's NDP song "Shine for Singapore" and its Chinese version "晴空万里". I thought I should put a copy on my blog - even if not to remind myself how good singapore is, at least can let my big bosses know how much I love singapore.

I typed "Shine for Singapore" into youtube, and WTF it returned me this video:

Mati liao! This is no joke! Now, all of us at YPAP cannot go home tonight liao! Must recall everyone who is IT-savvy immediately. All must do OT, to come up with a "counter video". Otherwise, our previous NDP effort will all go to waste. Damn Suay!

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