Thursday, February 12, 2009

许文远猪狗不如!Khaw Boon Wan is worse than an animal!


许文远不配做新加坡部长! 议员! 华人! 亚洲人! 人。
许文远是畜牲! 猪狗不如!



Filial Piety
the foremost of all actions!

The first time, we can try to shut an eye and give him more ropes to hang himself.
The second time, there is no more excuse;
Becauae it never was an "honest mistake".
It's the conscious action of a recalcitrant, unrepentent government!

Khaw Boon Wan is not fit to be a Singapore Minister! MP! Chinese! Asian! human!
He is an animal! worse than an animal!

PAP has lost the moral rights
to govern Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Young PeyPey..

i hope you are having a good day.

Uh, too bad you disabled the comments section of your other article. you got tired of being criticized?

anyway, i am so sorry for pissing you off. I actually didn't think you were intelligent. It wasn't obvious, unfortunately. That's even after reading your personal interpretation of a few statistical numbers.

since you seem to be hellbent at sharing your opinions about Singaporean politics, why don't you share your real name with your readers? Put it in your profile so you can, at least, establish some sort of credibility.

Just stand up for who you really are. Don't be afraid.

happy valentine's day.


Anonymous said...

PAP is morally bankrupt a long long time ago

MikeTheFake said...

Why don't you take the lead and share with us your real name. Or are you too ashamed to reveal your family name? Put in your IC number too. Remember to write your address too. Stand up for who you really are. Don't be afraid. PAP stooges have nothing to be afraid of. So, take the lead!

Mike is an anonymous coward with no credibility said...

"E = MC^2" is no credible science, until you know it was Einstein who wrote it. "F=MA" is fake, unless you know Newton wrote it. Credibility is to be established not by verifying the truth of the math/science/statistics, but by the identity of the person who wrote it!!!

Such is the fucked-up logic of PAP stooges such as "Mike". Mike, I fuck you! Why don't you establish YOUR credibility, by using your blogger username, instead of making allegations as an "anonymous". Why don't you reveal to us your blogspot location? Why don't you scan your NRIC together with your IC photo and address, onto your blog (and tell us the location)? Until you do that, you have zero credibility when you lick the balls of PAP at every blog you visit.

What are you really afraid of? As a PAP ass licker, PAP will not go after you. Are you afraid of shaming your parents? Are you afraid your mother will disown you for your cock-sucking antics that shame her thoroughly? Of course not - suckers like you have no sense of shame! So what are you waiting for? REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY. NOW! Else, you have no credibility as a pap-bootlicker. And remember, don't ever leave a comment as an "anonymous". Use your Blogger account. And I want to see your NRIC scanned on the profile of that account. Do that now!

young-pap said...

Good idea, the one above! I have taken up on your suggestion and shall allow only those who login to comment. Let's see what Mike will do. If my prediction is correct, he will create a fake account to comment (he has to comment, because he is desperate to join YPAP - but we rejected his application. haha). On this fake account, he will not state his full name, or his ic number, or post any pic of his pig-head face. In fact, he will not even allow profile-viewing. Haha! Or, he will simply use another blogger account to comment, pretending this time to be Peter, or Jack, instead of Mike. Such is the "credibility" of pap sycophants, who dare not practise what they preach. Mike, don't prove me right! I want to see a comment from someone with a scanned NRIC as what the commentator above suggest, when I next come across a comment written by you or your ghost writer. Haha!