Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chan Mei Kuen refuses to be a citizen, but "reminds" us to give her the same privilege as citizens

From the government's mouthpiece (Straits Times), comes a "reminder" from a shameless, thick-faced Permanent Resident Chan Mei Kuen:

The purpose of this letter is to remind Singaporeans that middle-class 'foreign workers' exist in this country. We are your nurses, bank executives, IT professionals and so on.

We don't need your "reminder", you bitch! Yes, we know our short-sighted PAP government did not train enough nurses, and we also know they brought in IT foreign workers to cheapen our wages!

We pay taxes, contribute to CPF and send our children to childcare.

And, how many years did you pay and did your parents pay and did your grandparents pay, compared to native Singaporeans? You have the cheek to compare! You thick-face, shameless Chan Mei Kuen! Let's see:

I HAVE lived in Singapore for four years, working in a restructured hospital. I got my permanent residence (PR) only after living here for eight months.

My Ah Gong ,Ah Ma have lived in Singapore for 80 years, you fucker! Combined, they have paid more than one and a half century of tax and CPF! And likewise my parents! You eight-month tax payer want to "remind" us to give you equal privilege as citizen? FUCK YOU, CHAN MEI KUEN!

But wait, this bitch didn't even pay 8 months of tax! Instead, she received tax money from citizens to study for free in Australia:

I am bonded to the hospital for six years because it sponsored my education to be a radiographer in Australia, and for this I am grateful to my employer.

Why aren't you grateful to Singaporeans instead? Having gotten my grandparents to pay for your education (while they cannot get back their CPF money), you now want us to pay for your HDB flat! Just which part of shame do you not know, Chan Mei Kuen?

And when our male children turn 18, they are liable for national service.

Nonsense. You will tell them to give up their PR status before they turn 18. In fact, that's why you don't want to apply citizenship for them now, you hypocrite!

So why are we always left out? We are not allowed to buy HDB flats because Singaporeans think we can afford condos.

Because you are not a citizen, you bitch! If you want the rights of a citizen, go back to your country! We don't welcome you. Good luck finding another country which give PRs same rights as citizens.

Then you cut medical subsidies at polyclinics because citizens think it is not fair that we get the same benefit as them. And from next year, there will be no childcare subsidies for PRs because citizens think we shouldn't enjoy such benefits.

Nonsense! The "cut" is a token sum just to appease citizens. And you bitch knows it. So what is your motive of whining?

So why did I became a PR? I am thinking of staying in Singapore permanently.

Because you want to enjoy the privilege accorded to citizens without having to shoulder the responsibility that citizenship brings, you bitch!

And bull shit! If you had wanted to stay here permanently, you would have gladly become a Singapore citizen, instead of "reminding" Singapore to give you the same privilege as citizens!

Most of us choose not to become citizens because we still have family in our home country and we still want to visit them regularly.

Who are you kidding, you bitch? You can reverse the situation - become a citizen of Singapore and a PR of your "home country". You mean you can't visit your "home country" as a PR or a visitor of that country? You may be a retard, but we are not! You do not regard Singapore as your "home country", but you demand equal rights as Singaporeans. KNNBCCB!

So why are we penalised? Now that the childcare subsidy has been doubled, can't PRs get at least half the amount?

You are not penalised. You have already been given way too much as a PR. Want more? Then become a citizen, you bitch!

In Britain and Australia, PRs enjoy the same benefits as citizens, except the right to vote. If the Government does not want to hand out freebies to so many PRs, tighten the requirements to become a PR.
Chan Mei Kuen (Ms)

That's about the only sensible thing the bitch said in her whole letter. Yes! PAP should have tighten the requirements to become a PR long ago, to the British and Australian standard.

Chan Mei Kuen, if you are reading this and want to receive more scolding, come to the Otak Stall the 3in1 kopitiam! Dare to login there to issue us your "reminder"?


Wendy Neo said...

So, do something! Why just complain and complain? Emigration can be a tool too - just like a worker on strike. PAP cannot keep importing foreigners without coming to the bargain table, can it? Erm, maybe it can! Anyay, If you want to leave Singapore , come here to emigrate. If you want to stay and fight, come here.

If you are a new Singaporean who have just arrived, welcome! Here's your new Emperor, your new National Flag, your new National Pledge, and some quick National Education, introduction to our National Spirit, our National Song (KTV style) and the first (Betrayal) and last (Good Bye My Love) chapter of our national book to round off your quick orientation to Singapore. If you want to keep some pets in singapore, here's a frog, and there's a dog. Here are some of your younger MPs (who can dance damn well!) and there are the older MPs who look very dignified! For those sleepy ones, they are here. You will have a bright future in Singapore.

Oh, Singapore has lots of entertianment too - if you have no interest in politics and just want to listen to music, here's an old songs (just ignore that cry baby), and that's an even older one (just ignore those strange masks). If you are love poetry, you are in luck! If you are the sporty type, Singapore has it too. If you are the hardworking mathematical type, you will fit right in! Did I mention that Singapore also has Asia's most beautiful woman?

