Thursday, September 13, 2007


Every country, no matter how successful, has its share of beggars and vagrants.

What's the profile of these people?

Well, in other countries, these are almost exclusively middle-aged good-for-nothing - the drunkards, the alcoholics, the drug-abusers - and of course, the mentally unstable, and so on.

NOT ELDERLIES who deserve their golden years, having contributed to society for 40+ years!

But in unique Singapore, our beggars and vagrants are predominatly senior citizens! (Pics from sammyboy kopitiam).

Now, that's a very glaring difference between Singapore's vagrants and those of other developed countries.

The implication?

Answer: We, members of young Pay-And-Pay, would need to work harder to find better excuses to appease intelligent citizens, than to come up with cock and bull nonsense about "in every society... there will be bums, trash collectors, vagrants..."

Some people are just lousy running dogs! Useless! Coming up with nonsensical "reasons" that cannot withhold scrutiny, and sure to look bad.

Such bums should be kicked out of Young Pay-And-Pay. They are really 成事不足,败事有余! Suck cock, don't know how to suck cock; Only know how to LPPL and backfire every time and make us in Young Pay-And-Pay looks bad in the public's eyes.

They should learn from me. I always come up with fool-proof excuses for my bosses. In this case, the perfect excuses are:

- old people in other countries are lazy couch potatoes.
- old people in other countries are good for nothing aka parasites.

or resort to some personal attacks:

- Why must we imitate ang moh society? Excuse me, we are Asians. What is the colour of your skin?

Such personal attacks will throw our opponents off balance and divert the whole issue away. Always a good tatics when we have nothing better to say.


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