Sunday, February 22, 2009

Election fever is here!

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Indignant said...

What's the secret agenda in using ex-SG school in a high cost residential location for low-wage foreign production workers when so many other ex-school buildings have been tendered out recently for educational and purposes other than for worker housing? It is so contradicting to the govt's concern and thinking about maximising the economic value and use of land in Singapore.

Their move will overnight surely destroy property values of SG homes when hosuing workers there is nowhere near a situation of last resort. Their move is also inexplicable when the govt has all along been urging people to own homes as a way to build financial security for the future.
Hence the floating of the idea to move nursing homes to JB for economic reasons is another instance. Will the common people be the perennial sacrificial lamb in the govt's religious strive for GDP growth. If so why do need a government BY some elite people OF the people which is not FOR the people??