Finally, if you don't have enough money, don't worry. Our Ministers Money No Enough 2 (too). Just look around harder, there are lorry-loads of golden opportunity in Singapore!

Let's all Shine for Singapore!

Star7 said...

Hey here's the link to her blog:

This is the Google Cache version, apparently her blog is now private.


Anonymous said...

eh otak stall now closed,now its 3-in-1 coffeeshop....sadly

young-pap said...

Thanks to the 1st anon, we can now read in Chan Mei Kuen's own words, how much she "despise Singapore". From cached copy of Chan Mei Kuen's blog (link worked on 16 Sep 08)(Emphasis are by me).

Blog Title: I Hate Singapore
Blog url: (now a private blog).
Profile: I am a Malaysian married to an Australian. I have one daughter. And am currently working and living in Singapore. It's a great country with a great government. The food and culture here is wonderful. But unfortunately, the people are just way lousy....and this is why I hate Singapore.

An old post:
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Welcome to Singapore
Ooohh free blogs! What are blogs actually? Hmm i don't really care. It's free. Therefore I have to get it! Uh-oh! Why am I thinking like that? I am speaking like a Singaporean!! Oh no!! I must have been here for too long. Say... I have been in this country for exactly 2 months, 2 days and 12 hrs now. And in such a short matter of time I am already becoming like one of them! Aargghhhh!

Well, I have to survive here for another 6 years. I guess if I can't beat them, I'll join them :) I will disguise as one of them, mingle with the crowd, and then when they least expects it, I will crush them like a bug. Bwahahahahaha!!

Gosh! I can't believe I am saying all these. Why do I despise them so much? They certainly have done nothing wrong. Or have they? Is it because it is our closest neighbour and also a damn small island that we seem to enjoy making fun of them. Rivalry between the closest countries is inevitable. Just look at USA with Canada or Mexico (and the rest of the world, but that is a different story), Japan with China, France with England and the list goes on. But I don't think that is all the case for my hatred of all things Singaporean. Before I came here I actually admire this city. It's clean, really clean. So I thought the people must be really civic-minded. The whole place is really developed. I think they actually consider themself a developed country here, u know, along with Australia, USA etc. Unlike where I come from across the border, it's still third world there. And to make the story short the people are nice to you - if you have money. I was a tourist then. Now that I have to live and work here, the ugliness of Singapore is all out.

Sometimes I feel like this place is more like an African savannah. The Darwinian rule of "Survival of the Fittest" applies here 24 hrs. You snooze, you lose. When getting on the MRT be careful not to be stampeded over by the pack of marauding Sinagporeans, each of them getting ready to squeeze their way into the train to get a)home or b) to a shopping mall. No one is spared. Even old, wrinkle senior citizens or pregnant ladies. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry. The rat race has really gotten into them that they have forgotten how to relax and just enjoy the show. Everyone wants to be ahead of everyone else even when it comes to getting free newspaper.

Sigh~ This is not all. There is so much more but I have no energy today to go on. Because I know there is so much more I have to explain to give you a perception of how things really are here. And just knowing that makes me tired. I need a break now.

What's new? We all know these bitches and doggies are all anti-Singapore, but are all here to suck Singaporeans' blood money, thanks to our kuku government! What's new however, is that nowadays, they don't suck our blood quietly anymore; They go onto our newspaper to scold us and to demand equal rights! And that's really the straw that breaks the camel's back!

young-pap said...

2nd anon,
yeah! 3-in-1 kopitiam! I have updated my post to reflect it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Young boys,

Less than 10% of our current Singaporean workforce have a university degree.

Only 35% of our current Singaporean workforce have a diploma.

Only in Singapore can you find maids in such large numbers that have education better than their employers'.

Is it still perfectly legal for us to insult foreign workers (not including the Caucasians, of course, since we all call them "expatriates")? Or does the law apply only to foreigners insulting Singaporeans?

young-pap said...

Anon above,
thanks for pointing out the heinous crime that the PAP govt has committed against its citizens, when it deliberately deny university education to the majority of its people (90% of the population, according to you), so as to suppress wage for its manufacturing-based economy, even though clearly more than 10% of its people are capable of university education.

NUS/NTU are of much high standard than the numerous "colleges" of dubious quality in the Philippines. Also, most maids are not "college"-educated. Also, the topic of maid-treatment is irrelevant to this blog post. The next time you deliberately introduce an irrelevant topic to cloud/dilute/throw off-balance the issue at hand, I will delete your comment.

It is perfectly moral (I don't know why you use "legal") for us to show our displeasure (and that hardly constitutes an "insult") to foreigners who do not know their place as guest, and who demand equal rights as their host family. This applies to all ill-mannered foreigners whether asian or caucasian or african. If you have any pinkerton syndrome, please confine it to yourself. Don't need to insinuate anything here since none of us here has that.

Desolation said...

Seriously sad sia. Come to s'pore to work, talk a bit also tio scolded... Not that she is right lah, but also dun need tio lecture rite? And, young pay-and-pay, can cut down on the swear words. Giving people bad impression of us singaporeans leh. This is after all the WWW, world wide web, for a gd reason.